GH Update Monday 5/6/02


General Hospital Update Monday 5/7/02

By Nina

Monica serves Alan with divorce papers in front of Rae. Alan thinks it’s another stunt like her fake funeral for A.J., but Monica assures him it’s no joke. She’s divorcing him.

Jax wants to know what’s going with Skye and Edward, after her reaction to his latest business acquisition, designed to stick it to Edward.

Courtney questions Edward on why he’s being so nice to her, and Edward in turn tries to ease her suspicions, stating that his recent near-death experience has made him focus on the important things in life, like family.   She's not sure whether to believe him or not.  While they're talking, they pet her adorable new puppy.

Finding A.J. sitting in her living room, Bobbie warns him that Sonny will not like him taking advantage of Carly’s disappearance to see Michael.

Sonny tells Alexis about Michael seeing Carly in the back yard.  When she questions it, he asks her if she, too, believes that Carly is dead. When Alexis tries to assure Sonny that she still has hope for Carly, Sonny believes that for the first time, she’s lying to him. He asks if she will stay by the phone at the penthouse while he tries to track down Carly.

Alan warns Monica that if she gives up on their marriage over A.J., she will be stuck dealing with A.J. , his addiction, and his revenge, all by herself.

Bobbie argues with A.J. in an attempt to get him to leave. Michael appears and wants to know who A.J. is.

Skye tells Jax about her offer to Edward: if he can get A.J. to leave Courtney alone, she’ll give him ELQ. He compliments her on thinking of someone else for a change, but she can’t accept it.

Scott interrupts A.J. before he can tell Michael that he’s his father. After Bobbie takes Michael upstairs, Scott tells A.J. that this isn’t the way to get his son back. When A.J. argues that he just wants to be there for his son, Scott doesn’t believe him.

Rae shows up at Skye’s and meets Jax for the first time. After he leaves, she tells Skye how impressed she is with him and they share a tender mother/daughter moment.

Edward questions Courtney on her future and is shocked to hear that she has no desire to have children any time in the near future.

Scott informs A.J. that coming to the brownstone to dance on Carly’s grave isn’t the way to get Michael back. Bobbie overhears and after A.J. leaves, confronts Scott on whether or not he thinks Carly is dead. When he expresses his doubt over her being alive, Bobbie makes him leave.

At the penthouse, Sonny wonders why Carly was driving to begin with and why was she so upset that night.

Monica tells A.J. about the divorce papers and A.J. offers to move out to help save his parent’s marriage. Monica refuses, saying that she offered to support him and she will. She asks that he please not let her down.

Alexis and Sonny try to figure out why Carly could have been upset the night of the accident. Alexis spots the birthday card that Michael made for Sonny and wonders aloud how it got there in the penthouse.

Rae offers advice to Skye on how to keep Jax and he shows up again wanting to take the two women to dinner.

Edward informs A.J. that Courtney is too immature and will not make a good impression on any judge when he tries to get his son back.

Sonny figures out that Carly was at the penthouse the night of the accident.

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