GH Update Wednesday 4/3/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/3/02

By Suzanne

Zander asks Skye to think about when she pushed him and Emily to run away.  Even though she wasn't trying to do anything that bad, it ended up in tragedy.  He asks her to just forget about the boat house thing the same way Emily forgave Skye.  She refuses. 

Carly browbeats Jax to get him to make Skye drop the charges.  She tells him that she used a blue crayon that she found in her purse to make the note, so that proves she did it, not Sonny.  He talks to Skye.  She doesn't want to drop the charges.  He tries to convince her that it's the right thing to do, even though they both want to see Sonny in jail, because he now knows that Carly did it, not Sonny.  She gets jealous that he's cozying up to Carly and he gets hurt at her suggestion that he's moved on from her to Carly.  Skye is angry and says maybe she is remembering even more, like hearing Carly tell Sonny that Skye was in there and he could exact his revenge...Jax is horrified that she would lie to get Carly and Sonny in trouble with the police.  He refuses to go along with it and says he will tell the police the truth if she does this.  She can't believe he would turn on her but he explains that this is revenge, not justice, and revenge is ugly.  Jax promises her that if anything happens to A.J., Sonny will go down for it.  That's too late for her taste.  He says he thought they had something special and hopes that she doesn't ruin it.

Carly yells at Taggert because she wants to see Sonny and he won't let her.  She tries to get through to him that Skye is lying and he is just using old stuff about Deke to get revenge on Sonny.  Taggert gets very angry and seethes at her that she doesn't want to go there. He says Deke was found murdered in an alley and someday Sonny will pay for it.  Mac comes in and talks to Taggert.  Zander tells Carly that Sonny would have been proud of her speech.  She just wants him out of jail.

Alexis visits Sonny while he's in jail, to keep him company.  At first, he tries to yell at her so she'll go away, but she knows he's just acting that way because he doesn't want her to see him that way, helpless.  At one point he yells at her to shut up, but she yells back at him never to speak to her that way again (way to go, about time, Alexis!).  She walks out and after a few seconds, walks back.  At the sound of the footsteps, Sonny asks hopefully, "Alexis?"  She says that wasn't so bad, was it?  She gets a chair and sits outside of his cell.  He says that her hyper-ventilating panic attacks are similar to his claustrophobia and asks her when she first knew that the feeling would always be with her. (He basically gets her talking to distract his mind)  As she talks, we see from his point of view.  She looks far off and sounds as if she's in a drum.  Sonny sweats, paces, and has trouble concentrating as Alexis talks about being in boarding school.  Alexis says that fresh air helped her. At some point she leaves her chair and goes to the bar.  Sonny says that fresh air and cold air definitely help and he will drive home with the windows open when he gets out.  Alexis says it may not be tonight but he says he'll survive.  But he tells her gently that it helps to have her there.  She says her school was in New Hampshire and asks if he's been there.  He says he drove through there once.  He knows that her class probably went on field trips to Manhattan for museums, ballet, etc.  He tells her a story about after he had moved out and was making some money.  He got some box seat tickets for his mom and him to go to an afternoon ballet show.  His mom was thrilled and they went together.  He saw some giggling schoolgirls nearby and he remembers thinking how strange it was that to them, it was just another afternoon out, but to him and his mom it was like going to a different world.  He says that was before he realized that rich people can be just as miserable as poor people.  Alexis wonders for a sec whether she saw a Cuban woman and her son at the ballet, but then says she would have remembered him.  He says he would have remembered her, too.  At this point, they are both very close to each other, although the bars are between them.  Taggert comes in and says Dara is there so he lets Sonny out of his jail, after taunting him some more.

Elizabeth excuses herself to go to the restroom.  She flashes back in the bathroom to Nikolas and Gia trying to convince her after the accident to move on, what she saw, etc.  Sarah gets concerned and goes to talk to her, leaving Gia and Nikolas to go dance.  In the restroom, Elizabeth quizzes Sarah about how much Gia had to drink that night.  Sarah says she wasn't really paying close attention, but she thinks Gia at least finished her glass.  She also reluctantly tells Elizabeth that Gia didn't have a blood alcohol test, and Nikolas is the only other person who knows that.  She tries to convince Liz to forget about the accident, but Liz can't.  She asks Sarah to go back out and not to tell them what they discussed, so she does.  Later, Gia comes in and asks Liz what's up.  After a few minutes, Elizabeth starts yelling at Gia and saying that she ran the red light.  Gia is stunned and tries to convince Liz that she's remembering wrong, but Liz knows better.  She yells at her for getting her to frame Sonny's sister and can't believe Nikolas helped her cover it up.  Gia says to her desperately to leave Nikolas out of it because he's already suffered so much from what he's done.  Liz stops and asks what the heck that means.

As Luke, Felicia, and Roy discuss Helena, Luke sees Helena looking over at them from across the room of the bar.  Luke smiles and then jumps up to run after her, but some big guys get in their way and a fight ensues.  Helena slips away as Luke and Roy trash the place trying to get out.  Roy tells Felicia she is brilliant in a bar fight.  They come back, having lost her.  Luke asks the big guy who blocked his way how long he'd been working for Helena, but the guy said she just slipped him some cash and said that Luke knocked up his sister.  In disgust, Luke throws him out the door and says he knocked up his mother!  Luke wonders why Helena would have been there, unless she's just playing mind games again.  He wonders if there isn't something that she's trying to tell them or lead them to.  Cut to Elizabeth, so maybe she's trying to get them all to know about Nikolas' and Gia's secret.

Dara sits down with Skye in the interrogation room; Mac is there and asks if she's sure about what she saw because this isn't the kind of thing Sonny normally does.  He says this will be hard to prove.  She says sarcastically that she wouldn't want him to exert himself for her kidnapping.  He points out that she wasn't kidnapped; she was on her family's property.  He asks if she still thinks Sonny did this.  Jax replies, "No".  Dara says she'll take it from there, so Mac leaves.  Jax asks to stay but Dara says he can't. Alexis and Sonny enter the main police station room.  Carly tries to talk to Sonny but he avoids her like he's still having problems with the claustrophobia.  He stares in at Skye and she sees him.  Carly asks Jax what happened and he says he tried his best to convince Skye.  he blames Carly for getting them in this mess.  Alexis goes in and insists on being present during Skye's statement.  Skye looks out and sees Sonny staring at her through one window and Jax and Carly staring at her through another.  Dara tells her that she's recording it; Skye just wants to get it over with.  Dara asks how she managed to get herself locked in the shed.


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