GH Update Monday 4/15/02


General Hospital Update Monday 4/15/02

By Suzanne

The crowd at Luke's have stopped and are staring at Nikolas and Gia, who are standing in the doorway.  Nikolas walks up and tells Luke to break out the champagne, on him.  Luke says it's closed for a private party.  Nikolas knows it's for all those who stood up to Helena and wanted to see her in jail, so that includes him and Gia.  Luke says he's not sure the war is over and he looks back toward Lucky, who is glaring at Nikolas.  Lucky wants to know why he's there and asks if he thinks he can just forget everything by buying champagne.  He tells Nikolas that he doesn't belong there.  Nikolas says he does.  They argue. Lucky says he won't be Nikolas' enemy, but he's not his brother or friend any more, either. He is nothing to him and he doesn't want to see him any more.  I almost feel sorry for Nikolas.  Then Gia gets in Lucky's face and tells him how much Nikolas loves him and how he can never forget how much he loves his brother.  She talks about her own brother and how much she loves him.  Lucky is moved but too angry to back down.  He says that he gave Nikolas a chance to be honest but he wouldn't, he wasn't there.  He says he wants them to leave.  Then Lucky goes out another door, slamming it as he goes.  Luke and the rest are very quiet, shaking their heads in sadness, as all this goes on.  Elizabeth tells Gia to leave it alone and follows Lucky out, with Sarah.  Nikolas thanks Gia for what she said.  Taggert comes over and he and Gia hug and tell each other "I love you".

Scott follows Bobbie down the street and blames her bad mood on Luke.  She says it wasn't Luke.  He points out that she was doing great up until now.  She asks how she should know that he's interested in her and not on the rebound from Laura.  He asks how he could prove himself.  She says how about a simple reality check, and she kisses him.  Things go great so she suggests they go back to the party.  He is reluctant but follows.

Luke's party is ruined after the big showdown between Lucky and Nikolas.  Roy and Luke discuss the kids and their problems briefly.  Roy tells Luke that he thinks that Helena never really wanted to win.  She enjoyed playing with Luke, it was fun for her.   That's why she never killed Luke and Laura, even though she could have done it a hundred times.  Luke agrees that maybe he's right, but he's not sure that it's over.  Bobbie and Scott come back and wonder what happened to the party.  Luke says they arrived for the best part.  He takes Helena's painting down and cuts her out of it, and then they burn strips of it.  Bobbie says a speech which sounds like a spell or charm to cast Helena out of their lives.  Scott asks where she got it and she says she lifted it from "Dark Shadows"! LOL! 

Skye is impressed with the way Jax kick-boxed one of the guards and he is impressed that she knocked one out, too.  Skye hopes they can make it in time to save A.J.

A.J. asks Sonny if he wants to make his sister a widow.  Courtney is yelling at him, too.  Sonny is in a murderous rage, but finally he lets A.J. go and walks away.  A.J. keeps up his act of trying to make nice with Sonny while Courtney is around.  Courtney tells Sonny that A.J. has made her happy and she doesn't want to hate her brother.  Skye and Jax come in. Skye asks A.J. if he's okay.  A.J. says he's fine and tells Skye that he married Courtney.  Skye asks to speak to A.J. alone.  At first he doesn't want to but she convinces him.  Alexis tells Sonny that things will be okay, she will help Courtney get a divorce when she's ready.  He asks, "Do you not understand that A.J. Just opened the trap door to hell and by the time this is over somebody's going to be shoved in? "

A.J. tells Skye that he appreciates her concern, but he married Courtney so he knew he would be safe.  She doesn't believe that and says that he's got to get an annulment.  He asks why--he's got Sonny right where he wants him.  Skye tells him that Sonny told her that if he walks away from Courtney now, he'll be safe.  Skye says if he doesn't, she'll tell Courtney everything that she knows.   She doesn't want to see him wreck a young girls' life.   A.J. tells her to go ahead.

Jax finds Courtney, who is wearing her wedding dress.  She wanted Sonny to see it.  He says she looks great but suggests she take a step back and decide where she stands.  She knows that she is with her husband.  Skye tells Courtney that she looks great, too, and she also loves A.J., but tells her that her marriage is a sham.    A.J. is just using her to get back at Sonny.  Courtney doesn't believe her because A.J. warned her that she might say something like this.  She thinks that since Skye is a schemer, she thinks everyone else is, too.

Ned arrives and says hi to Courtney.  She expects him to be down on their marriage, too, and acts quite defensive.  Ned is shocked to hear that they got married but welcomes her to the family with a hug.  Courtney is surprised.  A.J. gives Skye a look like, "see, my plan is working".

Out on the balcony, Sonny tells Alexis about when his mom married Deke, how everyone was dressed up, they were both smiling, and he had hope for the future.  But then after a while, Deke started acting mean and eventually they realized that he had been wearing a mask and the mask slipped off to reveal the real person underneath.  Alexis points out gently that there's no evidence that A.J. would hurt Courtney physically.  Sonny says there is more than one way to be abusive.  He is afraid that A.J. will kill her spirit or self-worth.  He's concerned that by marrying her, he is locking her up and then will make her life "a living Hell".  He tells her that they both know that A.J. is not in love with Courtney, he's in hate with Sonny.  Alexis promises that Courtney will end her marriage, but Sonny wonders after how long and will happen to her before that.  He wonders why he can't just end it now.  She says that Courtney obviously knows her own mind and doesn't want him to boss her around, so he's got to leave it to her.  He says he needs to be alone to think, so she leaves him there.

A.J. thanks Ned.  Ned says that A.J. has reached a new low, but he'll always choose family over Sonny.  A.J. cockily tells him to stick around and see his next move.  Courtney tells Skye that she loves her brother and would like to get along with Skye.  But they will have a problem if Skye keeps bad-mouthing him.  Skye doesn't know what to say in the face of such blind devotion.

On the docks, Gia suggests to Nikolas that they leave town.  He doesn't want to go.  But he does say that they should go to the party at the hospital for Audrey's 10,000 day at GH.  She thinks it's a bad idea, but he really wants to go.  Gia has something she has to do first and won't tell him what it is.  He is worried about her being out by herself, but she tells him nicely to get off her back.  They agree to meet there in an hour.  After she leaves, Elizabeth walks up.   She stops when she sees Nikolas.  He smiles and says hi.

Elizabeth asks Sarah to help her look for Lucky because he left Luke's and took off somewhere.  Sarah says he's fine but Liz is worried.  The girls split up.  Sarah finds Lucky at Jake's, drinking beer.  She chews him out for leaving Liz and also for drinking his problems away.  When he grouses at her, she yells at him for taking his problems out on her yet again.  He rants about Helena and says she doesn't know "what it's like to lose the things that you value most in this world".  She says she does.  She gets upset and walks out, so he follows her, suddenly interested.  She asks what he wants.  He wants her.  They kiss.  They are making out when Gia sees them and stops, stunned.

A.J. goes out to the terrace where Sonny is brooding and tells him in a chummy way that they can make a simple trade--Courtney for Michael.

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