GH Update Wednesday 5/1/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/1/02

by Crissy

Nikolas walks up on Gia and Courtney talking, and immediately starts telling Courtney to back off and forget about the accident. Gia tells him everything is fine because her and Courtney are getting along.

Nikolas is surprised that they are acting like buddies, but when Courtney leaves Gia tells Nikolas how she's agreed to help Courtney find out if AJ is lying to her or not. Gia gets to the Quartermaines for dinner and starts asking AJ questions about how/when he fell in love with Courtney. AJ lies really badly throughout the entire conversation. Gia tells Courtney later on that AJ had not said one truthful thing yet. At dinner, the police barge in, and tell AJ that they have reason to believe that Sonny Corinthos had a hit out on him.

Skye questions Jax about Brenda's death but he doesn't want to discuss it in detail. Jax states the facts of what happened but it isn't enough for Skye. She wants him to open up to her. Jax tells her to leave it alone, and leaves. Skye later goes to Jax's to apologize. They make up but Jax really doesn't give in about talking about Brenda. Jax finds out that a woman matching Carly's description was admitted to a hospital near Port Charles. Skye later calls her mom (Rae). She tells her that she is happy and she doesn't know how to handle that.

Zander admits to Kristina that Carly was with him before her car went into the lake. He tells her that it is all his fault because he threw Carly out. He didn't know how many times he had dreamed of having Carly in his bed and when it finally happened he refused her. It is all his fault, he says, if Carly is dead. Zander walks out leaving Kristina, but she goes after him.

At the brownstone, Bobbie gets angry at Luke and her friends as try to be helpful and supportive. She says that they will help her by not acting like it is a wake. Carly is alive, she says.

Upstairs, Laura tries to get Michael to go to sleep by singing to him like the way his mother does. Bobbie finally breaks down and cries on Luke's shoulder. But she still insists that Carly is alive and coming home.

Bobbie doesn't want Michael or Lucas to know anything about Carly's disappearance because Carly will be back and she doesn't want them upset.

Lucky tells Nikolas to leave when Nik comes by to over his help to Bobbie. Lucky doesn't believe him, and tells him that he is not family and isn't welcome. Bobbie comes out and puts Lucky in his place by telling him that Nikolas is her family and is always welcome at her house. She asks Nik if he can add more manpower to the search for Carly, and he says he will.. he will do anything to help. Bobbie asks Lucky to come inside too, but he will not as long as Nik is there.

Bobbie panics when Michael is suddenly missing too.


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