GH Update Monday 6/17/02


General Hospital Update Monday 6/17/02

By Suzanne

Laura tells Luke that she guessed it was Helena that was interfering in her wedding, and then she followed Luke from the prison to there.  He looks at her nun's habit and jokes that they should find a "cloistered" place to make love.  They go off to look for Helena but are stopped by the Mother Superior, who wants to know what they are up to. Luke concocts a story about hearing the nun's confessions (even though she has taken a vow of silence) and wants to know where those other nuns are that he didn't meet yet.  They find Helena in one of the chapels and grab her outside.  She tries to talk her way out of the situation, claiming she is enjoying her life as a nun now.  Some other nuns show up and, at Luke's request, ship Helena off to Antartica to minister to the flock there.  She is shocked as they drag her away.  Laura and Luke chortle at her situation.

Jason visits Elizabeth and isn't happy to see Zander there.  He asks her why he's there and she just tells him that Zander needed a place to stay and she wanted to help him.  Zander tries to put his two bits in, but Jason mostly ignores him.  Jason warns Liz that Zander is dangerous and will get her into trouble.  She reminds him that people say the same thing about him.  He asks if she will go riding on his bike, but she turns him now for the night.  She helps Zander change his wound's dressing (in a kind of sexy way) and then they hear Jason's motorcycle taking off.  She runs to the window and he is looking up at her.  He drives away, looking cool, as Zander watches from behind her.

Alexis tells Ned to feel free to call her an idiot for the situation she's gotten herself into.  He just says that he'll support her.  She asks him not to tell Kristina.  He asks if it wouldn't be good to have a confidante.  She says it looks like she already has one and she doesn't trust Kristina not to harrass her about it or go blab to Sonny.  Ned points out that sooner or later, Sonny will notice that she's pregnant anyway.  Alexis doesn't know yet what she's going to do about that.  She tells him that she's moving out of the penthouse.  Ned tells her that when he asked her to look into L&B legal business, he had an ulterior motive.  He says that both Jax and Kristina had suspicions that his feelings for Alexis were more than concern, that he still had old feelings left for her.  She tries to get him not to go any further but he tells her that he just loves her as a friend now, nothing more.  She is relieved but a little let down as well.  They hug and kiss, but miraculously, Kristina does not show up to catch them in an intimate embrace.  Later they are dressed and find the mechanic knocking on their door to give them a bill for the repair.  They are surprised since they did not call anyone.

Carly asks her doctor on the phone if there wasn't some sort of mistake.  The doctor confirms that she can't have children, but there are tests that they can still run.  The doctor confirms that her tumble down the stairs may have something to do with her condition.  Carly hangs up and Sonny can tell she's upset, but she doesn't tell him why.  She lies that it was club business.  He gives her dessert, which includes some legal papers.  He had their final divorce stopped, so they are still married!  She cries and gets really upset, so he wants to know why.  She says she can't tell him and runs out to the terrace.  He joins her and she lies that she had a checkup, and she is healthy, so she can have children again.  She is insecure, so he reassures her.  They make love.  Later, Carly phones Dr. Meadows and leaves a message to make an appointment.  She is determined to have his baby no matter what.  She and Alexis pass in the hallway; she glares and Alexis just nods.

Scott and Bobbie go to Kelly's to look for Laura's ring.  They joke around and Scott then finds the ring.  Laura had lost it when she was baking a fruitcake, and he almost broke a tooth on it.  Bobbie is overjoyed and tries the ring on, but it gets stuck on her finger.  Scott helps her get it off with soap, and there is some sexy hand-holding between them.

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