GH Update Thursday 4/18/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 4/18/02

by Suzanne

Today was a very talky episode; not much actually happened.

Gia and Nikolas return home, tired after Audrey's party (and crashing Luke's, and fighting with Lucky).  They kiss a lot and say nice things to each other.  Nikolas gets the ingredients for s'mores so they start toasting marshmallows over the fire, then kiss some more.

Outside of Jake's, Elizabeth watches in horror as Lucky as his arms around Sarah, her sister.  He is consoling her after she told him the horrible story about her husband dying.  But she hears them agree not to tell Liz about their kissing because it would hurt her too much.  Liz stalks away and goes to the docks, where she starts throwing her jewelry into the water (that Lucky gave her).   She can't get her pin off her jacket because she's too upset, so she takes the whole jacket off, which Lucky gave her anyway, and throws it in, too.  Zander is sitting nearby on a bench, watching.  He gets alarmed when she throws in her jacket, so he goes over and asks her if there's a reason she's throwing her clothes into the water.  She tells him the whole sad tale and vents her anger and frustration, while he listens without saying much.  She is also relieved that her relationship with Lucky is finally over, even though it hurts.  He offers some words of sympathy and offers to walk her home.  She says she'll probably stay the night at her studio because if she went home she would want to burn all of the mementoes that Lucky gave her.  Zander understands and sympathizes, offering some words of wisdom from when he was upset about Emily dumping him.

On the island of St. Sophia, A.J. continues to gulp down champagne while everyone else is on the terrace.  Some waiters bring in a three-tiered cake that Sonny ordered.  He insists on giving them money even though they said that Sonny already took care of it.  A.J. goes to dance with Courtney but she insists on making speeches about Sonny and how glad she is that everyone's there.  She asks Sonny and A.J. to shake hands, which they do.  Sonny even hugs A.J.  We can tell that Sonny is enjoying the fact that A.J. lost, even though he's still upset about his sister.  The bride and groom cut the cake while Ned takes pictures.  When A.J. takes some cake over to Skye, she can tell that he has been drinking and chews him out.  They argue a little loudly, making the others look over at them.  Jax interrupts to make a toast.  Afterwards, A.J. asks them all to leave so he can be with his bride.  They all leave, wishing them well, etc.   Ned cautions A.J. that he has a beautiful young bridge who adores him so he shouldn't screw it up.

Courtney isn't pleased to find that A.J. is drinking champagne.  He tells her that he can handle champagne, it's vodka that he has a problem with.  She seems to be disappointed in him and worried (perhaps now that she believes in Sonny, some of the things that he's said about A.J. are starting to make sense?).  He tells her to go ahead and change, but when she comes out in her nightgown, she can see that he's depressed and drinking out of the champagne bottle.  She goes to bed alone.

Alexis and Sonny wait for their plane to be ready.  He is in a good mood and asks her to play cards with him.  She wonders what he's got planned.

Jax and Skye sit on the beach.  Skye blames herself for what happened, but Jax tells her that she shouldn't.  Courtney heard what she had to say so now she is making her own choices if things go bad.  They chat a little and then kiss. 

Lucky and Sarah agree to just be friends, after Liz leaves. At the hospital, Sarah has a talk with Audrey.  She is sorry she missed the party, but Audrey doesn't mind as it was mainly for her work friends and family.  She thought maybe Sarah would have met some nice young man there, though.  They talk about love and Audrey assures Sarah that she will meet her special someone like Audrey and Steve met.  Sarah wonders if maybe it wasn't a good idea coming back because of the way Liz always feels like she's in competition with her sister.  Audrey assures her that she's wrong and shows her a picture she took recently of Lucky, with Elizabeth on one side and Sarah on the other, all smiling.


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