GH Update Thursday 6/13/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 6/13/02

by Suzanne

Laura continues to wonder where her engagement ring went, and Bobbie continues to assure her that everything is fine.  Laura wonders if it's because of Helena's old curse.  Bobbie laughs at her superstition.  Elton arrives and tells Laura there is bad news about the wedding.  The church has been shut down due to flooding, indefinitely.  Now Laura knows for sure that someone is trying to sabotage her wedding.  Bobbie still wants to put it off as coincidence, but Laura reminds her of how she knew that Carly was alive when everyone else didn't.  Laura is that certain now that something is very wrong.  Bobbie says she knows someone that can help find Laura's ring: a psychic.  Laura laughs and tells Bobbie about a bad psychic she went to as a teen.  Bobbie says this psychic helped one of the nurses at the hospital find her wallet.  Elton tells them that the fabric she ordered for the bridesmaids' dresses has been accidentally sent to Madagascar and replaced with puce, and the caterer has gotten sick with food poisoning.  Scott arrives and tells them that the court documents that she needs to get married are missing.  It looks like they have been stolen.  The psychic Cessna arrives but Laura rushes out past her, determined to get to the bottom of what's going on.

Bobbie tries to get Cessna to find the ring.  She gets one of Laura's scarves so that she can pick up her "vibe".  When she hands it to her, Cessna grabs Bobbie's hand and says she sees the ring.  Scott is clearly skeptical.  Cessna tells Bobbie that she sees the engagement ring--on Bobbie's hand!  Both Scott and Bobbie look very uncomfortable.

Maxie arrives at Roy's house.  He was asleep, so he is wearing his robe.  She says she wants advice about how to deal with Felicia.  He is suspicious and says he needs to phone Felicia so she won't worry.  Maxie stops him and tells him provacatively that one of them thinks he's really hot.  Roy starts to tell her to knock it off when Felicia arrives and wants to know what Maxie is there for.  Maxie yells that now Felicia knows what it's like to have someone meddle in her love life.  Felicia tells Maxie angrily to go wait in the car, and after some argument, Maxie does.  Felicia is really embarrassed.  Roy says she has her hands full.  Felicia takes Maxie to her babysitting job and then returns later.  She says Mac had wanted the two of them to work on an undercover case with him, but she doesn't think they should now.  Roy says he thinks they should.  He also tells her that he thinks she's hot, too.  After some more flirting, they agree that they make a good team.

Carly visits Jason in his room at Jake's.  Carly makes a noise as she wonders in a disgusted way how he can stand it there.  She wants advice on how she can not screw up with Sonny this time.  He just tells her to always tell him the truth.  She isn't satisifed with such a simple answer, but that's all he can say.

Alexis knocks on Sonny's door and tells him that she will be moving out.  He asks if it's because of she thinks he did.  She says it's because she KNOWS what he did.  He asks if it's about Carly but she says it's not.  She says that she is moving to an office closer to downtown.  Sonny wishes her well.

Carly comes home; Sonny is on the phone to Benny.  She tells him that she was visiting Jason.  He tells her about Alexis' moving out, and she's overjoyed.  He asks if she had anything to do with it.  Carly admits she did suggest it.  Sonny says that Alexis obviously wanted to move anyway.  Carly is relieved that he's not mad.  She suggests that instead of getting Jason to move back into Alexis' place, they knock out the wall and make their own place bigger, to make more bedrooms, a family room.  He agrees that it's a good idea.  Carly is very happy and suggests that they go to the park to celebrate, but he says he has a meeting.  Carly phones Dr. Meadows (the OB/Gyn.) to make an appointment.  Carly visits Jason and tells him how great it went with Sonny.  She is sure that Sonny wants another baby now as much as she does.  He cautions her to take things slow.

Ned phones Kristina from his car and tells her that he can't make lunch due to a business meeting.  He doesn't tell her that Alexis is involved in the meeting, too.  They drive off together.  Their car stalls out in the middle of nowhere and he can't fix it.  He cell battery is dead, and she didn't bring hers.  They discuss being friends again.  There is a storm coming so they decide to go to Nikolas' old house, which is nearby.  They go in, drenched, and make themselves at home.  The phone is dead.  Ned covers Alexis with some blankets that were covering the furniture and they build a cozy fire.  He is not wearing his shirt.  He offers some wine and then mentions that she can't drink it.  He tries to cover but she knows that he knows that she's pregnant. 

Kristina knocks on Sonny's door looking for Alexis.  She is worried because there are tons of messages on Alexis' machine, saying she never showed up to a meeting, and Alexis' cell phone is sitting there as well.  She has called everywhere looking for her (it's not like she's been gone a long time, sheesh!  This is so contrived.).  They both promise to call the other if they hear anything.


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