GH Update Tuesday 6/4/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/4/02

By Suzanne

Jason and Elizabeth go back to her studio.  She is still very angry and throws a bunch of stuff off her desk.  Jason holds up a blank canvas and suggests she punch it to get out her anger.  She yells and calls herself names for wanting to believe Lucky and Sarah.  He is sympathetic.  She tells him that she wants him and they start to kiss and take their clothes off.  They are lying down on a couch when she stops and says they shouldn't.  He says okay and gets dressed.  She doesn't want to make love with him just to get back at Lucky.  She doesn't understand why he's not mad about it.  He is completely understanding.  She says she would be so embarrassed and couldn't look at him again if they had done it for the wrong reasons.  She doesn't want to mess up their friendship.  He agrees that they shouldn't mess up their relationship but says she can always change her mind.  She reminisces about another time they shared together.  She says she'll probably stay there and paint all night.  She asks him if he ever thought about what would have happened if she had ridden away with him, but he says he didn't, since she didn't take him up on the offer.  She's glad he's back.  He bids her goodnight.  She smiles to herself, looking like maybe it wasn't such a bad day after all.

Luke and Laura head to the judge at Niagara Falls.  They joke about the motels with the heart-shaped beds that they passed.  The judge is at dinner but they are given some forms to fill out.  As they fill them out, Laura notices a young couple also filling out forms.  They are arguing.  She suggests that they each talk to them, but Luke doesn't want to get involved.  Laura talks to the young girl, who realizes that she really does want a big church wedding and not this.  When the judge returns, the girl tells him that she doesn't want to get married there after all.  The judge is slightly annoyed that he rushed through his dinner to get back.  Luke and Laura go up and Laura says she's changed her mind, too.  She talks it over with Luke and says that she wants a real wedding with their family and friends.  Besides, they promised Lulu that she could be the flower girl.  He says okay and they rush off to find that motel.

Courtney plays with her puppy.  A.J. comes out and seems to be touched by the scene.  He can't believe that she stood up to his family.   Edward visits and pretends to make nice.  Courtney doesn't trust him and calls him names.  He asks to speak with A.J. alone, so she goes, reluctantly.  Edward tries to get A.J. to stick with his plans and wants A.J. to get Courtney to spy on Sonny so they can get the goods on him.  A.J. refuses, saying Courtney wouldn't do that.  He doesn't want anything to do with the plans any more.  Edward gets angry, says a bunch of mean things, and leaves.  Courtney comes out and wants to know what he wanted, so A.J. tells her the truth.  She can't believe that Edward would think that A.J. would go along with his plans.  She starts talking about what a great guy A.J. is, but he stops her.  He tries to tell her that he's not the man she thinks he is, but he'd like to be.  He wants to get back at Edward.  He wants to get ELQ so that Edward will leave them alone.  Courtney isn't so sure that's the best idea.

Skye and Jax come back from the arcade.  She's really refreshed from getting out her aggression on the whack-the-mole game.  She wants to make love but Jax tells her that she doesn't have to "pay him back".  She agrees not to use their love-making in that way.  They go ahead and make love anyway.

Edward visits Jax and asks him to keep Skye away from A.J. so he can destroy A.J. without her getting in the way.  Jax pretends to go along with the plan.  Skye, who has been listening, comes out and yells at Jax.  He lets her in on his plan.  He wants to help her and A.J., so he's pretending to go along with Edward so he can find out what he's up to.  Skye wants to believe him but still has trust issues.  He says he knows what it's like to have a brother who's a disappointment that you still love.  She is touched and doesn't know what to say.  Jax says he'll tell her how to get everything she wants as they hold each other.  All she has to do is trust him and they'll make sure that Edward gets everything he deserves.  He warns her not to lose her nerve, though.  She laughs at the idea.

Edward phones someone and tells him that he wants A.J. to become broke and destitute, right now.

Taggert tells Gia and Nikolas that he's not going to arrest Gia; he wants to arrest Nikolas.  He shows them the envelope he brought, which is full of stolen money.  He knows that Nikolas planted it in Taggert's desk so he would get in trouble.  Nikolas doesn't confirm or deny it.  Gia can't believe it.  Taggert tells her that Nik is no good and she has family she can turn to instead of this scum.  She chews out Nikolas, who says that he was just trying to protect her.  He says, "Nobody takes anything away from me" so she says that he sounds just like his father.  He is stung.   They agree to discuss it at home.

Sharifa is annoyed that Taggert isn't going after his sister.  He tells her that she'd better not say anything because he did her a favor back when she was at the academy.  She is being shipped back to Brooklyn.


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