GH Update Thursday 4/11/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 4/11/02

by Nina

Luke and Laura discuss the Nikolas/Lucky problem at Laura’s house. Luke reminds Laura that both Nikolas and Lucky are grown men and should be left to work things out on their own. Bobbie shows up and questions Luke as to whether or not the Helena threat is really over and if their children are really safe.

Lucky attacks Nikolas at Wyndemere and threatens to kill him.

Skye and Jax are stuck on the runway when Jax’s plane encounters mechanical problems. As Jax goes to fix it, Skye worries that they won’t reach A.J. in time.

Alexis and Ned are preparing to leave Alexis’s penthouse when Sonny flat out asks Alexis if she knows where A.J. and Courtney are. Ned tries to intervene saying that they are going to L.A. on business but Alexis finally admits that she knows where they are.

Carly arrives at Luke’s club looking for Bobbie. Finding Roy instead, she’s surprised when he tells her that she is always welcome at the club. They discuss Carly’s rollercoaster relationship with Sonny and Carly fronts that she is happy they are no longer together. Roy isn’t fooled. Carly hits on Ray suggesting that they spend one night together.

Ned cautions Alexis to keep her mouth shut but she tells Sonny where A.J. is. He thanks her and leaves. Ned blasts Alexis for lying to him and tells her that A.J.’s death will be on her head. Alexis believes he’s overreacting. When Zander and Christina walk in and try to calm him down, it only makes it worse. Ned tells Alexis that he doesn’t know her anymore and sneers that she should hurry to catch up to Sonny.

Bobby advises Laura not to get between Nikolas and Lucky.

Nikolas tells Lucky that killing him wont change anything but Lucky doesn’t loosen his grip on Nikolas’s neck. Realizing that he can’t kill his brother, Lucky breaks down. Nikolas pleads for Lucky not to make this a repeat of what happened between their fathers.

Roy shoots down Carly’s advances, telling her that doing something reckless wont help anyone. He leaves and Luke appears. He tells his niece, “Looking for trouble, little lady? Here I am.”

Lucky says that he tried to make things work with Nikolas and all that happened was that a lot people got hurt. Nikolas begs for Lucky’s forgiveness much like Lucky forgave Luke. Lucky refuses and leaves his brother gloating that he will be toasting Helena’s demise, as well as Nikolas’s, that night at Luke’s.

Ned calls A.J. and leaves a message for him to run; Sonny’s coming. He then places a call to Jax but while he’s out fixing the plane, Skye disconnects the call thinking that Ned is calling to talk Jax out of helping her find A.J. Jax comes back announcing that the plane is fixed and all they need is runway clearance. Skye doesn’t mention the phone call.

Alexis boards Sonny’s plane and the two stare at each other silently.

Bobbie questions Laura’s feelings towards Scott, admitting that she may take a trip down memory lane with Scott.

Luke informs Carly that he doesn’t hate her; he has no feelings for her one way or the other. He tolerates her as his sister’s child and nothing more. He leaves her at the bar stating that if she’s going to take up space, the least she could do is order a drink.

Alexis breaks the silence and Sonny takes the bait, wanting to know why Alexis was going to go after A.J. without telling him. Alexis says that she has already proved herself to him by telling him where A.J. is.

Jax tells Skye that he wants to take her away on a trip after the Sonny/A.J. conflict is over. The tower interrupts that there’s an emergency call for Jax. It’s Ned; Sonny knows and is on his way to A.J.

Bobbie wants Laura’s assurance that she’s okay with a Bobbie/Scotty union. Laura tells Bobbie to go for it, she wants them both to be happy.

Sonny tells Alexis that he knows she cares but she should let him handle A.J.

Jax and Skye are alarmed to hear that Sonny is on his way to A.J. and Skye admits to turning off Jax’s cell phone. She worries that if Sonny kills A.J., it will be her fault.

Lucky tells Laura that he never wants to see Nikolas again and that as far as he’s concerned, he doesn’t have a brother anymore.

Nikolas suggests that Gia put on something elegant. They are going to a party.

Sonny’s plane makes it’s final decent onto the island where A.J. is located as Jax is still an hour away in the sky.


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