GH Update Monday 4/29/02


General Hospital Update Monday 4/29/02

By Suzanne

Short update today...

Nikolas finds Lucky on the docks (Gia is there as well, already talking to Lucky).  He yells at him for planting the riddle that Helena gave him, just to try to mess with his head.  Lucky doesn't know what he's talking about.  They argue again; Gia tries to get them to see that they really love each other, but it doesn't work, as usual.  

Upon returning home, Sharifa shows Nikolas a picture of Stavros and asks who left this picture of this guy on her dresser and who is this handsome devil?  Nikolas loses it and throws the picture across the room.  He is freaked out because he's never seen that picture before.  He says someone has just "upped the ante" and is trying to intimidate him.  Sharifa asks Gia what's going on.  Gia says she doesn't know but things have to change around here.

Later, Maxie and two of her teen friends, Katie and Megan, are drooling over Lucky as he's putting his camera equipment away.  Maxie's friends are impressed that she knows such a hottie.  Maxie introduces them and chats briefly with Lucky as they help him put his equipment away.

Jax talks to Mac about tides and how they should be searching for Carly (or her body).  Mac looks like he's interested in the idea but assures him that they'll do whatever they can to find her.  Jax offers to fund the search.  Zander gets really upset because of them finding Carly's car and yells at Mac that he is not doing enough to search for her.  Both Mac and Jax tell him to back off.  Zander blames himself for teaching Carly how to drive.  Jax tells him to ease up on himself.  Zander phones Sonny to tell him the bad news about Carly's car.  Scott tells Mac and Jax that he will give Bobbie the bad news.

Courtney and Sonny are arguing about A.J. when he gets the call from Zander.  He has to leave but doesn't tell her why, so she thinks he's just brushing her off.  He yells at her to tell A.J. that there will be not trade.  As he waits for the elevator, he tells Alexis what Zander told him.  She offers her sympathy and he leaves.  She sits Courtney down and tells her about Sonny's news.  Courtney curses herself for being so selfish.  Alexis also tells her about A.J. and the deal he tried to make with Sonny.  Courtney doesn't want to believe it.

After Courtney leaves, Alexis goes upstairs and retrieves her earrings and looks around, remembering her night of passion with Sonny.  She fondles his jacket lovingly.

Mike drops by the Q mansion to give Courtney a gift.  A.J. is there and they exchange some harsh words.  Mike is trying to be nice but A.J. keeps being a jerk.  He leaves the present with A.J. and goes.  When Courtney comes home, she tells him about Carly.  A.J. smiles slyly and she can't believe that he would smile over the idea that Carly might be dead.  She says that everyone is right about him.

Bobbie plays in the park with Michael.  He picks a flower and wants to save it for Carly.  Scott arrives and wants to give her the news but Michael is too near.  She thinks he's just there to argue some more about Carly and A.J.'s custody battle.  Sonny arrives and Bobbie can tell something is up.  While Sonny talks to Michael about how much Carly loves him, Scott tells Bobbie about Carly's accident.  She is upset but keeps cool for Michael's sake.  Scott takes Michael to the swings while Sonny talks to Bobbie.  First she yells at him for not protecting Carly, then takes it back, realizing that wasn't fair.  He knows she's just upset.  He says they have to plot strategy because A.J. will use Carly's disappearance to try to take Michael away.  She agrees.

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