GH Update Friday 4/26/02


General Hospital Update Friday 4/26/01

By Nina

Gia awakes to find Nikolas has been up all night hanging out with their new houseguests, the people they met at the club the night before. When Nikolas finds out that Gia has a photo shoot that day with Lucky, he tells her not to go.

Lucky, at photo shoot, argues with Taggert wondering what he’s going to do about Nikolas and his lies concerning the accident.

Alan yells at A.J. for using Courtney and accuses his son of drinking again.

At Kelly’s, Jax runs into Bobbie and Michael and they both wonder where Carly is.

Zander tells Sonny and Alexis about Carly being upset and Sonny wonders what could have had her so bothered the night before.

Gia deduces that Nikolas wants to have houseguests because he misses Lucky and asks that they still find the time to be together privately.

Taggert tells Lucky that how he handles Nikolas is his business and that he will do so without help from Lucky.

Sonny is in denial that Carly was in the car that went into the water. He instructs Zander to keep looking and call him with any news.

A.J. is outraged that Alan thinks he’s drinking but Alan sees through his many denials.

At the photo shoot, Lucky taunts Gia making it impossible for them to work together.

Nik finds the riddle Helena presented him with typed on an old typewriter at Wyndemere.

Alan warns A.J. that his revenge will consume his life.

Alexis offers to make calls concerning Carly but Sonny refuses, insisting instead on enjoying the morning with her. Courtney arrives to wish Sonny a happy birthday.

Zander arrives at Kelly’s asking about Carly to Jax and Bobbie. Zander makes an excuse for looking for her so as not to alarm Bobbie but Jax catches on and privately gets Zander to tell him what he suspects.

Courtney tells Sonny she lives at the Quartermaine mansion and Sonny pretends to be pleased.

Lucky and Gia argue at the photo shoot when Gia tells him that Nikolas needs him. Lucky lashes out at Gia for telling Liz about him and Sarah. Gia counters that there wouldn’t have been anything to tell had Lucky kept his hands to himself. Lucky walks away and Gia knocks over a light demanding he hear her out.

Nikolas grabs one of his houseguests, Sharifa, thinking she typed the message on the typewriter but she denies involvement.

A.J. admits to Monica that he has been drinking again.

Courtney tries to make peace between the Q’s and Sonny but the moment she mentions Michael, Sonny asks if A.J. sent her.

Jax and Zander go to the police station where they tell Mac that Carly might have been in the car. Mac waits for a license plate confirmation from one of the police divers.

Gia seems to be getting through to Lucky when Nikolas shows up and accuses Lucky of messing with his mind.

Taggert meets Sharifa at Kelly’s where it’s discovered that she’s a police friend of his from Brooklyn, sent to infiltrate Wyndemere by Taggert.

Monica expresses doubt over A.J. and Courtney living in the Quartermaine mansion. A.J. begs for her help in starting a new life with Courtney. Monica agrees that they can live there.

Courtney defends A.J. insisting it was her idea to talk to Sonny about Michael. Zander calls Sonny and confirms that the car in the water is Carly’s.


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