GH Update Wednesday 5/15/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/15/02

by Crissy

Everyone is Port Charles struggles to come to terms

with Carly’s death. Luke worries that Bobbie is still

in denial, and asks Laura to talk to Bobbie. Bobbie

explains that she isn’t in denial, she just doesn’t

feel the loss. How can she accept something that she

doesn’t feel? Laura takes her over to Carly’s house

to pick out a dress for Carly. Laura asks Bobbie if

there is anything that she would like Carly to have

with her. Bobbie finds the keychain that Jason gave

Carly the Christmas that she moved into the penthouse

with him. It had a key to the penthouse and her real

name "Caroline" engraved on it. Carly had told Bobbie

once that it was the first time that she ever felt

like she belonged somewhere, and that the keychain was

the most precious thing anyone had ever given her.

Bobbie wanted Carly to be buried with the keychain

with her, and she picked out the dress that Carly wore

to the club opening. Bobbie also found a letter that

Carly had written to Bobbie to give her on Mother’s

Day. Bobbie read the letter aloud which talked about

how Carly felt, the mistakes she had made and how much

she loved and needed her mother. Bobbie put the

letter back where she had found the letter saying that

she wanted Carly to give it to her.


Skye goes to lakehouse where Jax is to try to comfort

him. He talks about Carly, and about shutting down

the club due to all the people who have started coming

there just because Carly is dead. Skye convinces Jax

that the club was about a personal accomplishment for

Carly, and it would be a tribute to her and that

accomplish if the club remained open. Eventually Jax

agrees, and thanks Skye for being thoughtful, sincere,

and giving. Skye doesn’t accept the compliment with

much grace, but Jax sees through her.

Meanwhile, Mike finds Sonny at Carly’s club. Sonny

talks to Mike about his unwillingness to forgive Carly

and how much he regrets it. He blames himself for so

many things that led to Carly’s death. Mike tries to

get Sonny to open his eyes, and see the past for what

is was. He tells Sonny that every time someone dies,

Sonny punishes himself by going over all the details

of the past and convincing himself that his own

actions caused that person to die. Mike explains that

people you love will fail you sometimes, and it’s not

Sonny’s fault that he didn’t trust Carly. But Sonny

needed to learn to FORGIVE, and the first person that

he forgives should be himself.

Sitting beside Carly's body in the morgue, Zander says

his goodbye. Then a security guard comes in and tries

to throw him out. Luke arrives and tells the security

guard to cut Zander some slack. Zander explains that

he doesn’t want Carly to be alone. He wants to make

sure that she is treated with respect. Luke tells

Zander that he (Zander) should take a break. Luke

promises to stay with Carly while Zander is gone.

Once Zander leaves the room, Luke unzips the body bag

and takes a look. (Crissy’s comments: It’s really

hard to read his expression. He looks at the body,

and turns away and then looks again. In the end, he

looks very shaken.)


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