GH Update Monday 4/8/02


General Hospital Update Monday 4/8/02

By Nina

Lucky confronts Nikolas, calling him a stranger for all the lies that he told in order to cover up Gia causing the accident and helping Helena escape.

Luke surprises Helena as she wonders how he knew she was under the homeless person disguise. Luke points out that her Italian stiletto heels gave her away. Luke ponders aloud what he should do with Helena now that he’s found her.

Over cappuchino at Alexis’s place, Sonny informs her that she’s the only person that he can truly trust. Alexis confides that she feels the same way about him and they both admit that the way they are with each other and how they feel is something they both want to last a long time.

Skye makes not-so-subtle threats to Carly. Insinuating that she would lock her in the club’s walk-in freezer, the way Carly locked her in the gardener’s shed. Carly laughs in her face, stating she isn’t afraid of Skye. Skye warns that she should be.

Skye and Carly continue to trade insults. Carly tells Skye that she’s a coward and that what happened to her would have ended as a harmless prank had Skye been smarter. Skye surprisingly agrees.

Jax interrupts Alexis and Sonny’s tender moment to inform Sonny that he now owes Jax a favor.

Creeping around the deserted railroad tracks, Roy jumps on and scares Felicia, thinking she’s Helena. Felicia half-jokingly states that she doesn’t know if she should be offended or not. They try checking in with Luke on his cell phone and get no answer…

Luke turns off his cell phone and tosses it, telling Helena that he doesn’t want any interruptions for what he has planned for her. A worried Helena just stares at him.

Helena insinuates that Luke couldn’t live without her, he would miss her too much. She says that she knows him better than anyone, even Laura. Luke instructs her to cut the games and demands to know why she didn’t leave the country, why she allowed him to see her in the bar and what kind of game she’s playing.

Lucky yells at Nikolas for letting Helena go after all she did to Elizabeth and him. Nikolas tells both Lucky and Liz that he would never let Helena harm either one of them again. Lucky demands a simple yes or no answer to his question, “Did you help Helena escape?”

Carly pushes Skye’s buttons, implying that Jax may have more than business in mind when it comes to Carly. She suggests that since she and Skye are so much alike, she may be just what Jax is looking for considering that she, unlike Skye, doesn’t play games. Skye squirms but shows interest when Carly suggests that they help each other get what they want.

Jax orders Sonny to show restraint if he finds A.J. and Courtney before he can.

Lucky demands to know why Nikolas helped Helena. Nikolas dances around answering but finally flat-out says that he didn’t help Helena. Lucky gets in his face, “You’re a liar.”

Helena begs Luke not to kill her but to turn her into the police instead. Luke says she will just escape again and that she needs to die as Roy and Felicia approach.

Nikolas refuses to apologize for what he did, stating that Liz and Lucky didn’t complain when he bent the rules and lied to Gia to help them but when he does it to help the woman he loves, they suddenly have a problem with it. Liz points out that it isn’t the same thing and that they are going to the police. Nikolas points out that it will be Gia’s word against a mobster’s sister and an accident victim. Lucky can’t believe what he’s heard and informs Nikolas that he, Sarah and Liz will be moving out of Wyndemere.

Skye returns the favor, getting to Carly by bringing up how close Alexis and Sonny are. Carly realizes and mentions that their “warm and fuzzy” moment is gone. Skye agrees and starts to leave when Carly grabs her arm and says that they still have unfinished business: A.J.
Sonny demands that Jax minds his business when it comes to A.J. He says that he will handle A.J. how he sees fit when he find him. “Not if I find him first, “ states Jax.

Carly advises Skye to encourage A.J. home under the deal that Sonny offered her; if she can get him home with Courtney before Sonny finds them, no harm will come to A.J. Skye insists that she doesn’t know where they are. Carly says that it might be in A.J’s best interest if Skye found out. Skye doubts she can trust Sonny to keep his word.

Before storming out, Jax tells Sonny that he is the reason Courtney ran to begin with. Sonny gives Jax one last warning to stay out of it.

Cassadine/Spencer battle lines are once again drawn as Lucky tells Nikolas that not only are they moving out, they are going to the police with what really happened the night of the accident. He compares Nikolas to Stavros which causes Nikolas to flinch inwardly but not to back down.

Roy tries to talk Luke out of choking Helena as Luke holds Helena in a neck grip. Roy says that this is why Helena has allowed herself to be caught by Luke, she wants him to kill her and ruin his life…the ultimate revenge. Luke finally shoves Helena to Roy who takes her off to call the police.

Helena is arrested and taken to jail as Felicia assures Luke he did the right thing.

Skye leaves Carly at the club but not before warning her that what she has in store for Carly, Carly will never see coming.

Sonny tells Alexis that although Jax is her friend, his interfering with the A.J. situation would not be a good thing…for Jax.

On the docks, Jax speaks into his cell phone instructing his people that when A.J. and Courtney are found, he is to be called immediately.

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