GH Update Tuesday 5/14/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/14/02

By Crissy

Marcus is angry because the only evidence that the police have incriminates Gia instead of Nikolas. Sharifa tells him that they have hard evidence of a crime that was committed and asks him what he is going to do about it. He tells Sharifa to take the video to Mac, and Sharifa hands it back to him. She trusts him to do what’s right.

Luke explains to Bobbie that the police will have the DNA test done within the hour on the body that was pulled from the lake. Scott comes by later and tells them that there has been a delay with getting the results. When Luke and Scott begin to squabble, Bobbie asks them both to please try to get along for her. Luke comes back later and tells Bobbie that the body was Carly’s, and he holds her as Bobbie collapses in his arms.

Kristina is worried about Alexis but when Alexis assures her that she is fine, Kristina mutters something about the body that was pulled from the lake. She quickly apologizes when she realizes that Alexis didn’t know about it. Kristina encourages Alexis to talk about her feelings for Sonny because she can see how much she is hurting. Alexis tells her that if that body is Carly’s then a little boy just lost his mother and Sonny lost a woman that he loves, and that none that is about how she feels…it’s not about her. Alexis tries to explain to Courtney what kind of connection that Sonny and Carly had. Alexis knows that he must be devastated and says that she will do whatever she can to help him even if it means leaving him alone. Alexis still feels partially responsible for the state of mind that Carly was in that night.

Sonny wanders through the park as he tries to come to terms with his emotions. Courtney approaches him and expresses her sympathies. Sonny thanks her and tells her that it means a lot that she was concerned about him. Courtney says that he is still her brother. While in the locked darkroom, Sarah confesses to Lucky that she wants to be with him but it is just physical and can never be acted on. Lucky tells her that forever is a long time, and Sarah comments that is how long Liz will be her sister. Sarah says that she will not be that selfish. Lucky tries to convince her to think about her own wants and needs. Maxie finally frees them and isn’t pleased to find that Lucky was locked up with Sarah.

Zander walks into Club 101 and hears a waiter commenting on how Carly's death has helped business at the club. Zander gets in his face. Nikolas and Gia stop Zander from punching out the waiter and then let slip about the body that was pulled from the lake. Zander takes off to the morgue.


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