GH Update Friday 5/24/02


General Hospital Update Friday 5/24/01

By Suzanne

At the Quartermaine mansion, A.J. finds Edward watching Courtney, who is outside. They discuss how to get rid of Mike. A.J.
wants Courtney against Sonny so she will testify against him in court. A.J. wants Edward to give Mike hot stock tips so that
eventually he will lose everything. Then A.J. will "rescue" him in exchange for him staying out of Courtney's life.
Courtney brings the puppy in; she throws a doggy chew toy at A.J. but it hits Edward. They laugh about it. Mike is coming
over later and Edward says he's happy about it and she's welcome to have anyone over. A.J. and Edward plot some more while
she's out of the room. A.J. says that now that Courtney's in his life, he's a changed man. Everything's going his way.

Zander finds Alexis standing on the docks, looking out at the water. He asks her how she's doing now that Carly's back. She
says she's fine. He asks if she's still going to see Sonny but she evades the question and then tells him that it's none of
his business. He says that he knows what Carly saw that night and he's just trying to find out where Carly and Sonny stand.
Alexis asks him how he will deal with it if Carly and Sonny get back together. He turns it back on her. She doesn't answer.
She asks him if Carly's aware of how he feels. He says yes but not really. He hopes it will work out but it might not.
They talk about how they each try to solve their problems. Zander suggests that she decide whatever will make her happiest
and go for it. She looks at him as if the thought never occurred to her. He apologizes for what he said the other day and
then leaves.

Sonny finds Carly at his home. He wonders why she is out of the hospital. She says she checked herself out of the hospital
because she was worried about him. They hug. He wonders why she thought he wasn't okay. She says she had a dream, then she
looks faint or dizzy. He helps her sit down and gets her some water. She tries to tell him about her dream. She saw his
door open and then she had a terrible feeling that something was wrong, someone was sneaking up on him. She had a terrible
fear that someone was going to get hurt. He assures her that he's fine. She gets up and then almost falls over again so he
insists that she stay with him. Sonny gives Carly a blanket to wrap herself in as they sit on the couch. Carly tells him
that someone down the hall from her in the hospital died and she watched them wheel the body out. It got her thinking about
her funeral. It creeped her out. She wondered why Skye was there. Sonny says that everyone was there to pay their
respects. She wonders why he thought she was dead. He tells her that someone paid off the lab to change the DNA. She
realizes it was A.J. (I missed a small part here; my guess is that Carly gets upset and threatens to go after A.J.) Sonny
advises Carly that she has a second chance at life and to use it wisely. She thanks him for that and also for doing so much
to look for her when she was missing. He says he didn't do much. He says Michael kept him going. They are sorry for any
hurt they caused each other. They sit down again and chat about stuff like cooking. She doesn't want to take things for
granted any more. He agrees that death makes you realize things that there are things left unsaid and undone. He realizes
that if she was gone, he would never get a chance to forgive her. She asks if that means he will forgive her. Sonny changes
the subject by saying he is going to the market to get stuff so he can prepare a great dinner. She isn't happy at his
stalling tactic.

Alexis is coming off the elevator as Sonny is going on. Things are awkward. As Alexis turns, she starts to faint and he
helps her. She is explaining that she has a flu or inner ear thing. Just then, Carly comes out and sess them together.

At GH, Bobbie is upset because Carly isn't in her room. Scott tells her that they think that Conrad was paid off by A.J. to
switch the DNA with the dead person with Carly's. Bobbie doesn't think Conrad Leonard would do that. Scotty thinks that
everyone has the right price. He hopes to get to him and force him to testify against A.J. He isn't answering his page, so
that makes Scott worry. He tells Bobbie to let him know if he shows up, then he leaves. Bobbie calls around looking for
Carly. Felicia stops by to see how Carly is doing and chats with Bobbie about it. Bobbie is annoyed at Carly's leaving
because she's so worried. Then she gets a phone call from Sonny, letting her know that Carly's with him. Felicia asks if
they're getting back together. Bobbie doesn't know but says she's just happy that Carly is alive. This turns into a
discussion about Maxie. Felicia tells Bobbie that Maxie doesn't want to work at Kelly's. Bobbie is sympathetic to Felicia's
woes. Felicia says she misses talking to Bobbie and suggests they go out to lunch, shopping, etc. Bobbie agrees. Scott
returns so Felicia leaves after hugging Bobbie. Scott tells Bobbie that Conrad cleaned out his desk and locker. Bobbie is
shocked. She wonders where A.J. got the body. Scott describes what he thinks happened. Bobbie gets really angry about A.J.
and says that Luke will go after him.

Luke runs into A.J. on the docks and immediately starts giving him a hard time. A.J. is carrying a shopping or gift bag.
Luke chews out A.J. for faking Carly's death and says he has payback coming. Someone wearing jeans listens to them while
Luke tells A.J. what a bad thing he did. Luke aims to beat him up. A.J. says he's not scared so Luke punches him in the
stomach. Laura comes up and stops him. She tells him that it won't help things. (I missed some here) Next I see Laura
yelling at A.J. for putting Bobbie through Carly's death and how that affects a mother. A.J. rants about he doesn't get to
see his own son. He says if he did those things they are accusing him of, it was to get his boy back. His voice breaking,
he asks her what she would have done to get to her children if she was told she could never see him. She says she
understands because that's what happened with Nikolas. She says the bond between a parent and child can never be broken.
She has a hole in her life from those missing years, but she tells him that when Michael is old enough, he'll come to A.J.
He suggests that he concentrate on his own life and make himself into someone that A.J. can look up to, rather than doing
horrible things to other people. He says he can't turn his back on his child. She gets disgusted and says maybe he's too
stupid to do the right thing. She warns him not to hurt Bobbie and says that Luke will come afer him and that she won't save
him from Luke a second time.

Mike and Courtney chat at the Q mansion. Mike tells her that he noticed she was upset about A.J. and Michael, but they don't
have to discuss that if she doesn't want to. Edward comes in and pretends to be nice. He offers to share a brandy with Mike
and they can start over. Courtney goes to check on supper. Mike tells Edward that it would be a shame if Edward wasn't
sincere about playing nice. Edward swears it is. Mike says he intends to be a big part of Courtney's life. Edward gets a
phone call. Edward tells the person on the other end that "Callway Steel" is a hot opportunity. Mike listens intently, as

Luke stops by the hospital. Bobbie is glad to see him and doesn't want him going after A.J. Luke says he knows that Scott
sent Laura to stop the fight. They argue as Bobbie smiles. Scott goes away so Bobbie can yell at Luke some more. He tells
Bobbie that A.J. knows to leave her alone. Bobbie suggests to Luke that he let it go. He agrees, reluctantly. She also
asks him to back off Scott, but that's too much to ask. He agrees to co-exist as best as he can, unless Scott makes Bobbie

Courtney and Mike have dinner outside on the terrace. They chat. He admires her bracelet that was a present from A.J. She
shows him that she still has the mood ring Mike gave her when she was 8. She says wistfully that she can't believe sometimes
that her marriage to A.J. doesn't seem real. He assures her that it's for her to figure out and he's just there to be with
her and support her. She really wants Mike to understand how A.J. feels about not having Michael around. Mike has to leave,
saying he will be late for work. Mike goes to help clear the table but realizes they probably have servants for that kind of
thing. Mike thinks about Edward's hot tip while Courtney gets something. Edward watches from nearby, skulking around.

Laura and Scott have coffee at Kelly's. She thanks him for phoning her about what was going on with Luke. He says that Luke
knows what he did and calls him an "ingrate". Laura smiles and says that Luke may not appreciate his efforts, but she does.
Scott thinks that Luke may end up in jail someday. He doesn't want Luke's actions to mess him up with Bobbie.

The person in jeans steps forward and glowers down at A.J.--it's Jason.


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