GH Update Wednesday 4/17/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/17/02

By Suzanne

Today was the 10,000th episode of General Hospital!  So they had a lighter episode than usual, interspersed with clips.  Great clips!!  I was so glad that they didn't wimp out like some shows do and not show any clips of actors that have been replaced by other actors (like Tyler Christopher, Jonathan Jackson, Sean Kanan, etc.).  My only complaint is that they never show many clips between 1963 and 1980!

The idea was that this was Audrey Hardy's 10,000th day on the job.  Not technically true, because Audrey was not one of the original characters of the show (she came on in 1964, a year after it aired).  Also, she was a flight attendant when she first started, although she was also a registered nurse.  She became a private duty nurse and that's how she was at the hospital.

Most of the hospital staff and many of Audrey's friends were on hand to greet her as she started work, led by Amy.  Besides the regulars like Bobbie, Tony, Gail, Alan and Monica, we also saw Nikolas, Gia, Laura, Lucy, Kevin, Mac, Felicia, Maxie, Lila, and Edward!  It was sure great to see these guys around, now how about giving them some STORY!!  Of course some of the characters, such as A.J. and Ned, were still in St. Sophia, so they weren't there.

Alan showed everyone his great new security system, but when he punched some buttons on the computer, lights started flashing on and off, and the elevators and stairs locked down (The STAIRS?  No fire department would approve of something like that! OK, they were going totally for silliness today).    As usual, Monica and Alan were bickering the whole time (this is getting tedious).

Maxie told her mom that she was spending the night at her friend's house, but then when they got stuck, she whined and complained, leaving Felicia to feel helpless.  Maxie acted like she didn't care that she got her new heart in General Hospital.  Felicia leaned on Mac for support.

Laura greeted Nikolas and Gia.  She told him that she's sorry about the problems between him and Lucky and suggested that he give it some time and be patient.

Zander had arrived, bleeding slightly.  Monica noticed him sitting on the floor and got him to come with her so she could fix him up.  Maxie was in the room that they went afterwards (a staff lounge?), but she hid so they wouldn't see her.  Monica told Zander he didn't need stitches and asked him how he got the injuries.  He said it was a bar fight.  She tsked and told Zander that it is a shame how Emily saw something special in him and here he is wasting his life.  She left.  He got coffee and then caught Maxie sneaking out.  They sat down and chatted.  She told him the story about how she got her heart from B.J., which we saw in clips (I cried once again!).  He told her that really he was helping out some friends who own a bar.  A fight broke out and they didn't have a bouncer, so he helped out.  She wondered why he didn't explain that to Monica.  He said it wouldn't have mattered.  She said that he's the kind of guy that her mom wouldn't let him date.  He laughed, called her "jail bait" and told her to call him in about five years.

Maxie thanked B.J. quietly.  Felicia found Maxie sitting in the room.  They apologized to each other for fighting and hugged, while Mac watched through the little window in the door.

Luke and Scott were on their way up to join the party.  A pregnant woman was in the elevator as well.  Luke and Scott argued about where to go and started pressing buttons.  That's when the elevator got stuck, so they blamed each other.  The woman went into labor, naturally, so they had to deliver her baby.  Laura and Bobbie had wondered where they were and happened to hear the woman scream, so they helped Luke deliver the baby with instructions shouted down.  Luke lost the coin toss to Scott.  They were all very happy after the baby arrived, and Luke and Scott were even being nice to each other.  Luke and Laura laughed and hugged each other before leaving.


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