GH Update Tuesday 5/28/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/28/02

By Suzanne

Felicia gives Maxie encouragement as she starts waitressing at Kelly's. A customer comes in so Felicia tells Maxie how to wait on her. Instead they end up arguing about the job. Maxie wants to be Lucky's photo assistant instead. Felicia tells her that the job doesn't exist. They argue about Lucky. Lucky comes in right after that. Maxie smiles but then drops a whole tray full of stuff. Lucky laughs a little and she looks annoyed or embarrassed. Maxies goes back to work.

Alexis orders coffee at Kelly's. Sonny comes in and asks her if she's okay after her almost-fainting last night. She makes light of it and says she's fine. She invites him to sit down, reluctantly. Maxie brings Alexis something she didn't order. Alexis looks nauseous at the site of the food but Maxie won't take it away. She leaves it there. Sonny notices and insists on taking her to the doctor. She says she doesn't need a doctor. The other waitress takes the food away. Alexis just says that her stomach is upset. She asks him why he's there and he says he's getting apple turnovers for Carly. She can tell things are going well for him. He says they are going better than he thought they would. He chats about Michael. Things are awkward so she assures him that they're friends, above all else. He is glad to hear it but wants to clear up a few things. He doesn't want to leave things unfinished. She says that they are friends so everything else is finished as far as she's concerned. He is happy to hear it. They chat another second about Michael and then he gets up.

Maxie whines to Lucky about working at Kelly's. He mentions that Elizabeth works there. She asks him if he's ok with that and he changes the subject. The other waitress comes over and yells at Maxie for sitting there and ignoring the other customers. Maxie leaves so Felicia comes over and tells Lucky that she needs to ask him something. Felicia tells Lucky that Maxie doesn't see herself as a high school girl. The other waitress comes over and says that Maxie is fired. Felicia tries to talk her out of it but she is adamant. Felicia tries to talk to Lucky but he has to leave for a photo shoot. Maxie comes back, annoyed at being fired, but then chases after Lucky when she realizes that Felicia let him leave.

Alexis sees Felicia looking forlorn and invites her to sit with her. Felicia is very upset about Maxie and worried what trouble she might get into. Alexis tries to console her but then she excuses herself when Felicia worries about whether Maxie might get into drugs or get pregnant.

Elizabeth and Sarah stretch on the docks in their jogging outfits. A guys comes up and starts at yelling at Sarah for getting him suspended. She doesn't recognize him. He's a nurse at GH. Liz tells him not to hassle her sister. She really lays into him about being incompetent while Sarah is a great doctor. He insults her but leaves. Liz and Sarah laugh at what Liz said. They chat about Elizabeth's art and some of the past with Lucky. Liz is glad he is behind them and they can start over. Sarah doesn't correct her. There are two other guys hanging out where Elizabeth and Sarah run. They ask them out. Elizabeth says sure but Sarah is busy. Elizabeth has second thoughts so one of them gives Liz his card and says to call him if she changes her mind. Liz knows Sarah doesn't have to work so she wants to know why she won't date. Sarah says she just needs a little time. Liz understands. She, however, does feel like going out for a change. They are chuckling when Lucky and Maxie walk up. Liz is cool to Lucky, who tries to be friendly to both of them. Sarah and Liz leave to get breakfast. Maxie says to Lucky that she knows what it's like to break up and the best thing to do is to move on to someone else right away. He kind of laughs at her but she takes it badly so he apologizes. She says she just knows what it's like to get your heart broken.

Carly tells the nanny (Leticia?) that she is sorry that she ended up staying out all night. They chat about Sonny for a second and then Michael runs in joyfully. They discuss Sonny's birthday party. He asks if Sonny will be sad or if he will stay. She tells him that the party will be great, distracting him. He goes to get the candles for the cake. Jax visits and notices the decorations. He asks why she isn't in the hospital. She is on cloud nine so she talks about how well things are going. He says casually that she got what she wanted, even though she did plan the accident herself. Her smile disappears and she looks at him questioningly. Then she gets angry and yells at him, not really denying it but being sarcastic instead. He still wants to know the truth about what happened. She tells him about the nightmares she's been having about car crashes and drowning, so he looks chastened. He apologizes for upsetting her. She wants him to apologize for accusing her of faking the accident. Sonny comes in and wonders what's going on. Carly fills him in on what Jax said. Jax says he just has some questions. Carly asks them both to leave. Michael comes running in and wishes Sonny happy birthday. Sonny picks him up and they go over to another part of the room. Carly tells Jax to leave and not come back until he remembers how to be a friend. Jax says he is her friend and getting back with Sonny wouldn't be the best thing for her. Later, Sonny, Carly and Michael celebrate Sonny's birthday. Sonny mentions that Michael saw Carly in Bobbie's backyard after she disappeared. Carly asks Michael to leave for a second, then she states that Sonny thinks she faked the accident. Sonny says he thought that Michael was dreaming, but he wonders if he did see her. She tells him that she just remembers freezing cold water and trying to push open the door. When he presses, she says she remembers seeing him and Alexis naked in bed.

Skye yells at Jason to get out, not knowing who he is. She grabs a fireplace poker and waves it at him. He says Sonny sent him. She says her boyfriend will be back any second. He asks her if she helped A.J. switch the body. Skye doesn't answer but says that Jasper Jax will be there. He asks her again. She says that what he's saying is crazy. He tells her to put the poker down so she does. She says she doesn't know anything about the body. Jason just stares at her, trying to figure out if she's lying or not. She grabs a phone and threatens to call the cops. Jason stares at her some more and then tells her to give her brother a message from Sonny. Jason tells her that Sonny knows that A.J. paid for a fake DNA match and put the body in the casket. He says A.J. has hurt a lot of people and it has to stop; that's the message. Jax returns so Skye runs to him and tells him to get rid of the thug. Jax says, "I see you've met your brother". Skye looks shocked and disgusted. Skye says she thought he looked familiar. Jason knows who she is and isn't impressed. He knows all of her misdeeds, what she has done since she came to town. He blames her for Emily's accident. Skye is annoyed that he has already judged her. She tells him to give A.J. the message himself. He says he has, but A.J. needs to hear things more than once. Jax says that Sonny must be keeping him pretty busy and he makes a crack about Carly's accident. After Jason leaves, Skye gets annoyed and says that Jason is "creepy". Jax says Jason is dangerous and she should leave it alone. They bicker about it. Skye keeps worrying about A.J. and can't just drop it. Jax hugs her.

Elizabeth and Sarah go to Kelly's. Felicia asks if they have seen Maxie. Felicia looks worried and after they tell her they've seen her and Lucky at the pier, she rushes off. Liz and Sarah keep chating. The waitress asks Liz if she can come back to fill in, but Liz won't. Sarah and Liz talk about whether they should call those guys. Then Jason walks in.

Alexis is in a pharmacy looking at things like Pepto Bismol as she tries to keep from throwing up. Finally, after first making sure that no one is around, she looks at the home pregnancy tests.


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