GH Update Monday 5/13/02


General Hospital Update Monday 5/13/02

By Crissy

Courtney meets Michael for the first time while she is walking “Rosie” the puppy in the park. Michael introduces himself as “Michael Corinthos” and tells Courtney what a great father his Uncle Sonny has always been. AJ walks up after Courtney finishes chatting with Michael and is very happy with her. He tells her that it will great for them in court, but Courtney is appalled saying that she was kind to Michael because he is a wonderful little boy that has possibly lost his mother. Michael runs back over to Courtney to give her a flower and AJ tries to talk to Michael. Courtney prevents A.J. from saying anything, and after Leticia gets Michael away from them, Courtney explains to an irritated AJ that Michael needs the security of the people that he knows and loves right now. Bobbie comes into the park and tells AJ to stay away from Michael or she will have him arrested. Before leaving, she tells AJ and Courtney that the body that was found was not Carly. Courtney tells AJ that his little boy has probably lost his mother. She hugs AJ and we see he is grinning.

Sarah finds Lucky in the dark room and tells him that a body was brought in to GH that could be Carly. Lucky worries how his aunt Bobbie will handle losing another daughter. While Sarah and Lucky talk, Maxie accidentally locks them in the dark room.

Jax breaks the news to Bobbie that one of his divers found a body. He tells her that according to where the body was found, and the description, there is a good chance that it could be Carly. Bobbie refuses to believe that it is Carly and says that she will go identify the body. Sonny tells her that he will do it, and Bobbie gives him a hair brush of Carly’s to use for a DNA test to prove that the body is not Carly. Sonny and Jax go to the morgue, and Sonny insists on viewing the body himself. He takes one look, and immediately leaves the room. Jax stays a few minutes longer to say goodbye to Carly. He kisses his fingers then places them on her head, and offers a prayer for peace. Later, alone in the elevator, Sonny collapses.

Nikolas receives a videotape from his grandmother. It is a recording of Gia and Helena in the stables with Gia saying that she will help Helena. Shariff sees Gia and Nikolas as they turn the tape off and both are noticeably upset. Shariff switches up the video tape with another one and takes it to Taggart. Marcus tells her that she has just two more days to come up with proof of Nikolas' lies.

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