GH Update Friday 4/5/02


General Hospital Update Friday 4/5/01

By Nina

Felicia and Roy enter an arcade and realize that Luke game them the slip in pursuing Helena.  They split up to look for someone who may have helped Helena leave the country.

Lucky, in his darkroom, is startled by Luke.  He informs Lucky that Helena is still on the loose and that Nikolas helped her escape.

Gia and Nikolas are at Wyndemere discussing the possibility of Liz going to the police with what she remembered about the accident.  Gia worries what will happen when Taggert finds out.  Gia suggest leaving the country and Nikolas refuses, saying he will not run or hide from anything.  He puts on some romantic music and pulls Gia close for a dance.

Skye storms in on Alan in his office and tells him of her abduction, sarcastically thanking him and the family for noticing.

Alexis leaves Sonny and Carly at Sonny's place but not before informing Carly that she doesn't have to thank her because she didn't lie for her.  After she leaves, Sonny lays into Carly for what she did, accusing her of not thinking about Michael before pulling stunts.  Carly tells Sonny she isn't a problem for him to fix.

Alan demands to know what Skye expects of him since she always makes him out to be the villain anyway.  He then slams a phone book on his desk, telling her to pick a name at random suggesting that that person could probably run her life better than she does.

Carly accuses Sonny of holding out on her when he struck a deal with Skye and Sonny counters that she could have told him what she did to Skye when he came to her house but she didn't.

Gia turns off the music and tells Nikolas that they can't pretend that the lies they told and what they did didn't happen.  Nikolas feels that Liz will not betray him and Gia disagrees.  Nikolas assures Gia that even if he has to use his money, they will be O.K.  He then tells her to go to the bedroom and change into a present he bought her, hoping to distract her and him.

Lucky asks Luke to leave because he doesn't believe that Nikolas would help Helena.  Luke tells Lucky that Nikolas helped Helena because of something Helena has on Gia.  Lucky has a hard time believing that Nikolas would hurt those that he loves because of Helena or his issues with Stavros.  Liz overhears this last part and enters stating that Nikolas would and has.

Liz starts to tell Lucky about what she remembered when Luke's cell phone interupts.  It's Roy and he needs Luke at the arcade.  Luke leaves but first instructs Lucky that he should listen to whatever it is Liz has to say.

Felicia and Roy decide to check around the arcade one last time while waiting for Luke and then checking the airport for Helena.  Maxi enters with some friends and is mortified to see her mother playing a videogame and as she puts it, "dressed like Britney Spears."  They have fight over Felicia not being like other Moms and embarrassing Maxi.

Sonny tells Carly that she needs to think before she acts.  Carly apologizes for getting Sonny locked up and asked how he handled it.  Sonny says it was hard but he held it together.  Carly tells him that the only reason she told Alexis about his claustrophobia was to ensure that she knew how important it was to get him released.  Sonny admits that maybe he protects Carly so much is not because he thinks she's his property but because deep down he feels as if he owes her one for being there for him when he had his breakdown.  Carly says that they are even.  He walks her out to the elevator asking her if she will stay away from the A.J. situation.  Carly says that even if she promised, she realizes that after what has happened he probably wouldn't believe her.  As she leaves, Alexis exits her apartment to retrieve a package.  She and Sonny share stare at each other.

Liz tells Lucky about Nikolas and Gia's betrayal.  Lucky compares what Nikolas has done to Elizabeth, messing with her head, with what Helena did to him.

Gia returns to Nikolas wearing and thanking him for the new P.Js.  When she tells him she still wants to leave the country, Nikolas informs her that there's no need to run because any so-called witnesses have been taken care of.  Gia wants to know what he means by that and Nikolas asks if she too thinks he is capable of murder.

At Carly's club, Jax is at the bar having drinks when Carly walks up offering him drinks on the house.  He responds that he owns "the house".  Carly reminds him that providing financial backing doesn't mean he owns the club.  Jax asks what she would do if she were in business with someone she couldn't trust and when she replies she'd cut them off, she asks if that's what Jax has planned for her.

Carly informs Jax that business is just and that how he deals with Sonny isn't her concern and vice versa when it comes to her and Skye.  She assures Jax that she will no longer act out on Sonny's behalf and warns him away from Skye saying that Skye is nothing but bad news.  They squeeze hands as Skye looks on.

Liz and Lucky decide to confront Nikolas together after Lucky tells Liz that she and Sarah should move out of Wyndemere.

Gia tells Nikolas that she knows he's incapable of physically harming someone and Nikolas responds that whatever he has done, he did to protect her.

Maxi and Felicia continue to argue in the arcade and Felicia orders Maxi to go right home since she's undercover.  Maxi leaves in a huff with her friends as Luke enters.  Roy returns and tells them there's a possible Helena sighting and they rush out.

At Alexis's apartment, Sonny instructs his men over the phone to keep trying to track down A.J. and Courtney.  He and Alexis then share cappuchino and he tells Alexis that she is the only person he can trust.

As Gia and Nikolas cuddle on the couch, thinking all is behind them Nikolas comments that they will lose nothing worth having.  Lucky and Liz enter and Lucky wants to know if that includes him.

Jax hugs Carly goodbye and as Carly locks up the club, Skye pops out of hiding and confronts her.

At the railroad tracks, Roy and Felicia separate from Luke to search for Helena.  Luke spots a homeless person sleeping under old clothes.  Singing as he walks over, he pats the homeless person on the bottom instructed them to wake up, it's over.  The homeless person raises their dirty face.  It's Helena.


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