GH Update Thursday 4/25/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 4/25/02

by Crissy

Elizabeth comes down the stairs at Kelly's only to run into Lucky. He tries to talk to her but she doesn't have anything to say to him. Sarah walks in while they are talking and comes over to them. She tells Liz that she was hoping they could talk, but Liz doesn't want to talk to either one of them and leaves. Later Liz goes to Bobbie's and has a heart to heart about Lucky. Liz explains how she feels and her frustation over Lucky not letting her call it quits after the wedding. Bobbie assures her that she has done the right thing and invites Liz to move into the Brownstone. Liz happily accepts.

Skye wakes up to see Jax getting dressed, and he tells her that he has a business meeting. Once Skye knows that it is with Carly she gets defensive and asks him to cut ties with Carly. Skye tries to tell him that he should end the partnership because of what Carly did to her by locking her in the boat shed. Jax takes up for Carly, and says that she would have come back to let Skye out. In the end, Jax refuses to part ways with Carly, and after some coaxing Skye agrees to leave it alone.

AJ talks to Courtney about missing Michael. He tells her that he went into Michael's old nursery and it got to him. Courtney tries to comfort him and tells him that she wants him to share his feelings with her. After AJ talks about Michael a little more, Courtney says that she will go talk to Sonny. She is hoping that she can convince him to compromise on the Michael issue, and let AJ and her be a part of Michael's life. Courtney believes it is all her idea and AJ smiles at her thinking how brilliant his plan is.

Zander goes into Kelly's picking a fight with a guy who hit his car. Lucky steps in and tries to calm him down. Zander keeps going on and on about love and how it's best not to get involved with women. Just keep it casual but once you get involved you get your heart stomped on. Zander sees Sarah sitting at a table and starts to hit on her. Lucky tells him to back off ,and Zander tells him to go find his own girl. Lucky grabs Zander and they start fighting outside of Kelly's. But after a few minutes, they both start laughing at the stupidity of it. Lucky offers to buy Zander a cup of coffee and they go back inside Kelly's. A news announcement comes over the radio about a blue sports car that went on the bluff and into the lake. Witnesses say that the driver was a woman with light hair. Zander hears this and runs out of Kelly's.

Alexis spends the morning after with Sonny trying to figure out where they go from here. Sonny is completely comfortable with her, and keeps complimenting her which only makes her more nervous and uptight. Sonny makes her breakfast, and Kristina interrupts. She was looking for Alexis. Alexis seems slightly embarrassed that Kristina found her at Sonny's when it is so apparent that she spent the night. Kristina tells her that she just wants her to be happy and leaves. Just as Sonny and Alexis are starting to talk about what happens next for them, Zander starts banging on the door. Sonny lets him in, and Zander tells him about the car that went into the lake. He thinks it was Carly.


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