GH Update Friday 4/19/02


General Hospital Update Friday 4/19/01

By Nina

Skye awakens in a hotel room filled with flowers. Jax tells her she will find out what’s going on soon enough.

Courtney wakes up to find A.J. passed out on the couch. She tells him he’ll need something for his hangover. He denies that he drank until he passed out. Courtney informs him that she will not stay married to a drunk. A.J. starts to blame Sonny for his drinking and when Courtney starts to defend him, A.J. yells at her.

Alexis and Sonny arrive at their building. Sonny tries to convince Alexis that he is fine with the marriage. Christina greets Alexis in her penthouse and Alexis fills her in on what happened with A.J. and Courtney. Christina wonders if the trouble is now passed with Sonny/A.J.

In his penthouse, Sonny places large amounts of cash into a briefcase.

Christina and Alexis sit down with coffee when Ned arrives. He tells Alexis that he has doesn’t have faith in her anymore. When Alexis tries to convince him to talk to A.J., he reminds her that she should maybe look at what Sonny has done to provoke it. Alexis leaves and Christina tells Ned that he’s so upset because Alexis is breaking his heart…again.

Mike arrives at Sonny’s penthouse and Sonny tells him about A.J. and Courtney’s marriage and A.J.’s offer to trade Courtney for Michael.

A.J. apologizes for yelling at Courtney and asks that they start over. A.J. surprises her by telling her he wants to go home to Port Charles. She’s disappointed but soon agrees, anxious to meet the Quartermaines.

In the hotel room, Jax continues to pamper Skye with fresh croissants and a necklace representing wishes and new beginnings. Skye tells Jax about her past crimes and that she doesn’t deserve all he’s doing for her.

Alan, Edward and Monica argue over A.J.’s actions. Edward admires what he’s done to get his son back. Alexis arrives and tells them that A.J. wanting his son back is understandable but preying on a young child, Courtney, isn’t.

Sonny instructs Mike to congratulate Courtney when she returns, to support her and be there for her no matter what. A suspicious Mike demands to know what Sonny is planning.

Sonny refuses to answer Mike and gives him money for Courtney - money to use for Courtney if she ever needs anything. Sonny gets Mike to promise that he will use that money to take care of Courtney. Sonny tells Mike that he wants to make sure Courtney is taken care of if Courtney was ever to hate him and refuse his help.

Alexis tells the Quartermaines that A.J. married Courtney and that what he has done is illegal. Lila enters and backs up Alexis.

Christina tells Ned that all this time, it has become apparent to her that he still has feelings for Alexis. Ned can’t believe that Christina has chosen now to confront him with her feelings when he’s dealing with the whole A.J. situation.

Lila informs Edward that no matter what his reasons, A.J. is wrong for what he has done. Alexis thanks her for agreeing and leaves.

Skye orders Jax to leave her alone. She thinks that he will just end up hating her. Jax tells her that neither of them knows what will happen in the future and kisses her. They start to make love.

A.J. arrives at the Quartermaine mansion and introduces his new wife. Edward looks pleased while Lila, Alan and Monica look worried.

Sonny gives the order to Benny to have A.J. killed. He advises Sonny to wait six months to a year before acting to keep the suspicion off of Sonny but Sonny wants it over with. “Without a trace,” Sonny calls to Benny and bodyguard Max as they leave the penthouse and Alexis, stepping off the elevator, overhears. She confronts Sonny in his apartment, realizing that Sonny has been so calm because he ordered to have A.J. killed.


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