GH Update Thursday 5/16/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 5/16/02

by Crissy

When Monica hears about AJ’s plans, she warns him not to attend Carly’s funeral service. AJ insists that it is perfectly acceptable for him to attend since Carly was the mother of his child, and he is married to Sonny’s sister. Monica demands that AJ not attend, and in the end he says that he will not go to the funeral.

Alexis tries to bury herself in her work to keep her mind off of what Sonny is going through. Kristina tries to tell her that Sonny will need her eventually. Alexis sent Zander a suit so he would have something to wear to the funeral. Zander shows up on her doorstep with the suit and tries to give it back. They discuss Carly and the role they feel they each played in her demise. In the end, Zander leaves with the suit, and Alexis is alone with her thoughts.

Gia walks in on Sharifa at Nikolas' computer. Later Sharifa meets with Taggart and tells him that Gia caught her. She also says that the video tape may be the last evidence that she is able to get. Marcus is firm about the case being against Nikolas….not Gia. Elizabeth is there to pick up something that she left in her old room, and she later runs into Gia. Gia has a lot of harsh words for Liz, and Liz fires them right back at her telling Gia that Nikolas lost everything that mattered to him to protect Gia. She tells Gia that oneday she will pay for that.

Bobbie and Sonny talk about Carly and try to decide when to tell Michael that his mother is dead. They also briefly discuss where Michael should live, and then agree to meet later for the funeral. Sonny runs into Luke as he is leaving Bobbies, and just as a large bouquet of flowers is being delivered. Sonny reads the card…..they are from AJ. Following months of estrangement, Luke and Sonny forge a renewed bond again in their mutual hatred of A.J.

Felicia talks to Roy about BJ’s death and how much she owes Bobbie. She worries that Bobbie will not be able to handle losing another daughter.

Sonny goes to the church and talks to Carly. As he stands beside the casket, he tells her that he loves her and forgives her.

Then A.J. walks into the church.


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