GH Update Wednesday 4/10/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/10/02

By Suzanne

Luke comes downstairs in Laura's house and finds Lesley helping out the little girls in Lesley Lu's troop.  Lulu asks Luke if he and Laura are married, since he spent the night with her.  He explains that no, they're not married yet, but it was like a sleepover that she has with her friends.  Laura comes down and hugs Luke, giggling that once you're married, you sort of always are.  Lulu only cares about whether she can be the flower girl still.  Luke, Laura, and Lesley chatter about how great Lulu will look as a flower girl.  Luke tries to guess what the little girls are making and is told they are maypoles.  The little girls go into the other room with Lesley as Luke and Laura flirt and make silly jokes.  Laura goes to help Lesley.  Lucky shows up and asks Luke for help.  He is confused about how to handle Nikolas.  Lucky talks about how feels.  Luke says, "So you're feeling betrayed".  Laura comes back in and tells Lucky to remember that Nikolas loves him.  Luke and Laura don't think that Lucky is completely accurate when he says that Nikolas has turned into Stavros and written off their friendship.  Luke reminds him that Helena manipulated Nikolas and suggests he cut him some slack.  Laura asks him to have compassion for his brother.  Lucky is determined not to let Nikolas get away with this, even if Gia has to go to prison.  Luke and Laura ask him to think about it first.  Lucky is still upset.  Luke and Laura try to get him to see that Nikolas didn't intend to have everything happen the way it did and that he just made a mistake because of being in love.  Lucky wonders if he can ever trust Nikolas again.  Laura says that they're family and have to stick together.  Lucky says he loves them and leaves.  They wonder what he will do.

Gia finds that Nikolas has had his chef prepare a huge breakfast for her; he tells her that she looks beautiful, as always.  He suggests that they go on a trip to Kauai.  He asks if she will marry him tonight.  She asks what about their family.  He says he doesn't have any, so it's just the two of them.  Taggert appears and says that Gia has family, and they're not abandoning her.  Nikolas concedes that Gia's family does love her.  Gia says so does his, but he says that's not true any more.  He offers Taggert some breakfast, but he says no thank you and says he's there on official business.  He wants to ask Gia about the accident.  Nikolas says he can't do that without her attorney present.  Gia says she doesn't need one.  Taggert says it's just loose ends and asks if there's someplace that he and Gia can talk alone.  Nikolas leaves so they can have privacy.  Taggert points out that Gia has gotten what she's always wanted, to be rich.  She wonders what he's getting at.  He wants to know how she could just look him in the eye and lie the way she did.  He relives finding her unconscious at the accident and says that he doesn't want to lose her.  He tells her that she always takes the easy way out.  He tries to get her to do the right thing and wonders if maybe Nikolas pressured her to lie about the accident.  Gia tells him that she's innocent and she will stick by Nikolas.  He tells her to take care and leaves.

Jax greets Skye on the docks.  She is not ready to forgive him.  He says he missed her last night.  They argue about whether Sonny will hurt A.J.  Ned comes in and says he agrees that A.J. has brought his troubles on himself.  Skye leaves in a huff.  Ned and Jax argue about Jax's relationship with Skye.  Jax gets a phone call on his cell, telling him where A.J. is.  He's on an island in the Caribbean called St. Sophia.  Ned says he'll go, too, and says they should tell Alexis.  Jax says that's a bad idea.  Ned says that he and Alexis promised that they would share any information they get about A.J.'s whereabouts.  Jax says that Alexis will run to Sonny with anything she gets.  Ned says that Alexis is terrified that Sonny will kill A.J., and asks Jax to trust Alexis.  Jax says forget it.

Jax tries to win Skye over in her hotel room.  She says he just wants her in bed.  She disrobes and sarcastically tells him to take her now and get it over with.  He says that she's "spectacular" but suggests she eat breakfast to prepare for their trip.  He asks if she wants to help him save her brother or not.  She gets excited.  He tells her to meet him at the airport at 6:30 and pack for the Caribbean.  She wonders how he will ever forgive her.  Later, they are in his plane and he says there is a problem.

Sonny talks on the phone to someone in Spanish about looking for A.J.  Sonny grouses about Jax impeding his progress.  Alexis agrees with Jax, she says.  He should let A.J. go.  She points out that both she and Jax have the same interests in this case.  She reminds him that he is too claustrophobic to spend time in jail.  He says he won't go to jail and what happens to A.J. is in his hands.  She worries that he will lose control and do something that will send him to jail.  She won't be his lawyer then, she says.  Alexis tells him that even though he doesn't take her advice, she enjoys talking to him.  He reaches out and touches her face and says that she had an eyelash there.  She tells him to make a wish so he tells her to go ahead.  She closes her eyes and does, but then her laptop chimes, telling her she has a fax.  She goes to look and instead sees an email from A.J.  It is a picture of Courtney in bed, obviously naked under the sheet, and it says, "I've got her now. Love to you both, A.J."   Sonny sees red.  Alexis loses the message so they can't trace it.  Sonny glares and then rushes back to his own penthouse.  Ned arrives just then and asks Alexis if he can talk to her.  He says he knows where A.J. and Courtney are, but she has to stick to her promise not to tell Sonny.  She says that she doesn't want Sonny to find them.  He tells her where it is and says she'll need her passport and he'll pick her up later.

Later, Alexis answers the door, thinking it's Ned, but it's Sonny.  He wonders why she's dressed up and where she's going.  She lies that she's going on a business trip.  Sonny is headed to the Caribbean, too.  Ned appears and tells Sonny that he and Alexis are going to Los Angeles on L&B business.  Sonny knows they're going to find A.J.  Ned denies it but Sonny knows better. He asks Alexis where she's going, to L.A. or the Caribbean.

Luke visits Laura again later while she is on the phone.  (Laura mentions Enchantment, Erica's company on All My Children :)  Laura is glad to see him but still worries about her sons.  He advises her to hope for the best.

Lucky visits Nikolas at Windemere.


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