GH Update Wednesday 4/24/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/24/02

by Crissy

Lucky and Sarah are talking on the rooftop at General Hospital. Lucky tells her that it is over between him and Elizabeth, and that Elizabeth doesn't want anything to do with him. Sarah thinks that maybe if she talked to Liz she could get her to change her mind but Lucky doesn't want her to.

Elizabeth walks into Club 101 to see Nicholas and Gia sitting a large table with lots of people. They are all smiling and toasting to new friends and good times. She goes over to the table and starts bad mouthing Gia and Nicholas to their new friends.

Carly is standing outside Sonny's bedroom door, and is too stunned to even move. She listens as Sonny and Alexis discuss the shooting the night Sonny saved Alexis' life. Alexis tells him that she remembers knelling beside him in the snow and thinking how furious she'd be if he died. He tells her "I'm glad I didn't. Think of all that I would have missed". Carly hears this, and runs down the stairs. As she leaves the penthouse, she drops the card Michael made for Sonny and it slides under a table by the couch.

Gia tries to talk to Elizabeth. Elizabeth tells her that she uses the truth as a weapon to hurt people and that she shouldn't be so smug, "Right now Nicholas is lying for you but it won't be long before he is lying to you."

Lucky tells Sarah to leave it alone with Elizabeth. He tells her that Elizabeth had every right to cut the ties with him, and he should have just left Liz alone after the wedding. He thinks he deserves everything that Liz said because he is a lying jerk.

Sonny and Alexis talk about the ballet he saw when he took his mother. It was Romeo and Juliet, and Alexis says it is a metaphor for his life..beautiful but sad. Sonny says that they won in the end, and Alexis counters "they died". But Sonny says that it doesn't matter because they did it on their own terms. (Crissy's comments: I found this scene odd but I believe that it is done for purposes of FORESHADOWING) There's a knock on the door downstairs, and Sonny leaves Alexis to go answer it.

Lucky tells Sarah that Helena won. The year that Helena held him prisoner was stronger than his love for Liz and it destroyed everything. But Sarah insists that it is not his fault and that she wont let him do this to himself.

Carly walks into Zander's apartment and finds him sleeping on his bed. She sheds her jacket and drops her purse on the floor, then crawls onto the bed beside him. She runs her hands down his chest and he wakes up. She says "Hi.." And gives him a tempting kiss. Their kisses grow more and more heated as their desire consumes them. Zander stops and asks Carly why she has come to him now. Carly tells him that she has stopped chasing a man that she can't have. Zander asks her if she is past Sonny, and Carly replies "I'm past a lot of things and I don't want to stop." Carly begins to kiss him again, and Zander pulls off her sweater, then Carly pulls him down with her on the bed.

Bobbie and Scotty are talking and start to disagree about Carly, AJ, and the custody of Michael. Bobbie finally says that Scotty should go because she is getting angry. As Carly and Zarly are about to make love, Carly says that Sonny can have as much of Alexis as he wants because she has Zander. Zander immediately pulls away, and asks her if that is why she came to him. He thinks it is only because Carly saw Sonny with Alexis. Carly tries to tell him that he is wrong but he won't listen. He tells her to put her clothes back on but what was happening between them is over.

Sarah tells Lucky that she is sorry that they kissed, she is sorry that Elizabeth was hurt. But to her the kiss was a gift. After he husband died, she felt like her heart had crawled into a cold dark cave and gone to sleep forever. She didn't think anyone or anything could make it beat again the way it used to. But Lucky did. He made her realize that part of her didn't die with her husband. And she leaves him alone on the roof.

Maxie who was babysitting for Carly earlier in the night at Club 101 runs into Liz who tells her about Lucky. Later on Maxie goes to find Lucky on the roof. She tells him that he can talk to her if he needs a friend so Lucky drives her home.

Zander tells Carly to get out.he's not kidding. Carly tells him that she doesn't understand and wants to know what she did. He tells her that he is tired of being played but she says that is not what she is doing. Zander tells her to shut up and get out. Carly says "I thought you cared. I thought I meant something. I thought that we meant something" Zander replies "Yeah, well I thought a lot of things too." Carly grabs her clothes and tells him she will never bother him again, then Zander slams the door after her.

Sonny crawls back into bed with Alexis. He asks her if this is what she thought would wreck things between them. When she says yes, Sonny caresses her arm telling her that it's all going to be okay and not to worry about it. They snuggle up with each other, and close their eyes.


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