GH Update Thursday 5/9/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 5/9/02

by Crissy

Sarah and Lucky are still making out at the gym. They admit to each other that they both feel alive when they are together, and that they want each other. Sarah is the one to finally put on the brakes when she tells Lucky that she can not hurt Elizabeth this way. They talk about how they can't be together regardless of how they feel, and Lucky leaves.

Jax, Skye, and Rae go out to dinner at the Port Charles Grill. Skye leaves Rae alone with Jax, and Rae takes the opportunity to question him about his intentions with Skye. Skye and Rae speak privately at the bar and Skye asks her mom for advice on how to not screw up her relationship with Jax. Edwards walks up behind them and blasts them both for being responsible for Monica serving Alan with divorce papers. Jax pulls Edward away from them and tells him that he ought to remember that Skye is his granddaughter. Skye tells Rae that she feels like her father losing his wife is partly her fault. Skye wants to try to fix it but Rae warns her not to try to help. Back at Skye's room later on, Skye tries to get Jax to use whatever he has on Edward to blackmail him. But Jax refuses saying that he gave Edward his word that he would not do that.

AJ has created a romantic setting in his and Courtney's bedroom. It is complete with lit candles and roses. He tears the rose petals off the rose and sprinkles them on the bed as Courtney watches. He leads her to the bed telling her that he doesn't want her to think of anything him and her.

Sonny and Alexis are at the crash site. They both talk about seeing Zander. Alexis says that there was no way that they could have known that this would happen. Sonny replies that he knows Carly and what she saw must have done to her. He should have never let it happen. Sonny talks about what Carly must have been feeling when she realized that her car was going into the scared she must have been. He tells Alexis that AJ went after Michael and Alexis promises him that AJ will never get Michael. Sonny finally says the words "Carly is dead." Sonny believes that Carly is dead because of him, that he killed her. The detective interrupts them to bring Sonny a shoe that was found. Sonny identifies it as Carly's. Alexis is in tears as Sonny wraps his jacket around her shoulders. "I'm taking you home." he says as she takes his hand and they walk away from the site. Sonny helps her open the door to her PH and after the share a long look, Alexis closes the door. Sonny stands outside her door with tears in his eyes as Alexis sits down on the stairs while crying.

Ned and Kristina have dinner together at the gatehouse. Kristina asks Ned if they are all wrong for each other. She told him once that she thought that to him she was Alexis without the baggage, but she didn't want to be that. He tells her that when he looks at her he doesn't see anyone but her, then he asks her to dance. The dance turns passionate as they begin to kiss.

Last scene is a montage of Jax/Skye, AJ/Courtney, and Ned/Kristina who are all giving into their desires for each other.


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