GH Update Friday 6/14/02


General Hospital Update Friday 6/14/01

By Suzanne

Laura phones Bobbie to say she's got a lead on where her ring is and asks her not to tell her mom about it.

Luke tries to get into a convent where he thinks Helena might be.  The nuns there have taken a vow of silence and won't let him in.  A brother comes out so Luke stops him.  He gets the priest drunk and gets him to answer questions, pretending he's with an internet magazine.  He finds out there is an older novitiate, but the priest falls unconscious before Luke can find out if her name is Helena or not.  Luke then poses as the priest's replacement.  The Mother Superior, who has not taken the vow of silence, tells him that he must give the day's homily.  He tries to get out of it but can't.  He babbles on the best he can and the sisters are thrilled by his passionate (but silly) speech.  He sees one nun running out, so he follows.  He catches her outside--it's Laura.  They smile at each other.

Jason tells Sonny that Alexis' car was found near Brenda's old place.  Sonny says he'll go there himself.  Carly is coming home, dressed to kill, planning to get Sonny started on making a baby.  He tells her that he'll be right back.

Ned tells Alexis how he knew that she was pregnant.  They huddle in front of the fire.  As they talk, Sonny peaks in through the window.  He sees them under the blankets, Ned with his shirt off, so he assumes they've gotten back together.  He leaves without telling them that he was there.

Ned and Alexis talk mostly about Sonny and the baby.  She tells him why she doesn't want Sonny anywhere near the baby.  He agrees but he also tells her how terrible it is for him that Brook Lyn is growing up without him (his child by Lois).

Sonny goes back and tells Jason what he say, and says that he called a tow truck and Kristina (wonder what he said!).  Jason leaves, and Sonny and Carly have dinner.  While he is getting dessert, she gets a call from her ob/gyn, telling her "You can't get pregnant" and asks Carly to come in.  Carly, stricken, asks her to explain what she means.  Sonny comes out with the desserts and can tell that something is wrong.

Lucky talks to Zander in the hospital and warns him to stay away from Elizabeth.  Zander asks who hurt Elizabeth more, him or Lucky?  Sarah won't let Elizabeth in to see Zander, but she goes in anyway.  She's not happy to see Lucky there.  She and Lucky argue about Zander, and she doesn't correct his idea that she's dating Zander.  She chats with Zander about where he's going when he leaves the hospital.  He plans to stay at the Port Charles Hotel for a few days.  He can't go back to Jake's, since Jason lives there.  She offers to let him stay at her studio until he finds more permanent accommodations.  He refuses at first but then they come to an agreement.  He says that it will piss off Lucky, so it's worth it.  Later, she takes him there and shows him around.  There is a knock on the door.  They both think it's Lucky and they plan to keep annoying him for the fun of it.  It's Jason, and he asks if he can come in.


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