GH Update Thursday 5/30/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 5/30/02

by Suzanne

When Lucky gets home, he finds Maxie waiting for him.  She has put candles everywhere and made tea.  She says she knows where Bobbie keeps the keys and as for the rest, claims it is to make a better place for studying.  While Lucky tries to teach algebra to Maxie, she keeps playing dumb and leaning into him, so finally he says that there's something going on there.  She pours her heart out to him, saying that Elizabeth doesn't deserve him and she will treat him right, that she will do anything he wants, how much she cares for him, etc.  He tries to gently let her know that he thinks of her as just like a kid sister, but she keeps it up, to the point of telling him that she even has birth control.  He has to get more firm with her about her being like a sister, saying that he will never feel differently for her, so she gets upset and rushes out.

Elizabeth and Sarah are dressed up and going into Kelly's; they are meeting the two guys they met yesterday while running, Darren and Winthrop.  Sarah tries to back out but Elizabeth insists that they stay.  The two guys show up and they are nothing like the kind of guys they would date.  Too geeky, I guess, since they make computer games and are really into the sport curling.  So Elizabeth fakes an attack and Sarah goes along, yelling at the guys to run out quick before they get in the way of one of Elizabeth's violent spells.  After they leave, the two sisters start laughing.  Later, they take a magazine quiz about what their perfect guy would be like, and they both picked the category that sounds suspiciously like Lucky.

Later, Sarah witnesses Maxie running out and Lucky following, so she asks him what's going on.  He loses Maxie and tells Sarah a short version of what happened.  He whines that he always ends up hurting everyone who cares for him.  She consoles him with a hug.  Maxie watches from nearby jealously.

Jason's family greets him warily as if they don't know how he will react.  All except A.J., who attacks Jason verbally, saying that Jason should tell them how he threatened to kill A.J.  Jason just stares at them, especially A.J.  A.J. keeps yelling at Jason, listing all his faults and how he doesn't care about his family, saying that still Jason is the one they think walks on water.  Then he picks up a knife and holds it handle-first out to Jason, telling him to go ahead and stab him.  Jason just keeps staring at him.  Monica insists on speaking to Jason alone.  He wants to see Lila and haltingly admits that he wanted to see Monica, too.  This makes Monica feel better.  Jason tells her that he's been traveling and working.  He also explains that he came back because Sonny told him that Carly was dead, but he didn't make it in time for the funeral.  And then he tells her that A.J. made it look as if Carly were dead.  Monica is shocked and doesn't think A.J. would do something like that.  Jason says A.J. is full of hate now.  Monica asks if Jason would kill his own brother. He doesn't answer but instead says that A.J. needs to back off of Carly and Michael.  When she presses him for an answer, he gives the usual cryptic response:  "If a.J. Wants to think i'm out to kill him, it's his choice. If you want to believe him, that's yours. "  He suggests that she get A.J. to back off.  She says she has tried.  He points out that she lets A.J. do whatever he wants.  Then he leaves to see Lila.

Outside, Edward tells A.J. that he should be more like Jason in following through with his plans.  That he should do what they planned with Courtney, which is to make her miserable so Sonny feels like he has to rescue her.  A.J. doesn't say much.

Zander visits Carly with flowers; they are preparing to go to Bobbie's party in honor of Carly.  She wonders why he's there and dressed so early.  He had hoped they could get dinner first.  She cuts him off, saying that a lot has changed since she came back.  She says that he was right to throw her out that night.  She says that she loves Sonny and always will and yes, she does remember seeing him in bed with Alexis.  But she and Sonny are back together and that's all that matters.  Zander is stunned.  He points out all the problems she and Sonny have had, but she is determined to leave that all in the past.  She tells him that she and Sonny spent the night together.  Zander says that she is setting herself up for a fall again.  Having had enough, he tells her to enjoy the party and walks out.  She calls after him and thanks him for the flowers.  Then she gets Leticia to find her black dress.

Alexis uses her briefcase to cover as she picks up the bag that fell with the pregnancy test in it.  Sonny wants to make sure she's okay.  She says she's fine and she isn't some young thing whose heart he's broken, but an independent, educated woman who knew what she was doing and she'll deal with the consequences.  She tells him to go back to his apartment.  Courtney arrives and insists on talking to Sonny.  He wants to keep talking to Alexis, but Courtney says it can't wait and Alexis says she wants to go to bed early.  Alexis rushes into her apartment, so Sonny goes into his place with Courtney. 

Courtney tells him to stop threatening A.J.  Sonny says that he hasn't seen AJ since the funeral.  They argue about whether Sonny and Jason are threatening A.J. and whether A.J. is a good person or not (again), who is the better parent to Michael, and also Sonny tells her that A.J. faked Carly's death so he could get Michael.  Of course Courtney doesn't believe anything bad about A.J. and says bad things about Carly, having heard all about Carly's past from A.J.  Sonny tells her that A.J. is filling her head with lies.  He says A.J. is twisted and isn't capable of loving anyone.  He promised to protect Michael from him, so he will.  Courtney, crying, wonders why they can't just work something out like normal people.  He says that he wouldn't trust A.J. in the room alone with Michael for ten minutes.  She warns him that he'd better not hurt A.J. or she'll be his enemy for life.  Sonny glumly says as she leaves that it will only get worse before it gets better.

Alexis uses the test and finds out that she's pregnant.  She opens the door to find Sonny standing there.

Jason meets with a man named Harvey who works at the Blue Note.  Jason questions him and finds out that a woman fitting Carly's description was in there often in mid-May, ordering food.  Later, Jason visits Carly and tells her that he knows she faked her own death, and he thinks Sonny should know, too.

Monica and Alan tell A.J. that he either has to stop his plan to hurt Courtney, or they have to leave the Quartermaine mansion.   They can't enable A.J. any more.  Edward tries to argue with her about it.  Monica says that A.J. doesn't love Michael, he's just using him as a pawn to get his grandfather's respect.  Courtney comes in while she says this and asks Monica how she can say this to her own son because he really does love Michael.  She says that Monica should be on his side and it's no wonder he grew up feeling unloved.  Monica tells her that it's none of her business.  They get into an argument and it escalates so that Courtney ends up implying that Monica is a slut, so Monica slaps her, hard.


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