GH Update Monday 4/22/02


General Hospital Update Monday 4/22/02

By Nina

Liz arrives at Kelly’s and thinks back to what she overheard between Sarah and Lucky. She knocks on Lucky’s door and questions him, wanting to see if he’ll admit to seeing Sarah the night before.

There’s tension at the Quartermaine mansion as the family tries to make sense of A.J & Courtney’s marriage. Courtney’s mother arrives shaking things up and suggests that she, Courtney and the Quartermaines pose for a family portrait.

Sonny admits to Alexis that there was money in the suitcase he gave to Benny. When she flat out asks if he has put a hit out on A.J., Sonny hedges and suggests that she not ask questions she doesn’t want the answer to. Alexis brushes off his smug response stating that his answer will change everything between them and once again asks if he has ordered A.J. killed.

Lucky wonders why Liz is asking about Sarah and Liz plays it cool. Lucky apologizes for leaving Liz the night before and asks if they can start over. Lucky suggests that he and Liz leave for the Caribbean immediately. Liz says that they should check in with Sarah first so that she can be assured he’s okay. An uneasy Lucky agrees.

Alexis tells Sonny that she never thought he was capable of taking a human life. When Sonny brings up killing Scully years ago, Alexis counters that it was self defense. Sonny tells her that Courtney will be better off if A.J. disappears. Alexis warns Sonny that if he doesn’t call off the hit, they are done professionally and personally.

Alan asks to see A.J. alone and the rest of the family try to deal with Courtney civilly. When Edward asks to talk to Janine alone, Monica tries to speak with Courtney but it doesn’t go well. Monica tries to warn Courtney that if Edward is being nice to her, that means he wants something from her.

Janine tries to get Edward to put what has happened between them aside.

Alan lays into A.J. for using Courtney and provoking Sonny as two masked men lurk outside.

Sonny tells Alexis he values her but there are some things that she cannot be privy to. Alexis yells that if A.J. dies, Sonny has made her an accessory to murder and that she has put everything on the line for him.

Alan tells A.J. that he’s unsure as to whether or not he can forgive him. Lila tells A.J. that it’s not too late to do the right thing. A.J. goes out on the balcony for fresh air as the two masked men watch.

At the hospital, Liz blatantly asks Sarah if she found Lucky the night before and Sarah lies and says no.

Monica and Janine argue over their children’s marriage. Monica asking that Janine not encourage it because someone will get hurt and Janine suggesting that Monica feels that her rich son wouldn’t marry her lowly daughter without a reason.

As Sonny tells Alexis that calling off the hit will be a sign of weakness he’s not willing to show, even for her, the two masked men prepare to grab A.J. just as Edward walks onto the patio. Alexis begs Sonny to do it for her and himself. As A.J. tells Edward that he’s going to send Courtney back to Sonny, he gives up, the two hit men receive a page that the hit is off per Sonny Corinthos.

When Sonny asks why Alexis was willing to put her career and all she believes in on the line for him and she answers that she doesn’t know, he says that he thinks she does.

Liz and Lucky talk about leaving for their trip when Lucky is mysteriously paged. She sends him on an errand to the cafeteria for her and then asks Bobbie’s assistance in playing a trick on Sarah.

Edward tries to convince A.J. not to give up on his plan against Sonny.

Sonny tells Alexis that he has proven that she’s important to him and that life with them is like a dance and he usually doesn’t mind because he likes it but not tonight. Tonight she asked him to make a choice and he chose her. He asks if the tables were turned, would she choose him.

A.J. announces that he and Courtney will be moving in to the Quartermaine mansion.

Sarah and Lucky meet on the hospital’s roof both thinking the other paged them. They wonder aloud what’s going on and Liz walks up suggesting they ask her.

Sonny tells Alexis that he values her as a lawyer and a friend and that it can stay that way or be something more. She can keep their relationship the way it is by walking out the door. She doesn’t. He hugs her as she cries and then pulls her into a passionate kiss.

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