GH Update Monday 6/10/02


General Hospital Update Monday 6/10/02

By Deanna

Jason is eavesdropping and watches as Zander takes a pay-off from Rosco.  Rosco tells Zander that he's wasted with Sonny.  Zander is only interested in cash.  Rosco leaves and so does Jason.  Zander looks a little guilty.

Janine finds Courtney working at Kelly's and does not react well.  She calls A.J. all sorts of names.  Courtney makes it clear that she loves A.J. and they'll get through this.

A.J. goes to the gym but leaves for a while. Ned is working out. Jax comes in and chats with him (for no apparent reason, wearing a suit!) about his woes with Kristina and Alexis.  Jax suggests that maybe Ned still has feelings for Alexis.  Ned thinks he's crazy.  A.J. comes by looking for Skye. He asks Jax for a loan.  They all catch up on what Edward's been doing to A.J.  Jax says he'll give A.J. a lot of money if he dumps Courtney and never talks to her or Skye again.   A.J. is indignant and says he won't leave Courtney because they love each other.  Ned and Jax don't believe it.

Alexis tells Sonny she has to talk to him. it's important and can't wait. Carly sees Alexis through the mirror so she goes to purposely interrupt their conversation. T he site of Carly with her arms around Sonny makes Alexis make excuses and then leave.  As Sonny goes to take a shower and change, Carly calls Alexis and tells her they have a few loose ends to clear up.  She tells Alexis that she should move out and reminds her that she and Sonny are together now.  Carly says she can tell by the way Alexis looks at Sonny.  Alexis tells Carly off, which makes Carly smile because she knows she got to her.

Back at Kelly's, Elizabeth offers to take over for Courtney so she can go and look at an apartment.  Courtney goes to this dive and dickers with the manager over the rent, then takes it.

Zander offers to take Elizabeth out to celebrate that they are not dependent on liars any more. He tells her he doesn't work for Sonny anymore.  She sees all the cash Zander has and shows concern.  He gets upset and defensive so she says forget it.  She has enough problems without being around someone who has illegal money.

Carly goes to get dressed so that she and Sonny can go to get a bite to eat. Jason shows up and tells Sonny that Rosco knows about 3 holding companies, and tells him that Zander squealed.  Sonny is annoyed and says he'll get someone else to handle Zander, since Emily is Jason's sister and wouldn't want him hurting Zander.  Jason insists that it is his deal.

Back at Alexis' apartment, she is reading a book on pregnancy.  She tells her baby that she'll never understand Sonny's feelings for Carly, whom she calls a "harpy". She tells her baby that Sonny is a good and caring man.  She decides again to tell Sonny about the baby.

Back at Sonny's, Jason tell Sonny about Zander running his mouth off.  Sonny tells Jason in a whisper to make it so that Zander never runs his mouth off again.

Over at Kelly's, A.J comes looking for Courtney.  Elizabeth gives him his new address, so A.J. goes to check out his and Courtney's new place.    Courtney has transformed the dump into a livable place and he is impressed.  They hug and kiss.

Jax goes to see Skye and discovers that Edward has had her desk removed.  Edward has great plans for revenge for her.  Jax tells Edward if he hurts Skye, he'll take it personally.

Meanwhile, Alexis overhears Sonny and Jason talking about how Jason took care of Rosco and plans to take care of Zander, so she decides it's best not to tell Sonny about the baby.

Jason finds Zander on the docks and tells him that Sonny sent him.

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