GH Update Tuesday 6/11/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/11/02

By Deanna

At ELQ, Jax threatens Edward with prison if Skye doesn't get her desk and position at the office back.  Lila interrupts the conversation and asks to speak to Jax in private.  She assures him that she will stand by her husband in this manner and Jax tells her he plans on standing by Skye, too. Jax then tells Edward he will do everything he can to have Edward removed.  Edward tells him he's not worried.

At the hospital, Monica gives Alan an early Father's Day gift, a box full of shredded newspaper.  He asks what's this all about, and she tells him he was right, she was helping A.J out too much and that she put a stop to the Divorce.  Alan tells Monica he would except her apology if he can move back into their bedroom.  Monica smiles and gladly excepts.

Over at Sonny's, he leaves Carly at the elevator and promises to make fish at Carly's for her and Mchael.  She asks if she can invite Jason..Sonny leaves, thinking Carly left in the elevator, but instead she goes to Alexis' apartment with a real estate card.   Alexis turns it down.

Jason finds Zander at the pier and tells him Sonny sent him.  Zander shoves Jason 3 times. Jason punches Zander in the stomach.

Over at the hospital, Kristina and Ned have an argument over Alexis.  Kristina claims Ned is obsessed with Alexis.  He tells her he will always care for Alexis, but the reason he went to the hospital was to give her flowers...Ned makes a dinner date with Kristina for the Port Charles Grill.  They kiss and she accepts.

Carly makes it clear to Alexis that she and Sonny are back together..

On the docks, Jason finishes beating Zander, and then he runs into Elizabeth.  She asks for a ride on his bike sometime.  He says yes and leaves quickly. At that point, Elizabeth hears Zander coughing and finds he's been badly beat-up.

Meanwhile, Alexis is reading a book on pregnancies when her imagination kicks in.  She has a debate with herself as to whether she should tell Sonny about the baby..All of a sudden, the phone rings and she goes..

Zander is brought into the emergency room at GH.  Elizabeth is with him...

At Carly's, Jason shows up for dinner.   Carly tries to convince Jason to stick around for awhile.  She offers him a beer, he accepts, so she goes to get it.  While she's in the kitchen, Sonny shows up and asks Jason if he talked to Zander.  Jason responds, "He knows the rules".  Carly overhears this comment and asks about it.  Michael asks Jason if he's been to Egypt.

At the hospital, Jax runs into Alan and Monica and tells them the situation with Edward.  He promises that if Edward hurts Skye, he will destroy ELQ..  Alan and Monica discuss the idea to convince Edward into an early retirement.

Meanwhile, at Carly's, Sonny and Carly tell Michael that they hope to be a family someday.

Kristina goes to check on Zander's condition at GH.  She finds Ned and Alexis there, so she quietly walks away. She runs into Jax and tells him Ned still loves Alexis.  Jax tells her she has to ask Ned that question...

Elizabeth talks to Zander and realizes Jason beat him up.  Ned is also realizing it, and Tony calls the police. Alexis drops her purse but doesn't realize her prenatal vitamins fell out as well, as she goes and tries to talk to Zander...

In the meantime, at Carly's, Leticia takes Michael up for a bath.  Carly makes a toast to welcome Jason back, but then  Lt.Taggert shows up to question Sonny and Jason...

At the hospital, while Alexis is talking to Zander, a nurse finds Alexis' bottle of prenatal vitamins and gives them to Ned.


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