GH Update Thursday 4/4/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 4/4/02

by Suzanne

Gia argues with Elizabeth about the accident.  Liz realizes that Nikolas bought off the witness, too.  She wants to go straight to Taggert, but Gia stops her.  She gives Elizabeth lame excuses why she shouldn't go to her brother.  Elizabeth blasts her for pretending to be her friend and lying to her.  Finally, Gia is forced to admit the truth about what's happened, to stop Liz from rushing off.  She says she wasn't drunk, she was just arguing with Liz.  She tells her the whole turn of events, except for Helena's part.  Liz still wants to go to the police, so Gia asks her to think about Nikolas, who has always been a great friend to her, and what this would do to him.

Nikolas tries to get Sarah to tell him what's going on with Elizabeth.  He runs into Kristina, who is there trying to sign a local artist to L&B.  He offers to help, but in an insincere way, which she calls him on.  Next we see that Nikolas and Kristina are sitting with this female singer.  Nikolas gives his best shot at convincing her to sign with L&B.  They flirt with each other until he invites her to his wedding.  Kristina makes plans to meet with them both later.  Kristina jokingly calls him "prince" which he says is a meaningless title.  Elizabeth comes out and spits that his grandmother must be so proud that he is every bit the Cassadine heir.   Elizabeth blasts him for his part in this, saying, "Does Helena realize how brilliantly you've mastered her basic techniques -- bribery, false accusation? Oh, and let's not forget the family favorite -- mind control. "  Nikolas tries to get her to calm down and go elsewhere, but she won't go anywhere with them.  When she insults Gia, he says he can't let her talk about Gia that way.  He asks if she'll let him tell his side.  Kristina wonders what's going on.  Gia says she made a mistake and Elizabeth is overreacting about it.  Liz is hurt because Nikolas lied to her and she thought she could trust him.  He apologizes but points out that she has lied plenty of times and he even had to lie to Gia because of Helena.  He says none of them is perfect.  Liz is finished listening and storms off.  A worried Gia asks Nikolas what he thinks Liz will do.  With tears in his eyes, looking drained, he hugs her and says he doesn't know.

Mike slips up behind Edward at the Quartermaine estate and puts his arm around Edward's throat and his hand over his mouth.  He demands to know where A.J. took his daughter.  He says first the first time in his life, he's as dangerous as his son.  After he lets Edward go, Edward offers him a drink.  Edward suggests that Mike is overreacting and that maybe Courtney could benefit from being around A.J.  He says that since Mike wasn't around to raise her, she must be like Janine.  Mike grabs him again and almost strangles him, telling him not to mention her name again.  Mike starts yelling at him for suggesting those things about his daughter.  Ned comes in and yells at Mike to let Edward go, so he does.  Mike says that A.J. had better not hurt his daughter, or he will rip him apart with his bare hands.  Then he leaves.  Edward wants to phone the police, but Ned stops him.  They argue.  Ned asks what will Edward do if A.J. is killed.

Dara asks Skye to describe what happened.  She sees Skye looking out toward Sonny and asks if she wants him removed.  Skye says she's not intimidated by him.  Skye describes being locked in and having to swim out.  Dara asks if she can tell who did it. 

Carly and Jax wonder if Skye will lie or not.  Carly asks Zander to take Michael to Bobbie's house if she gets arrested, to keep him away from the Quartermaines.  Sonny phones someone to tell them that if he's not of the police station in a half an hour, to make a move on A.J.

Skye says she knew within minutes that it was Sonny who put her in the boathouse.  Alexis asks if Skye saw him, or heard him, or any of his men.  Skye keeps looking at Jax; finally she has to admit "no" to each question.  Alexis says to Dara that she must release Sonny, and Dara agrees.  Skye goes running out that they can't let Sonny go because he's going to kill A.J.  She's hysterical and Jax tries to calm her down.  She gives a big speech about what Sonny will do and how A.J. has been treated so badly.  Even Carly looks sympathetic.

As Sonny leaves, he thanks Alexis and brushes Carly off, saying he has to go get his sister before it's too late, if it isn't already.  Zander tries to stop her but Carly persists.  He says that if she doesn't listen to him, he gives up on her.  She runs off after Sonny as he shakes his head.

Jax tells Skye that she did the right thing, but she doesn't want to hear it.  He offers to take her somewhere so they can be alone together.  Skye says she has to call the funeral home to get a casket ready for A.J., because Jax just signed his death warrant.  He asks her not to throw away what they have.  She says it's too costly because it cost her brother, the only person who has ever loved her for what she is.

Alan gives Bobbie a memo to the nurses, saying that any nurse who shows up out of uniform will be fired.   When she starts to point out that they'll lose some of their best nurses, he insists that she call him "Alan".  Monica comes in and says that Alan is trying to get control over his workplace since he can't get any at home due to the chaos.  Alan and Monica argue and Monica asks Bobbie to leave them alone.  Monica tells Alan that she has two airplane tickets so they can go to the Carribean to get A.J. before Sonny does.  She says they are the only two people that know where A.J. is.  He doesn't want to go chasing after A.J.  She wants to protect him from Sonny, but Alan thinks that they have to stop protecting him from the consequences of his own actions.  She says that if A.J. dies because of this, their marriage is over.  She reminds him that they didn't give up on him back when he was doing drugs.  He points out that they did do that, in fact they let him hit rock bottom, which is what he needed.  A.J. might need that, too.  Monica says that he's turned into his father and storms out, slamming the door. 

Bobbie returns and Alan says he thinks he should reword the memo to the nurses.  She's relieved.  He asks if they can go get a bite to eat and discuss the memo, but she says she's sorry, "been there, done that" (meaning their almost-affair, I guess).  She says she has problems of her own and can't lend him a shoulder to cry on.  Alan looks about to cry.

Sonny gets off the phone at his penthouse and tells Alexis that his men missed A.J. and Courtney by half an hour because he had wanted them to wait for him.  Now they have to start searching all over again.  Carly comes to the door and insists on coming in.  Sonny doesn't want to see her but suggests that she thank Alexis for saving her butt. Carly protests that Alexis was just doing what Sonny wanted, not doing what she wanted.  Sonny asks where Michael would be if his mother had been put in jail tonight, taken out of the country or over to her mother's so the Q's wouldn't get him?


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