GH Update Friday 5/17/02


General Hospital Update Friday 5/17/01

By Crissy

Lucky isn’t happy when Nikolas comes to Bobbie’s. But Laura asks them not to fight, and insists that Nikolas stay.

Bobbie has second thoughts about the funeral and tells Felicia that she doesn’t want to go to the service. She doesn’t know who that is in the casket…but it isn’t her daughter. Though Luke reminds her that the DNA matched, Bobbie says she doesn’t see any reason to attend a funeral for Carly when she knows Carly is still alive somewhere. Bobbie has a change of heart, and decides to go to the service.

AJ says a farewell to Carly as Sonny listens. AJ’s apologizes are phony and Sonny sees right through him. AJ tells Sonny that things change and he will get Michael back. Sonny tells AJ that he should be thankful for everyday he is alive. Jax arrives then, and tells AJ to leave. Later AJ tries to convince Courtney to help him get custody of Michael.

Taggart tells Gia to pack her things because she's going back to Brooklyn. Gia refuses to go anywhere. Taggart says that she doesn’t have a choice because he has hard evidence that could put her away. Taggart wants Gia to leave Nikolas but Gia refuses.

Skye asks Sonny to give her a chance to stop A.J. before he takes matters into his own hands. She asks for Sonny to call her or something… just let her have the opportunity to try to work things out before he takes action.

Alexis attends the service after all to be there for Sonny. As the rest of the mourners take their seats, Luke escorts his sister up to Carly's casket to say her farewells.

Jax, Zander, and Luke all speak at the service. Each of admits Carly’s faults but comments on what they found extraordinary about her. Bobbie begins to speak but breaks down, and Sonny goes to her. Suddenly the door to the church opens, and a badly bruised Carly comes walking in.


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