GH Update Friday 5/3/02


General Hospital Update Friday 5/3/01

By Nina

Courtney awakens to find romantic cards from A.J. all over the bedroom. A.J. tells her that he has a big surprise for her.

Alexis questions Taggert on the search for Carly. She accuses him of not putting in the effort to find her because of his feelings for Sonny.

Michael tells Bobbie and Sonny that he talked to Carly in the backyard the night before. Jax arrives asking for an update and Bobbie tells him that Carly is alive.

Monica attempts to start her own birthday celebration but it’s interrupted when Raye arrives.

A.J. surprises Courtney with a puppy, reminding of her the stray she found when she was younger that her mother made her give away. She thanks A.J. for listening to her and A.J. apologizes for putting her in the middle of the problems with him and Sonny.

Jax doesn’t have much faith in Michael’s Carly sighting. Sonny questions Michael on seeing Carly the night before as Jax and Bobbie listen. Jax warns Bobbie not to get her hopes up since Carly wandering in the backyard the night before isn’t very likely. Sonny tells Jax to leave it alone.

After Monica storms off, Alan tells Raye that he’s happy to see her and she tells him of Skye’s phone call and that their daughter sounds truly happy.

Sonny tells Jax that this situation isn’t like Brenda and that Carly isn’t dead. Jax backs off though he’s not convinced.

A policeman presents Taggert with a tip on Carly’s whereabouts and Alexis wants Taggert to investigate it. He responds that they’ve gotten a lot of bogus tips and that he’s going to go home, shower and rest. When he leaves Alexis, takes the piece of paper with the tip information and leaves the station.

Mike shows up at the Quartermaines and wants to talk to Courtney. Edward questions why A.J. would leave Courtney alone with her father but A.J. tells his grandfather that he knows what he’s doing. Mike gives Courtney his wedding gift.

Taggert goes home to the brownstone and tells Sonny and Bobbie that there is nothing new on Carly and that he hopes she’s found. Bobbie tells Taggert about Michael seeing his mother which causes Taggert to wonder if Alexis was right about Carly being alive and that maybe he should have followed up on the tip he received. Sonny asks about this tip.

Alexis shows up at a run-down building where she spots a blond woman from behind. She calls out Carly’s name.

Skye relaxs Jax with a romantic candlelit bath.

Mike assures Courtney that he’s on her side and wants nothing but her happiness.

A.J. surprises Bobbie at the brownstone stating that he wants to see his son.

Alexis finds that the tip was false and the woman isn’t Carly but is confronted by a thug when she tries to leave. Sonny shows up, scares the guy off and questions Alexis as to what she’s doing there.


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