GH Update Wednesday 5/29/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/29/02

by Suzanne

Alan and Monica talk about how they should get A.J. out of the house because they are "enabling" him.  Monica isn't so sure that throwing A.J. and Courtney out is the right course of action.  Edward comes in and says that having A.J. there is the only way they're going to get Michael back.  They bicker as usual.  A.J. hears them talking about throwing them out and says that he won't be around much longer, anyway, because Jason is back and threatened his life.  All they care about is that Jason is back.  Courtney is more horrified and yells at them for treating A.J. this way.  Monica explains that she just figured A.J. was exaggerating.  They try to explain to her about Jason's accident and that they hope he will someday return to them as the old Jason, even though they know it's not really going to happen.  A.J. leaves the room while they are arguing, with a pained look on his face.  Finally Courtney notices and runs out after him.  He compares him and Jason to these two trees on the Quartermaine estate and says that the family always lavished love on Jason and ignored him.  He thanks Courtney for sticking up for him and she says that she's his wife and she's on his side.  Edward comes out and asks to speak to A.J. alone.  She leaves.  Edward tells A.J. that Mike took the bait and invested in the stock that Edward mentioned in front of him.  A.J. doesn't want Courtney to find out that they are plotting to keep Mike away.  Later, Courtney tells A.J. about how she had a special tree, too, that she used to sleep in to wait for her dad to come back.  After reassuring him again that she's on his side, Courtney leaves to run an errand.

Jason goes to Kelly's and runs into Elizabeth.  She chats with him in a very friendly way.  They catch up about Lucky and everything, but he avoids her questions about his job.  She apologizes for trying to be nosy.  Sarah thinks Jason is even weirder than he was before.  Liz tells her sister what happened before with her and Jason but says that Jason is in her past along with Lucky.  She just wants to date and have fun.  Sarah is forced to agree, even though we know she's thinking about Lucky.

A.J. goes back inside and tells Alan, Monica, and Edward that they're pathetic for continuing to worry about Jason, even though he doesn't give a damn about them.  They deny it but A.J. points out that it's been over a year since Jason left and he hasn't written or called.  Just then, Jason arrives.

Sonny asks Carly when she remembered seeing him and Alexis in bed.  She remembered bits and pieces of it.  They have an argument.  Sonny keeps his cool as usual but Carly is very bitter (and remember she's also trying to distract him from asking about whether she faked her own death).  She keeps him on the defensive, tries to make him feel guilty about Alexis.  He reminds her that they were divorced and she did her own part to try to make him jealous, with Zander.  He also reminds her that he tried to get back together with her and tear up the divorce papers, but she refused.  He assures her that the thing with Alexis only happened once and that it is over.  She wonders if she can trust him, and he says that she knows she can. 

Maxie helps out Lucky with his photography.  She manipulates him into inviting her over to his place, saying she needs help with a math final.  Later, she goes to the doctor to get birth control pills.  The doctor warns her that abstinence is best and also gives her condoms and other advice.  Maxie says that she's in love and things have gotten "serious".  Meanwhile, Felicia visits Lucky that Maxie has a big crush on him and she doesn't really need help with her math.  Lucky understands and says he'll let Maxie down easy and not tell her that he talked to Felicia.  Felicia worries that Maxie will still be very hurt.

Alexis is in the pharmacy looking at pregnancy tests.  She throws one into her basket but then runs into Bobbie, who chats with her as she tries to hide what's in her basket by throwing other things on top of it.  Bobbie gabs about Carly and Sonny, not realizing that Sonny and Alexis had a thing.  She thanks Alexis for being supportive when Carly was missing.  Then Alexis runs into Scott, who is buying candy and thinks that Alexis is, too.  Finally Alexis buys the test and leaves as quickly as she can.  When she goes back to her place, she is fumbling with her keys as usual when Sonny walks up.  She drops the pregnancy test and it can be seen peeking out of the bag.  Sonny doesn't look down...yet.

Bobbie tells Carly that she wants to throw a party for her, to celebrate her being alive.  She wants to invite all of the people who supported her during the crisis and asks if it's okay to invite Sonny.  Carly says sure, and she can invite Alexis, too.


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