GH Update Thursday 6/6/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 6/6/02

by Suzanne

Edward phones someone to make sure that A.J. is completely broke.

A.J. tries to pay for breakfast at Kelly's, but his credit cards have all been canceled.  He doesn't have enough cash to cover it.  The counter person gives him a hard time, saying rich people never pay their bills.  He starts yelling that he's A.J. Quartermaine.  Courtney comes in and gives the woman the cash.  They sit outside and Courtney advises him on how to stretch his dollars further.  She offers to pawn her jewelry for money, including her wedding ring, but A.J. won't hear of it.  A.J. looks depressed and can't believe she is being such a trooper.  He gets an idea and leaves her for a while.  He goes to see Courtney's mom.  He wants the money back that he gave her.  She won't give it to him, saying he's a loser.  She can't believe that he's fallen in love with Courtney.  A.J. says that he thought HE had the worst family.  He leaves and we see Edward come out to congratulate Janine.

Zander goes in to Sonny's place after hearing Carly and Jason talking and hugging.  He is very jealous and doesn't know what they are keeping from Sonny, so he thinks they are sleeping together.  He yells at them, especially Jason.

Sonny won't leave Alexis' place until she tells him what's wrong.  He knows something's wrong and wants to help. Alexis keeps telling him to leave her alone and that she just needs to get her work done.  As he walks around her place, she kicks the maternity pamphlet under the furniture so he can't see it.  He has to leave when he hears yelling coming from his place.

Sonny tells Zander to knock it off and Zander is incensed that Sonny automatically takes Jason's side.  Zander accuses Carly and Jason of sleeping together and say she wants his life back and the $5 that he turned down from Jax.  Sonny tells Zander sarcastically that just because he has worked for Sonny for one year, does that mean he should take his side over Jason's, who has worked for him loyally for years and saved his life?  Zander doesn't back down so Sonny asks Jason bluntly if he and Carly were holding each other as Zander described (yes), is he sleeping with Carly (no), does he plan to sleep with Carly (no), and has he ever been disloyal to Sonny (no)?  Satisfied, Sonny tells Zander off, saying he can't trust Zander and tells him to leave.  They argue about Zander and Carly kissing, with Carly trying to defend Zander.  Sonny tells Zander that he gets a month's severance pay but he'd better stay away from him and Carly and their business.

Zander, upset, waits for the elevator outside.  Alexis sees him out there and asks him to come inside to calm down.  He blows off steam at her place, telling her that Sonny just fired him for telling him that Carly has a thing for Jason.  Alexis says they're just friends, so he retorts, "Like you and Sonny?"  He says other things about how he and Alexis are both redundant now that Carly and Jason are back in Sonny's life.  He thinks Sonny has let him down.  Alexis tries to make him feel better but she really can't.  She suggests that he go to college or get a real job.

Carly asks if Sonny really had to fire Zander.  He explains that Zander was never going to learn how they do business, so he would have eventually gotten himself fired.  He just did him a favor.  Jason and Sonny bad-mouth Zander, but that makes Carly annoyed, so she leaves to patch things up with Zander.  Jason and Sonny talk for a minute about how Zander is annoying and not good for the business. 

Mike goes to Kelly's and chats with Courtney.  She reluctantly fills him in on her financial situation.  He has no money (it's all tied up in stocks, thanks to Edward) but he hopes to get some for her.  He goes to Sonny and tells him what's going on.  Sonny is disgusted that Mike is gambling again, saying that the stock market is the oldest gambling game in the world and he should know better.  He knows that Edward is playing him.  He tells Mike he can't trust him and he'll take care of it himself.  Mike goes back to Courtney and says he's sorry he can't help her, but she and A.J. are welcome to stay with him until they can find someplace better.

Carly finds Zander and tells him that what he saw was a big misunderstanding.  He is still angry and says he should have gone ahead and slept with her when he had the chance.  He wonders what it would be like if he wasn't on Sonny's side, so she wonders if he's threatening her.  She warns him not to threaten Sonny.  Jason comes up and tells her to leave Zander alone now.  He and Zander argue about Emily and Zander warns that this is not over.

Sonny goes back to Alexis' place; she checks on A.J.'s legal problems.  He gives her a big check to give to Courtney.  She points out that Courtney will probably use the money to help A.J., too.  He doesn't give a damn about A.J.  He can't give it to Courtney with any strings attached or she won't use it.  He keeps saying how important family is to him, making Alexis feel guilty for not telling him about the baby.  They chat about Zander.  Alexis realizes that Sonny was doing Zander a favor by getting him out of the mob life.  She asks if he ever wanted out.  He says that when he was young, he would see college kids and wonder what it would be like to be one of them.  But Scully wouldn't have let him out.

Kristina helps Ned out at work but he's very distracted.  When she asks him what he's thinking about, he answers, "your sister".  She is very put out by this.  He explains that Alexis never goes to the doctor, yet she went to one after just a little stumble the other night, so something must really be wrong with her.  Kristina is just feeling very jealous and neglected.  Ned asks her to find out what's wrong with Alexis, but she refuses.  She is loathe to get involved again after what happened with her accidentally telling Sonny that Alexis loves him.  They argue.  She tells him how she spent so much effort on looking great today and doing so much work for him.  He says he appreciates it and she looks great.    She tells him how much she feels that Alexis has invaded their relationship.  He says he will always care about Alexis.

A.J., dejected, goes back to Courtney and says he wasn't able to get any money.  She tells him to cheer up.

Jasons tells Carly that it's a good thing that she didn't sleep with Zander.  She agrees that Sonny would have never forgiven her, even though he was sleeping with Alexis.  Jason, disgusted, doesn't want to hear about that again.  Once was enough.


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