GH Update Friday 5/31/02


General Hospital Update Friday 5/31/01

By Suzanne

A.J. yells at Monica for slapping at Courtney.  Courtney rushes out to pack.  Alan suggests that Monica apologize to Courtney. Edward lets slip their plan about abusing Courtney and says that A.J. can use Monica's slap as the abuse.  Alan is disgusted to hear that plan.  Skye comes in and says that if A.J. goes along with Edward's plan, he's just as sick and twisted as he is. Courtney comes back with the dog and a suitcase and asks A.J. if he's coming, too.  A.J. tells off Edward and then leaves with Courtney.  Skye tells off Edward, too, saying he lost.  A.J. and Courtney go (back to the hotel?) and she wonders if he did the right thing.  He says that he's better off with just her and they talk about how great it is to be back where they made love the first time.

Sonny tries to find out why Alexis is acting strange, but she won't give him any answers and keeps saying she's fine.  He notices that she won't let him into the apartment.  She says she has a lot of work to do.  Finally, she convinces him to leave her alone.  She goes back into the apartment and grabs the pregnancy test, and throws it in the trash.  Just then Jax comes by and startles her (she left the door open).  When she makes a comment about Sonny and Carly, he says that she's better off that way.  But he asks her about her relationship with Sonny.  She tells him about how they gradually became more than friends but doesn't give him any details.  She goes to get changed for the party.

Sarah consoles Lucky about what happened with Maxie, telling him that you can't do anything about attraction.  Elizabeth, Scott, and Bobbie walk in Kelly's with packages for preparations for the party.

At the party, Bobbie and Scott flirt and kiss.  Things seem to be getting serious with them.  Elizabeth and Sarah dance (and so do a bunch of other people), and Lucky takes pictures of the party.  Felicia and Maxie arrive, and so does Roy.  Lucky tells Felicia what happened with Maxie.  Maxie sees them together and thinks that Felicia told Lucky to stay away from her, so she yells at Felicia, calling her a "witch".  Felicia tries to help but it only makes things worse.  Maxie tells her to stay out of her life.  Jason arrives at the party and chats with Bobbie and Scott, and later Elizabeth.  Maxie tries to skip out of the party early but Felicia asks her to stay until Carly gets there, for Bobbie's sake.  Roy tries to lend a sympathetic ear to Felicia about her teenager troubles.  Elizabeth mentions to Lucky that Jason is back in town.  He gets jealous despite himself.  Sarah asks Liz why she mentioned that to Lucky, since Jason probably won't be at the party.  Liz admits she was hoping to get a reaction from Lucky, even though she wants to move on with her life.  Liz spills something on Sarah's dress by accident, so Sarah goes upstairs to put water on it.  Lucky runs out of film so he runs up to get more.  Uh-oh!  Liz talks to Jason; he says he came to the party to see her, in part.  Later, Sarah sees Lucky and asks him for help in unzipping her dress.  He does and then they start kissing passionately.  Downstairs, Maxie asks someone if they've seen Lucky.

Jason tells Carly how he knows that she was in that bar the day before her funeral.  She says that she didn't lie to Sonny but she admits that she did prolong her "death" to punish him a little.  He wants to tell Sonny but she begs him not to.  Finally, she agrees to tell Sonny in her own way.  Sonny arrives and Jason leaves.  Carly gets Sonny into bed and they make love.  Later, she tells him some of what she was feeling when she was almost drowned and when she saw him and Alexis together.  They go to the party.

Outside Kelly's, Carly asks Sonny to go in without her while she prepares her "party face", so he does.  She tries to call Jason, not realizing he's at the party already.  Alexis and Jax arrive after she hangs up, and she asks to speak with Alexis alone.  She tells Alexis that she and Sonny are through, and he and Carly are back together now, so she'd better get any ideas out of her head.  She finishes by saying that Alexis doesn't have anything that Carly can't give him.  Under her breath, Alexis says, "I wouldn't be so sure about that" but Carly hears her and turns, asking what she meant.


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