GH Update Thursday 5/2/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 5/2/02

by Crissy

Michael is missing, and Bobbie is frantic. The Spencer family & friends come together in an effort to find him. Bobbie feels that it is her fault because she knew that Michael wanted to see his mother, and she should have been watching him closer. Scott tries to comfort her.

Sonny runs into Bobbie outside of the Brownstone, and she tells him that Michael is missing. Both of them worry that AJ might have had something to do with it. Sonny takes off, and Bobbie warns him not to do anything crazy.

Luke and Nikolas end up at the park together while searching for Michael. Nikolas takes the opportunity to ask Luke if he wrote the riddle. Luke tells him that he has nothing against Nik and not to try to pull him into Nik & Lucky's feud. Luke is screaming for Michael and suddenly Michael answers. Luke takes him home to Bobbies.

Kristina finally catches up to Zander on the docks. He asks her why she doesn't just leave him alone, but Kristina explains that she can't because she is the only one that he can talk to. He tells her to look out at the water; it's cold and dark. "Carly went there because of me.", he says. Kristina hugs him as Ned watches. Kristina tells Zander that it isn't his fault but he doesn't believe her and storms off. Ned approaches Kristina comments on how intense her conversation with Zander looked. Kristina tells him that she would rather talk about them (her and Ned). She explains that she understands why Ned was so upset about Alexis telling Sonny where AJ was when Alexis promised Ned that she wouldn't do that. Kristina tells him that she understands that Ned being angry doesn't mean that he is still in love with Alexis. Ned wants to know when she became Zander's confidant. But Kristina won't tell him anything that Zander has told her. Instead she asks them where he wants their relationship to go now. She tells Ned that she is sorry and starts to leave but Ned grabs her pulling her into a passionate kiss.

The detective at the Q's tells AJ that their source tells them that a hit was ordered on AJ and then was abruptly called off. Courtney is clearly shaken by what she is hearing. Gia overhears everything and when AJ leaves to walk the detective to the order Courtney asks Gia what she thinks. Gia tells her that she thinks that the cop is right. Courtney says that she can't stand the thought of Sonny doing something like that. AJ walks in and tells them that he doesn't want his wife and son subjected to Sonny's way of life. After Gia leaves, Sonny walks in the door from the garden. He warns AJ not to use Carly's accident as a way to try to get Michael. Before he has a chance to ask AJ if he took Michael, Bobbie calls him to tell him that Michael is safely back at the Brownstone.

Zander goes to the site of the accident and watches the rescue workers search for Carly. The detective warns him to stay out of the way, and Zander tells him that he (the detective) should concentrate on finding Carly.

Lucky goes to GH to make sure that Michael hasn't been brought there. He asks Sarah to check the records as Tony listens in. Lucky explains that Michael is missing and that it was Carly's car that crashed into the lake. Tony goes to the ER to check for Michael while Lucky waits. Sarah comments on how she understands about losing someone suddenly. Lucky reaches out to her and tells her that it is going to be okay just as Liz walks up behind them. Lucky goes to see if Tony found out anything, and leaves Sarah and Liz alone. Sarah tries to explain what Liz walked up on, and Liz tells her that she could care less. Liz says that they will be emotionally close. Lucky comes to tell them that Luke found Michael and Liz leaves to go back to Bobbies.

Sonny comes over to Bobbies and sits Michael down for a talk. He tells him not to ever run off like that again because it worries the people that love him. Michael excitedly tells him "I found Mommy!"


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