GH Update Wednesday 6/12/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/12/02

by Deanna and Suzanne

Laura talks to Luke on the phone.  He lets her believe he was getting restless and needed to split for awhile, when actually he is visiting with Helena..After Laura hangs up, Bobbie arrives.  Laura says she's got the feeling that something bad is about to happen.  Bobbie thinks it's just pre-wedding jitters, but Laura doesn't think so.  Laura starts looking for her engagement ring, which is missing.  Bobbie helps her look, but they can't find it anywhere.  Laura is sure that it is stolen.   She doesn't know why first her wedding dress was stolen, and now her ring.  Bobbie tries to get Laura to think about all the good things in her life, but Laura can't shake her feeling of impending doom.  She thinks Luke knows that something bad is going to happen to shake their happiness, too.

Luke's at Pentonville Federal Penitentiary visiting with "Helena".  He has paid off the warden and the guards.  He wants to know what Helena is up to next.  They flirt and chat but Luke gets suspicious so he starts reminiscing about their past and catches her in a lie.  Luke grabs her arm and wants to know where the real Helena is at. He tells her the story never happened.  Fake Helena she tells him that Helena's probably in Europe, somewhere in Switzerland.  She can't tell more so he tries to threaten her.  She tells him that she is Helena's cousin and that she is dying anyway.  He says Helena is smart but he has to stop her.  She says that he can't prove that she's not Helena.  He says he only has to find the real Helena.

Lt. Taggert visits Carly's house and tries to get Jason and Sonny to admit to beating Zander..Carly is shocked about what happened to Zander and they argue with Taggert.

Alexis is at the hospital with Zander, feeling bad for him. She tries to get him to tell her if Sonny or Jason beat him up.  All he says is, "I'm tired and want to sleep".  Ned has found her prenatal vitamins so he realizes that she is pregnant.  He doesn't let on that he knows, so he hides them and tells her that he thought she might need a friend.

Lucky touches Elizabeth's arm at the docks, near where Zander was beaten up, and she jumps.    They have a nice conversation for a change. Lucky tells her that he didn't mean this thing with Sarah to happen and he still cares about Elizabeth.  She really doesn't want to talk to him about it but she agrees that they've both moved on and they should be civil to each other.

As Elizabeth tries to comes to grips with Zander's beating, she runs into Jason and asks him, "Please tell me you didn't beat Zander up".  He can't deny it but he won't tell her why he did it, either.  He tells her that she has to make a choice as to whether she wants to be around him or not.  If she is, she has to accept what he does and that he can't talk about it.  She thinks it over and decides that she does want to be in his life because he is always honest with her.  He holds her in his arms.

Ned and Alexis run into Sonny and Carly at the hospital; glares are exchanged.  Carly tells Sonny she wants to visit Zander.  While she does, Alexis asks Sonny  if he ordered it or had anything to do with Zander's beating.  Sonny doesn't deny or confirm but she can tell from his answers.  She doesn't really give him a chance to explain or anything, really...she tells him that he's cold-blooded and heartless.  Then Ned takes her away as she glares at Sonny.

Sonny and Carly visit Zander, who doesn't say much.  Sonny says he's picking up the hospital bills.  Lt.Taggert visits Zander. In front of them, he asks Zander who beat him up and offers  him protection.  Carly is protesting the whole time that Sonny didn't do anything.  Taggert tells Zander he owes nothing to Sonny, and Zander agrees with him.  Sonny thinks  Zander is about to tell, so he shakes his head no. Zander tells Taggert that Sonny let him go, and he was so mad that he went down to the docks.  He wasn't thinking clearly, and he tripped and fell.  Taggert is disappointed and leaves.  Carly realizes that Sonny did do it and tells Zander she's sorry.  She runs out, not waiting for Sonny. 

Sonny catches Carly in the elevator.  She yells at him for beating up Zander, thinking he did it because she almost slept with him.  Sonny stops the elevator and says that he'll give her an explanation, since she's back in his life and he loves her.  He tells her what Zander did and said that normally, he would be dead, but because Carly cares for him, he didn't want her hurt, so he only had him beaten up (awwwww!).  He says she can leave if she wants.  She says she's not going anywhere.  She forgives him, saying that she understands how he runs his life and how he has to protect himself.  They hug.

Lucky finds to Sarah at the hospital and tells her about the conversation with Elizabeth.  When Sarah tells Lucky that Zander got brought in from being  beat-up, and that Elizabeth was with him, Lucky gets upset and talks about no-good Zander is..Sarah tells Lucky that he and Liz are  no longer together so he shouldn't care..she thinks he's jealous, and she's jealous, too.  She gets paged away and then they continue their conversation.  He says he will always care about Elizabeth.  She says he sounded jealous.

Ned takes Alexis to her apartment, where she is very upset.  She says she can't believe Sonny did that, saying, "He was just sitting on my couch saying Zander was family," Ned holds Alexis, and she says, "You don't know how much I needed this".  She can't believe that she knew how Sonny acted but didn't want to really understand it.  Ned is very sympathetic.  Alexis asks Ned not to say anything to Kristina about what happened with Sonny.  He agrees and says, "This is about you; Kristina doesn't need to know"..


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