GH Update Tuesday 4/16/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/16/02

By Nina

Lucky and Sarah kiss in the back alley of Jake’s. Gia approaches unseen and watches in shock. She leaves without them ever knowing she was there. Lucky apologizes to Sarah for the kiss, but Sarah tells him not to be sorry, she wanted it.

Liz runs into Nikolas on docks. She starts to leave but he says that Liz owes him the chance to apologize.

Alan finds Monica mourning A.J. and panics, thinking that his son is dead. When he finds out that Monica was faking to get at him, he yells at her. She responds that A.J.’s death will be on his hands when it happens.

A.J. offers Sonny a trade – his son for Sonny’s sister. He then rubs it into Sonny’s face that he has slept with Courtney. “You really do want to die, don’t you?” Sonny responds.

Courtney tells Ned, Alexis, & Skye that she won’t stand to hear them bad-mouth her new husband.

A.J. reiterates that he wants full custody of his son. He wants all involvement from Sonny to cease. He lays down demands on how he wants Michael returned to him. Sonny just stares and listens.   Jax listens through the open door.

Nikolas tries to appeal to Liz by telling her how hard it’s been on him. How he has dreams about Stavros and can’t sleep because of what he’s done. Liz tries not to listen but finally admits that she can’t change what has happened; it wasn’t her doing. Nikolas replies that she can control what happens next.

Sarah admits to Lucky that she has had feelings for him since the night at the stables. Lucky wonders how he can keep hurting Liz like he’s done and how she will react when he tells her. Sarah says that they didn’t plan it and that he can never tell Liz.

Liz asks Nikolas why should she try to fix anything for him. He responds that he wants his brother back and that Lucky will listen to her. Liz accuses him of just wanting her to fix things to make him feel better and that he’s not worried about how the others feel. She tells him how Lucky trusted him and he betrayed that. Gia approaches just then and tells Liz she and Lucky have no right to be so self-righteous when it comes to trust, since her “so-called boyfriend is out betraying her right now with her tramp of a sister.”

Sarah pleads with Lucky not to tell Liz about their feelings because Liz has always felt they were in competition and she doesn’t want to hurt her sister or ruin their relationship.

Alone with A.J. and Skye, Jax tells A.J. he’s despicable for offering to give up Courtney for his son. Skye is shocked to hear that her brother has stooped so low.

Outside, Sonny asks Courtney whether or not she really loves A.J. She responds that she does because he is kind, gentle and makes her laugh and more importantly, he respects her. Sonny listens and stares quietly.

Ned tells Alexis that he may be speaking to her but that he doesn’t trust her anymore. Sonny and Courtney enter and Sonny states that he has an announcement to make.

Lucky says that things are now complicated, but Sarah disagrees. She wants them to forget the kiss. She then reveals that the man in her past was her husband and that he’s now dead.

Liz accuses Gia of lying, but Gia swears it’s the truth:  she saw Lucky and Sarah, kissing and groping each other behind Jake’s. She tells Liz that everyone lies, even to people they care about, even “the perfect Lucky Spencer”, but everyone also deserves a second chance. Liz doesn’t believe her and tells both Gia and Nikolas that she is through with them and that they are both to stay away from her and Lucky. “Fine with me”, replies Gia. Liz storms off as Nikolas looks frustrated with Gia. Out of sight from Nikolas and Gia, Liz looks worried.

Alan tells Monica that she crossed the line pretending A.J. was dead just to scare him. Monica retorts that he should be scared. Alan yells that no mother would even say the words that her child was dead to prove a point.

Sonny shocks everyone by congratulating A.J. and Courtney. Knowing that Sonny has tossed his deal back in his face, A.J. looks uneasy and disappointed. Sonny leaves the room to make a phone call, setting up an impromptu reception for the bride & groom.  Courtney hopes they all stay for the reception.  Ned takes Courtney aside to get to know her better and Jax congratulates A.J. on “jumping from the frying pan into the fire”. On the balcony, Sonny tells Alexis of A.J.’s offer. She tells Sonny he did the only thing he could do just now, the right thing. Sonny isn’t so sure, saying he feels as if there’s a knife in his gut.

Sarah recounts how she met a man in Budapest and married him in a whirlwind romance. He was killed in a bomb explosion after three months in their secret marriage and she hasn’t been able to tell anyone about it. Lucky hugs and consoles her as Liz walks up and watches them in disbelief.

Sonny raises a toast to A.J. and Courtney, “till death do they part”. Sonny then takes Courtney to the balcony for a dance. A.J. tells Skye that Sonny thinks he’s trapping him into staying in the marriage but that he will show them all by staying married to Courtney. Alone, A.J. gives in to a glass of champagne.


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