GH Update Wednesday 6/5/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/5/02

by Suzanne

Jason watches Elizabeth on the docks as she does her stretches. She turns to see him and smiles. He says he was out all night riding and asks if she painted anything. She confesses that she didn't; she was thinking about him all night. She doesn't regret last night but she's embarrassed. She thinks that he lets people take advantage of him, like she did last time he was in town. She babbles on so he stops her and assures her that he was there last night because he wanted to be. He makes it clear that he knows what he's doing. They discuss their friendship a little more and how she's glad that he's there. She says that he does what feels right without second-guessing himself and doesn't care what people think. He smiles at her and says he care what some people think.

Courtney awakens to find a breakfast buffet from A.J., who comes in from another room. The dog has his own snacks, too. A.J. says that she's stuck with him. He chats about the dog's morning antics and says how it loves her unconditionally the way he does. She says he's sweet and he says that he is a changed man, thanks to her. He says their future is open and they should travel, starting with Manhatten--today. She enthusiastically agrees. Taggert arrives with some legal papers. A.J. gets very upset when he looks at them. A.J. is indignant and tries to dismiss Taggert but he tells A.J. that he's being charged with fraud, embezzlement, and racketeering. All of his funds and property are being frozen. Courtney objects. Taggert introduces an Agent Scott Thompson, who works for the FBI and is in charge of what's going on. Taggert tells them that they have a short time to gather a few belongings and then they must vacate the premises. A.J. wants to know who filed the complaint, so Edward walks in. Now A.J. knows what's going on. Edward says he wishes this hadn't happened and he's "just sick about it". A.J. tells him to stuff it and the complaint won't stick because he didn't do anything. Edward says he was forced to do this because A.J. wouldn't do what must be done. Courtney sticks up for A.J. and argues with Edward. A.J. asks to have a few minutes alone with Edward, so they all leave the room. Edward tells A.J. that he means business. Edward tells A.J. that if he doesn't do whatever he wants, to get Michael back, then A.J. will be completely disinherited and penniless. A.J. considers it but says he won't bargain with Michael. Edward says Sonny is a thug but efficient so he got his way in regards with A.J. giving up his son. A.J. can't believe he will resort to Sonny's type of tactics. Edward wants A.J. to go through with his plan to exploit Courtney. The others all come back in--the time is up. A.J. says he made a mistake and forgot who he is, but Edward reminded him. A.J. tells Edward to do his worst and go to Hell. He turns to Courtney and tells her that they're officially broke. Smiling, she says it doesn't matter. They go to pack their things. Edward is angry and disappointed.

A.J. and Courtney sit on the docks. He is down so she tells him to think of it as an adventure. He doesn't know where he's going to get money. She says they'll figure something out.

Carly frantically calls, looking for Jason, but she doesn't find him. Sonny comes in, dressed in his pj's, and wonders why she is about to leave. She lies that she's going to a meeting with Michael's teacher. He asks her to reschedule, but she says she can't. To keep him from getting suspicious, she says that since things have been going so well for them, she wants to take it slow. He kisses her and tries to convince her to stay for breakfast, but she insists on leaving.

Alexis goes to the OB/GYN, Dr. Meadows, who is late. Alexis grabs a pamphlet about motherhood while she waits. The doctor asks about her physical condition and then talks with Alexis about her situation and her options. Alexis says she doesn't want to tell the father of her baby about it (gee, don't you think he might figure it out?). The doctor wants to know if that's a good idea. Alexis says that she isn't good with children and she works a lot. She's not "maternal". The doctor tells her that her feelings sound normal and her pregnancy appears normal. Alexis is told about the high risks of a pregnancy at her age. Also the doctor notes that Alexis is very independent and that needs to change if she plans to keep it.

Carly runs into Liz on the docks and asks if she knows where Jason is. They bicker about Jason, insulting each other. Liz taunts Carly by saying that she must be looking for him to help her bail out of her latest disaster. Carly grabs Liz by the arm as she walks away, demanding to know where he is before she smacks her. Zander comes along and pulls Carly off her, telling her to leave Liz alone. Both women look surprised. Carly wonders why Zander thinks she's at fault and why Zander is getting involved in this. Carly rushes off to find Jason. Liz thanks him for his help, but it wasn't necessary. Zander asks what the deal is with Jason and Carly. She says that from what she can tell, Carly uses him every chance she gets, and he let her. Zander wants to hear more. Liz says that Jason will do anything for Carly and she uses him to no end. She loves Sonny, but she is possessive of Jason and doesn't like anyone else to have him. Zander is not surprised. He says he's tired of doing what everyone else wanted and starts to rush off. Liz stops him and asks him to calm down and think things through. He won't listen and leaves.

Sonny wants to know if Jason found out anything about where Carly was when she was gone. Jason fills Sonny in on everything except that he knows Carly stayed out on purpose. He found the cabin where she was staying and the restaurant she ate at, at Sycamore Bend, about 10 miles from Port Charles. Sonny talks about Carly and how he felt when she disappeared. Jason seems touched and doesn't spill the beans on Carly. Sonny talks with Jason about some business that he wants him to take care of, if Jason is still going to be here. Jason assures him that he's done traveling for now. He misses the people here. He tells Sonny that he did what he said, he went out to look at other things and see what else was out there. But he knows the people he cares about are here and it was time to get back. Jason changes the subject and asks how the coffee business is going. Sonny laughs and tells him that they are making tons of money with their legitimate business. That reminds him that he has something to show to Alexis. He goes over to her place.

Alexis talks to her fetus, explaining that their life will not be like "Leave it to Beaver" or "The Brady Bunch", but it will be something on the Family Channel (LOL, how about "Alias"?) and she will treat it right, no matter who its father is. She wonders if being a mobster is genetic (she should talk, considering who her father was!). Sonny knocks so she opens the door, not realizing that she dropped the pamphlet about motherhood on the floor. He says he can tell she's not fine, even though she keeps saying she is. The pamphlet is just inches away from Sonny's foot as he says that he can help her, whatever the problem is.

Carly comes home and finds Jason there. She asks where Sonny is and gets nervous when he says he's across the hall. He tells her that he's just getting a contract checked. She asks what he told Sonny. He tells her what he told him and that he couldn't tell Sonny that she got her memory back and that she stayed away longer to punish him. She thanks him but he doesn't want to be thanked. He warns her not to screw it up. She hugs him. Zander visits and watches them through the half-open door. He shakes his head.


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