GH Update Friday 6/7/02


General Hospital Update Friday 6/7/01

By Suzanne

Gia shows up to work; Lucky yells at her for being late.  She says she's early.  He left her a message the previous night rescheduling their shoot and giving her other instructions.  She spent the night at her mom's after her fight with Nikolas, but she doesn't want to tell Lucky that.  Florence arrives and gives Gia her cell and other stuff she left at her place by mistake.  Gia thanks her and she leaves.  They start the shoot and Gia is not in a good mood.  She yells at Lucky to just go ahead and ask her about what happened.  He isn't interested in Nikolas or what he does, Lucky says.  As he starts talking about him, Nikolas starts to walk in with a bunch of flowers for Gia.  Lucky says that now that she knows what kind of person Nikolas is, she has a chance to make a life for herself and get away from him and the Cassadines.  Nikolas backs out and they don't see him.

Jason and Carly walk on the docks and she keeps chatting about Sonny and how he slept with Alexis, etc.  Jason really doesn't want to hear it or talk about it.  She tries to defend Zander again.  She says that she used him as a substitute for Jason and she should have known better.  Jason says Zander knew that she was in love with Sonny so she shouldn't be concerned that she led him on.  Carly can relate to Zander because they are alike, always going out and doing stupid things that mess up their lives.  Jason ends up telling her that if she and Sonny just don't lie to each other, they'll be fine.  They hug.  Jason gets a call telling him that some is back in town--and it's trouble for Sonny.

Alexis, holding the check for Courtney in her hand, is amazed at how sometimes Sonny can be so loving and family-oriented and other times very self-involved and dense.  He wants to know again what's going on with her.  He asks if it's about him and Carly getting back together.  She tells him that she's fine with that, she's happy for him...They are interrupted by noises outside.  Ned is trying to get in to see her but because Sonny is in there, Johnny won't let him by.  Alexis opens the door and tells Johnny that he has no right to keep her visitors away.  She tells Ned that she has some business she has to leave to attend to.  She leaves and Sonny insists that Johnny ride down with her to her car.  Ned tells Sonny that he remembers how he ruined Brenda and he begs him to tell him whatever it is that's bothering Alexis.  Sonny tells him that if Alexis wants him to know, she'll tell him.

Rosco (a bad guy, not sure who he is but he gave Sonny et al. some trouble last winter, which they keep referring to) sits on the outside part of Kelly's.  Elizabeth is his waitress and she freezes when she recognizes him.  He tries to apologize but Zander comes running up and tells him to stay away from her.  The man agrees and apologizes, giving Liz some money for her trouble, then he goes inside to Kelly's to order takeout from some other waitress.  Elizabeth, on edge, tells Zander that he doesn't need to fight battles for her.  Then she sees Sarah, who tries to talk to her.  Elizabeth yells at her and says she has nothing more to say.

A.J. and Courtney go to Kelly's.  She wants to apply for a job there.  He is against her getting a job because he wants to take care of her.  He still feels really bad about their situation.  Zander comes in and she thinks he might be there to deliver a message from Sonny, so Courtney starts to tell him off, but Zander says he doesn't work for Sonny anymore (and he says some other bad things about Sonny being selfish).  Alexis comes in and tries to give them the check from Sonny, but Courtney rips it up and says no.  A.J. is thrilled by her reaction.  Alexis listens carefully when Courtney tells her that until A.J. is allowed to see Michael, she won't be taking anything from Sonny.  She remembers that her mom made the decision for her to keep her away from her dad, and she doesn't want Michael or any other child to have that happen.  Alexis, of course, is thinking about her own baby-to-be.  Alexis leaves.  Courtney says that she needs to get a job, so she asks Elizabeth about waitressing. 

Rosco leaves, having heard Zander talking bad about Sonny, and calls someone to say that they may have the ammunition now to take Sonny down.  Jason comes up from behind him and hears all this.  He goes back and tells Sonny about it.  Sonny says that the guy is crazy and trouble, so they must get rid of him.

Elizabeth apologizes to Zander, telling him that she found Lucky and Sarah in bed together the previous night.  He is sympathetic and relates it to his own troubles with Sonny and Carly.  He is down on the world.  She asks him what's wrong and he replies, "I tried to build my life around a bunch of lies, tried to make something better. Well, there is nothing better, elizabeth. Anybody that tries to tell you differently is just -- just a liar."   He walks out.  Carly comes up and tries to talk to him, but he just walks past her.  She follows.

Sarah visits Lucky's studio so Gia takes a break.  She tells him about trying to talk to Elizabeth. She says again that they can't be together but he says that they have a chance at something special.  Gia comes running back in, all excited, and hugs Lucky, asking him to guess what happened.  Nikolas walks in and takes advantage of her happy moment to apologize and give her the flowers.  She tells them that she got a photo shoot for the cover of Tempo Magazine.  Lucky says she has an exclusive contract so she can't do it (like it's any of his business!).  Nikolas says that he's sure something can be worked out.  He says that Gia has a headache and has to leave.  Lucky tries to get her to finish the shoot, but she won't and walks out.  Lucky just glares at Nikolas, who smiles a Cassadine smile and follows Gia.

Sarah decides she's done her best to make peace with Liz and they say to each other "you make me feel alive".  He says they should go away and he sets up the photo shoot area so that they are like on a tropical beach and talks to her romantically about the setting.  They kiss.

At Kelly's, Nikolas asks Gia if she forgives him.  She can't stay mad at him for long.  She is so excited about the photo shoot with the major magazine. Part of it is because no one can say she got it because her boyfriend's mother owns the company.  She rushes off to buy some issues of Tempo.  Nikolas phones someone to thank them for getting Gia the job and says he will pay him a lot.

Carly catches up to Zander and asks him to stop.  She still wants to be his friend and make this all go away.  He won't have any of it and makes nasty comments about her and Jason, echoing her words earlier that she used him as a Jason sub.  Finally she's had enough and lashes out at him, saying that he's just jealous.  He says he could have had her several times.  He tells her to go running back to Jason next time she has a fight with Sonny.  Carly says he's right, they're no longer friends, and leaves.

Carly goes to Sonny's penthouse and he says he should have a key made for her.  She is touched.  He asks about her meeting with Michael's teacher and then he tells her that he knows that was a lie (but he doesn't seem mad about it).  She says again that she just doesn't want to rush them because things have been going so great.  She tells him that she's finished with Zander.  Sonny tries to make her feel better about it.  They end up making love.

Rosco finds Zander sitting at the docks and offers him money to rat on Sonny.  At first he tells him no but then later he ends up telling him the name of Sonny's holding companies.  The man gives him an envelope full of money and they shake hands just as Jason turns the corner and sees them.

Alexis comes home and Ned comes right up when she's trying to use her key again.  He has been sitting down in his car, waiting for her.  He questions her about Sonny and says some things about how Sonny uses Jason to kill for him.  He leaves her thinking.  She has some milk, which she obviously hates, and talks to her fetus again.  She says that she has no right to keep Sonny from knowing about his child.  She goes over to tell him about it before she loses her nerve.  She hesitates and paces a bit before finally knocking on his door.  He comes downstairs with his shirt half-buttoned, having just finished with Carly.  He opens the door and she says that she has something important to tell him.  Carly watches from halfway down the stairs.


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