GH Update Tuesday 4/30/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/30/02

By Suzanne

Just a short update!  This is from memory so I hope I didn't leave anything out...

Carly is still missing...Sonny, Bobbie, Scott, Jax, and Xander wander around the edge of the water where her car went over, harrassing the police and anguishing over what happened.  Zander keeps blaming himself for teaching her how to drive.  Sonny is angry when he finds out about that, but then later apologizes to Zander for losing his cool.  Bobbies leaves after a while.  The whole thing reminds Jax of what happened to Brenda.  Jax and Sonny even have seemed to call a truce since they are both reliving that experience as well as worrying about Carly.

Gia storms into Laura's office while she's in the middle of a meeting and tells her that she can't work with Lucky any more because of everything that's happened.  She tells Laura about the big fight they had.  Lucky walks in and says that even though the argument was unpleasant, they did some good work together.  He shows Laura the pictures and she agrees.  She tells Gia that she shouldn't resign because this is Nikolas' last tie to his family.  If she wants Lucky and Nikolas to patch things up, she shouldn't cut them off.

Courtney is aghast that A.J. seems glad that Carly might be dead. He tells her that he doesn't believe that Carly is really missing.  He thinks it's a plot by Sonny.  She asks him about the offer he made Sonny.  He denies it and says that on the contrary, Sonny made that offer to him and it upset him quite a bit.  Courtney is still upset and doesn't know whether to believe him.  She takes a walk to think things through.  She runs into Gia and after they catch up for a bit, she asks her for a favor, since Gia owes her.  She asks Gia to come to dinner and tell her whether she thinks A.J. is lying to her.  Gia reluctantly agrees, even though A.J. has been good to her.

Kristina brings Alexis a present to celebrate her getting together with Sonny.  Alexis grimly tells her about Carly.  Sonny phones her and tells her the progress of the search for Carly.  He's very down so she goes over to see him and join him while they all wait.  She puts her hand over his in a very subtle way so that he is comforted but it's not a public display.

Skye tells Edward that if he gets A.J. to forget his plan with Courtney, she will give him control over ELQ.  Edward rejects the offer.  Later, A.J. tells Edward about what might have happened to Carly.  Edward is not sympathetic to A.J's glee.  He tells him to be respectful to the woman that has bested him time and time again.  He tells him about Skye's offer and says that he wants A.J. to treat Courtney like the nice young bride she is.

Jax visits Skye.  They talk about Carly and she asks about Brenda.


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