GH Update Monday 6/3/02


General Hospital Update Monday 6/3/02

By Suzanne

At Kelly's, Maxie goes upstairs and sees Lucky and Sarah going at it hot and heavy, then they head into his room.  She looks disgusted and then goes back downstairs, moping.  Bobbie and Felicia chat about the party.  Sonny questions Jason about whether he's found out yet where Carly really was while she was gone.  Felicia tries to talk to Maxie about why she went to Lucky, but Maxie doesn't want to hear it.  Roy brings Felicia a cool drink.  Maxie gripes to Elizabeth about her mom.  When Maxie mentions her nosy little sister, Elizabeth says she can relate but says that a sister can be the best friend you'll ever have.  Maxie is surprised to hear that but Elizabeth doesn't know what she means.  Maxie tries to say never mind, but Liz insists she explain what she meant about Sarah.  Maxie tells her that Sarah and Lucky are upstairs having sex.

Lucky and Sarah lie in bed and tell each other sweet things.  Elizabeth goes up to their room, waits outside, trying to decide whether she should go in or not.  Finally, she does, and is shocked to see them in bed together.  She yells at them but then rushes out.  Lucky puts on his pants hastily and follows her out, trying to stop her so he can try to make things better.  She keeps berating him and says that there's nothing he can say.  She thinks they have been doing this for a while, but he swears they haven't.  She calls Sarah a "lying slut" and reminds her that she just told her that she'd die if she and Lucky got together, yet that didn't seem to stop Sarah.  But Liz says she's stronger than she thought, because she's not dead.  She tells them that they're both dead to her and goes downstairs.  Lucky wants Sarah to stay, but she can't.  He thinks that Liz just needs time to get used to the idea of her ex-boyfriend and her sister together, but Sarah just wants to leave.  She asks him how to leave by the back way.

Luke and Laura are at some bar near the Canadian border.  They run out, and Luke yells that they'll never stiff him again.  He is holding a wad of cash.  They jump into their car for a quick getaway, but it doesn't start.  Fortunately no one comes after them.  Luke tries to fix it, with help from Laura.  He mentions their getting married and she asks him why he keeps avoiding any mention of plans for the wedding.  He says that's her area, he doesn't want to do any planning.  He suggests first that they just have a small ceremony with their family, and she agrees.  Then he suggests that they get married right there, since they are near Niagara Falls anyway.  She joyfully accepts his offer.

Outside, Carly grabs Alexis' arm and won't let go.  Alexis pulls away and then falls to the ground.  Ned and Kristina are walking up just then so they rush to Alexis' aide.  Sonny comes out and wants to know what happened, too.  Alexis says she's fine and never mentions anything about Carly.  Carly pretends to look innocent.  After Sonny makes sure that Alexis is fine and she promises to go home, Alexis asks Ned and Kristina to take her to a doctor.

Kristina questions Alexis about what happened while they wait for the doctor.  Alexis tells her to back off.  The doctor comes in and she gets Ned and Kristina to wait outside.  He does a thorough check and says they should do x-rays, but she says she can't have that because she's pregnant.  He does a gynecological exam and says she's fine.  She asks him not to tell her sister and friend about her condition, so he agrees.  They take her home and insist she have a glass of wine to make herself relax.  When they're not looking, she dumps it into a plant.  Later, she asks herself what she's gotten into and pats her stomach, saying that they will get through this together.

Skye shows up at Carly's party to see Jax.  She is fuming about Edward.  He takes her to a video arcade that he has rented out and suggests she blow off steam by playing video games.  She enjoys it, especially the whack-the-mole game.

Elton asks Jason whether he expects trouble, since he seems to be guarding Sonny.  Jason doesn't answer and walks away.  Sonny asks Carly what happened with Alexis and she gets really defensive.  Bobbie calls for everyone's attention and makes a toast to Carly being away.  Carly says she's glad to be home.  Jason rushes out so Carly follows him.  He is annoyed that she didn't tell Sonny the truth yet.  She keeps saying that she will and also keeps asking him to not tell Sonny.  They argue; Sonny comes out, wondering what's going on. 

Maxie sees Elizabeth return and says she's sorry.  Liz tells her not to worry because she didn't do anything wrong.  Felicia chats with Roy about her teenager problems.  He asks her to dance, so they do.  Elizabeth is too distraught to continue helping out at the party, so she asks Bobbie if she can leave.  Bobbie agrees.  Felicia and Maxie leave, too.

Carly says she just wanted to talk to Jason before he left.  She asks Sonny if they can leave, too, and he agrees but wants to go say goodbye to Bobbie first.  Sonny, alone with Jason, again asks him to check on Carly's story.  Jason says he will.  He watches them go and then goes back inside.  Just as he's going inside, Elizabeth is coming out.  She says she really needs him, and asks him to go somewhere with her, so they go away together.

Nikolas and Gia arrive and say it must be too late, the party is winding down.  They are both upset about the possibility of going to jail, though.  He assures her that Taggert won't hurt his sister.  She wonders how he knows.  Taggert walks up and says he wonders, too.  Nikolas says he doesn't think he'll hurt his sister.  Gia says she won't give Nikolas up, so Taggert will have to put her in jail.  Taggert says he'll be back.  They wonder what he's up to.  Later, Taggert comes back with a plastic bag and lies it on a nearby table.  He tells them that he's made up his mind.

Sonny and Carly go back to his place(?).  She has a shower.  He says he knows that she's still upset about him sleeping with Alexis, but he assures her that it's over.  She wonders if Alexis knows that.  He doesn't know but says that he and Alexis are still friends.  He asks her to respect Alexis and not push her.

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