GH Update Wednesday 5/8/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/8/02

by Crissy

Luke comes over to the Brownstone hoping to get his sister out of the house. Felicia promises to stay there to watch after Michael. Bobbie insists that she has to stay incase there is word on Carly because she knows she is still alive. But with a little coaxing, Bobbie finally leaves with Luke. They reminisce about their childhoods and the way that Bobbie never gave up hope. Bobbie tells him that when BJ died she felt it. She felt the absence. She doesn’t feel that with Carly. She knows Carly is still alive. Luke softly tells her not to listen to anyone then……just hold on to her hope.

Lucky overhears Liz blasting Sarah about not knowing what it’s like to lose someone. So he tells Liz about Sarah’s dead husband. Liz is shocked and can not believe that Sarah didn’t tell her so she goes to find Sarah. Later, Elizabeth and Sarah talk about why Sarah didn’t tell her that she got married. They discuss their sisterly relationship and reach a sort of truce. Elizabeth shocks Sarah when she admits that she wouldn't be able to handle it if Sarah became involved with Lucky. Sarah swears that she would never do that to Liz.

Zander tells Sonny that if he had not been so perceptive, and figured out that Carly was upset about Sonny, Carly would be alive….. Sonny would not be standing infront of him with “pieces of what used to be your world”. Later after Sonny leaves, Alexis comes to see Zander. He tells her that Carly saw them (she & Sonny) in bed together the night of the accident. He is very harsh and cold to her, and Alexis leaves in tears.

Sonny retraces Carly’s steps the night of the accident as he walks around the penthouse. He is haunted by the images in his head of what Carly saw. Benny comes by the penthouse and tells Sonny that he needs to pull some of the men off the search to attend to other business. Sonny is furious. He tells Benny that Carly is alive, and that he won’t stop until he finds her.

Alexis starts frantically searching Carly's office for clues but later falls apart in Jax's arms when he catches her there. Although Jax tries to convince her that she is not responsible for Carly’s death, Alexis tell me that he has no idea what he is talking about. While there Alexis receives a phone call from Sonny, and goes to the site of the crash to meet him.

Courtney's upset when A.J tells her that he went to see Michael. He says that Michael didn’t know him, and Courtney can’t believe that AJ would do something like that right now when Carly is still missing. Later, Scott comes by the Q’s and tells AJ that he will need to get another attorney. He also warns AJ not to upset Bobbie anymore.

As Lucky is leaving the gym, he passes Sarah who is in a room dancing. She is very angry that he told Liz about her husband. As she begins to chew him out, he pulls her into an embrace and kisses her.

Sonny and Alexis meet at the crash site. When they first see each other, they simply stare at each other with their inner torment all over their faces


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