GH Update Tuesday 4/23/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/23/02

By Crissy

Carly arrives at Jake's to find Zander playing pool. Carly immediately comments on the cut over Zander's eye. He explains that it happened while helping break up a fight at a bar his friends own in Greenfield. Zander asks Carly to play pool with him, and Carly tells him that his game needs improvement, but she has just the thing to help him. She lays a pool cue case on the pool table, and opens it to reveal a very expensive looking pool cue. Zander is real excited and eagerly starts looking it over. He wonders what Carly wants, and asks if it is a bribe to get him to do something. Carly insists it is a thank you present for helping her get over the hump.

Sonny and Alexis kiss passionately just outside of Sonny's bedroom. They both pull away for only a moment as they look questioningly into each other's eyes, then con

At the Quatermaine mansion, AJ explains to Courtney that they are moving in. Monica quickly tells Edward that he didn't discuss that with her, and she owns the house. Jax and Skye arrive. "Let the games begin." Skye says as she and Jax talk in the foyer. Although she doesn't want to be there, she believes she is the only person who has a chance of getting through to AJ. Jax offers to stay and help her. But Skye says that she can take it from here. Edward explains to Courtney that there are perks to being a Quartermaine. Courtney responds by saying that she didn't marry AJ for perks. Skye walks into the livingroom and AJ welcomes her by saying "Perfect timing. I've just been welcomed back into the family fold. And if you are very good I will open the doors to you as well."

Elizabeth confronts Lucky and Sarah. They quickly explain that they both received messages to come there. Elizabeth tells them that she sent the messages, and that it was a test. She tells them about Gia being the one to inform her of Lucky & Sarah's "passionate" kiss infront of Jakes. She also lets them know that she saw them with her own eyes. "I'm thinking that my boyfriend, and my sister are liars. And I'm wondering how long they have been lying to me." Sarah and Lucky try to explain, but Liz will hear none of it. She accuses Sarah of being after Lucky the whole time.

At the Q's, Skye says that she needs to talk to Monica and Alan. AJ and Courtney explain that Skye wants to tell them the same lies she told Courtney the day of the wedding. AJ takes Courtney out into the foyer to spare her from having to hear another one of Skye's hurtful rants.

Carly thanks Zander for helping her not run after Sonny when he went looking for AJ. She comments that Zander is turning her into a grown up. She wants to take him to dinner after the club closes to show her apreciation. Zander accepts, and Carly heads back to the club. As Carly is leaving, Kristina walks up to Zander. She is there because Zander was right, and she was wrong. She doesn't want to be a substitute for Alexis.

Sonny and Alexis continue kissing in Sonny's bedroom. He sits down on the bed, and tells Alexis to come here while holding out his hand to her. As she sits down beside him, she begins to say that it's all so sudden. But Sonny interrupts her saying that it's right, and not sudden for him. They begin to kiss again, and Alexis pulls away. She slowly takes off her shirt while Sonny absorbs her every move. She crawls over to him seductively, and he kisses her hungerily as they give in to their desire.

Lucky asks Sarah to let him speak to Liz alone. Lucky tries to convince her that the kiss meant nothing to him. But Liz isn't buying into it. She tells him that he hasn't been honest with her since she got back, and that she just wants the truth.

Courtney is angry with AJ to saying that they will move in the mansion without even discussing it with her. She says that he is acting controlling just like Sonny. AJ apologizes and says that they should just forget about moving in with his family. He pleads temporary insanity. But when Edward asks Courtney to pick out a room in the house, she says that she thinks she & AJ would like a room that overlooks the garden.

Skye tries to convince Alan and Monica that AJ is drinking again. Alan sees her point, and agrees that AJ is heading in a dangerous direction. Monica doesn't believe Skye at all and then asks AJ and Courtney to please move into the mansion.

Jax tells Carly that although Sonny is extremely flawed, Sonny does have a few redeeming qualities. He tells Carly about AJ wanting to trade Courtney for Michael, and that Sonny refused. Carly is upset that Sonny had to make a choice like that, and tells Jax that it must be killing Sonny inside. Michael makes a birthday card for Sonny, and Carly promises to deliver it for him that evening.

Liz is angry at Lucky for begging her to hold on all these months when she had suggested that they go their seperate ways. He continues to insist that the kiss meant nothing, and that it was just an impulse. Liz asks him if Sarah was in his arms right now..... would he want to kiss her? When Lucky finally answers yes, Liz slaps him hard across the face. She tells him that they are done. She deserves more, and will get more. "I should have cut my losses months ago, but I'm sure as hell cutting them now." Then she walks away.

Kristina tells Zander that she thinks Ned is still in love with Alexis. She also tells him that Alexis and Sonny are a couple now. Zander wonders if Carly knows that.

Carly goes to slide Michael's card underneath Sonny's door and the door opens. She calls out to Sonny and he doesn't answer her. She walks up the stairs to his bedroom, and as she starts to enter the room she sees Alexis and Sonny's refection in the mirror. They are holding each other and kissing. It is a very intimate moment after their lovemaking. A look of shock comes over Carly's face, and she is clearly hurt by what she just saw.


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