GH Update Friday 4/12/02


General Hospital Update Friday 4/12/01

By Suzanne

In the back office of Luke's, Roy yells at Luke to get off the phone. Luke wants to phone Laura about the 10,000 anniversary party for Audrey.  Roy knows he's really phoning the jail to check up on Helena, again!  Luke argues.  Roy tells him to get into back to the bar where everyone is drinking up their liquor to celebrate Helena's incarceration.  Luke is grouchy but Roy reminds him that he was the one who invited everyone.  Luke still thinks something is off.

Zander asks Carly if she's okay; he's found her sitting near the docks, crying.  She denies she's crying.  She admits it was stupid to lock Skye in the boat house and Zander was right to tell her to stay out of Sonny's life.  Zander says she shouldn't feel so down on herself.  Carly says she's finally realizing that her actions only hurt herself.  He asks why she's there; she says she went to Luke's and had an argument with Roy and Luke.  Luke told her that she will keep wrecking her life over and over again, which stung.  She complains that she has improved her life so much, yet she still does this stupid impulsive stuff.    Zander tells her that when he was a kid, someone tried to beat him up to take his lunch money, so he fought back.  After that, he learned to settle his problems with his fists, without thinking.  So he suggests that she think first before acting, too.  Carly vows not to interfere in Sonny's life any more.  He doesn't believe her.  He mentions that Sonny found out where Courtney and A.J. are and he's headed there right now.  She is stunned.  Zander knows she can't just pretend that she doesn't care.  They both agree that they are scared for Sonny this time.  She asks where Sonny went, so Zander tells her.  She says that Sonny is making this personal, which is exactly what he always warned her not to do.  Zander tells her that Alexis is with him.  She's not surprised but says she's not going to chase after him.

On Jax's plane, Skye asks how much longer and he says it will be about a half an hour.  Skye is very nervous that Sonny will get to A.J. before they do.  Jax is told by radio that he has to divert to another place because of the fog.  Jax says they have state-of-the-art equipment and can land on instruments.  Jax lies that they are low on fuel and have to land, so they let him.  Skye worries about their situation but is impressed that Jax would go to all this trouble for her.  They land with no problem.  When they get there, Sonny's men tell them that they have to leave now.  Jax first tries to bribe them, and when that doesn't work, he punches one and Skye smacks the other one.  The men are knocked out.

On the plane to the Caribbean, Alexis tries to figure out legal strategy to get Sonny out of jail after he kills A.J.  Sonny knows that she's just trying to make him think first before he does something rash.  She doesn't think he really is planning on killing A.J., but she knows that he has a terrible temper.  Sonny tells Alexis about when he found his mother beat up by his step-father for the last time, on her birthday.  Sonny says he had left home at 16; Alexis didn't realize that he was on his own at such a young age.  He says that she didn't want him to call the cops because Deke was a cop and she didn't want to make him madder.  So Sonny went to Joe Scully, the man he worked for, and he took care of Deke.  Scully told him to go out and enjoy himself with 15 witnesses, so he went to the Cerullos' place.  Deke was found dead in an alley with two bullets.  She points out that A.J. isn't Deke.  He wonders what kind of man he is if he can't take care of his family.  Sonny is told that they are lucky because they are the last plane allowed to land today because of the weather.  They arrive at A.J. and Courtney's hotel villa just as Jax and Skye are landing.  Alexis cautions Sonny not to do anything until they know the situation.  He looks around and then opens the bedroom door. He sees Courtney in bed with A.J. and freaks out. He grabs A.J. by the throat and drags him to the balcony.  There is a lot of yelling and cross-talking.  Sonny says that A.J. falling over the balcony will be an accident, just like when Carly fell down the stairs.  A.J. says there are witnesses, but Sonny screams that there "ain't no witnesses!"  Alexis and Courtney yell at Sonny to stop and not to hurt A.J.  Courtney then says that A.J. is her husband, they were married today.

People party at Luke's, including Tony, Amy and Elizabeth.    Sarah offers her sympathy to Lucky about what happened with Nikolas.  She says she should have known something was awry when she found out that there was no blood alcohol test done on Gia.  He is annoyed that she didn't say anything.  Elizabeth comes over and tells him to stop picking on Sarah.  Liz makes peace and tells Lucky to go talk to his dad.  The gang toasts Helena's portrait, telling her to rot in jail, etc.  Roy asks Luke to tell him the story of the picture sometime.  Luke thanks Roy for his advice and he plans to forge ahead and forget Helena.  Scotty comes in so Roy worries that someone might throw a punch.  Bobbie says she invited him.  Taggert comes by and warns them not to create a disturbance.  Luke takes Bobbie aside and asks her if she's on the rebound.  She laughs at the idea of being on the rebound from Roy.  She says they've been over for a long time.  He says that Scott is just using her to get over Laura.  She tells him to give her some credit, she just wants to celebrate.  He is not happy to hear that she is dating him again, but he agrees to be polite.

Elizabeth tells Lucky not to yell at her sister.  They are surprised when they see Sarah heading for the door with her coat on.  Liz stops her.  Sarah says she has an early day at the hospital.  She tells Liz that maybe it's not a good idea to get an apartment together.  Elizabeth thinks that Lucky is annoying Sarah, not realizing that she's attracted to him, so she keeps pushing her to put up with him.

Gia takes Liz aside and apologizes to her for what Gia did, running the red light and then lying about it.  He says if there is anything he can do, just to ask.  She thanks him.  He blames her behavior on bad influence from Nikolas, but she reminds him that when Gia came to town, she blackmailed her.  Taggert wants Liz to try to get Gia to see that Nikolas is bad for her, but Liz says that Gia loves him way too much for that.

Roy pours Lucky a beer and chats with him about his problems.  Lucky asks about Melissa.  They both have to just let it go.  Luke comes up and Lucky is still pondering the situation. Luke says that taking revenge on a family member who just made a stupid mistake doesn't make sense.  Lucky wonders if he should move back in to Windemere to test out, see if Nikolas has really gone over to the dark side or not.  He wants to spy on him and see if he can get more information about how much he helped Helena.  Luke still doesn't think it's a good idea.  Lucky agrees that he's right.  Just then, Nikolas and Gia walk into the club.

Scott is surprised to hear that Laura isn't coming to the party; he wonders if she and Luke aren't getting back together after all.  Bobbie is irked at his sudden interest in Laura.  She goes to leave and he wonders what he did.


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