GH Update Tuesday 4/2/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/2/02

By Suzanne

Luke brings Bobbie tax stuff from Luke's.  She gives him a hard time about having proper records.  Laura shows up; Bobbie has to run back to Kelly's to get more tax stuff.  Laura tells Luke that she talked to Nikolas and he lied to her about being involved with Helena's escape.  Laura and Luke discuss it and how Helena is back in their lives again.

Bobbie returns, with Roy.  He and Luke leave.  Laura tells Bobbie what happened.  Laura blames herself for Nikolas not being able to trust her; she thinks it's because she abandoned him when he was a baby.  Bobbie says it's not her fault how he acts now.  She says it was similar when she gave up Carly.  She can't blame herself when Carly does something stupid, either.

Lucky and Sarah tell Elizabeth that this isn't what it looks like.  Elizabeth is cold and hides her face, upset.  Lucky goes to console her, then she turns and says, ha, fooled you!  She was just pretending to be suspicious and mad.  They are not amused, especially Sarah.  Lucky chastises her for not telling anyone that she was leaving, but he's glad she's safe.  She acts real sexy and tells him that she's getting off the bench and back into the game.  She explains what Bobbie said and suggests that they go dancing.  He likes the idea.

Nikolas is still upset about lying to Laura.  He beats himself up and Gia tries to make him feel better.  She says they are going to leave and go have some fun.  Sarah returns.  Gia insists that she join them on a town out on the town, to help cheer Nikolas up.

Carly tells the police that she is the one who locked Skye in the Quartermaine boat shed, not Sonny.  Taggert doesn't believe her.  Skye yells at her.  Sonny keeps trying to get her to shut up.  Zander tries to get her to leave.  Carly points out that Skye didn't see Sonny or his men anywhere.  When the subject of the note comes up, Carly says she wrote it.  But when pressed, she doesn't remember exactly what she wrote because she was mad.  Sonny tells them that Alexis saw Carly at the Quartermaine estate and knows she didn't do it.  Of course this puts Alexis in a very bad position.  She can't really lie to the police so she just says what she absolutely has to, to support Sonny but without actually lying. 

When Carly finds out that Skye went into the freezing cold water and almost died, she scoffs that it was Skye's stupid fault to go into the water, not hers.  Carly begs Alexis to take the chance to nail her, but Alexis can't because Sonny asked her not to.  Sonny tells Skye that he didn't lock her in the shed, and neither did anyone who works for him.  Skye spouts off, saying that she wants Sonny arrested for attempted murder.  She says that Sonny came to her and threatened to kill A.J. if he didn't leave Courtney alone.  Alexis points out that a threat would not be an actual attempt, and it's only hearsay.  Taggert says "a threat is a threat" so Alexis attacks him verbally, saying that he should take himself off the case, since he has a personal vendetta against Sonny.  Mac says that until Dara comes there and says otherwise, Sonny will be locked up in custody.  As they take Sonny away, Carly tells Alexis quietly that she has to get Sonny out asap because he is claustrophobic and can't even let on to the police, or else they would just throw him in jail all the time, just to torture him.

Outside the police station, Carly asks Jax how he can let this happen since he knows that she was the one that did it to Skye, not Sonny.  He says Sonny gets what he deserves.  She suggests that he get Skye to drop the charges, otherwise he is to blame.

Taggert taunts Sonny as he locks him up.  Sonny is trying not to let Taggert see him upset and points out that he has no evidence or witnesses.  Taggert says he has his suspicions about Skye, but he's glad that she gave him a reason to lock Sonny's sorry self up.  Alexis comes in and Taggert tells her that she has to wait until a visiting room is free.  She threatens him with legal action.  He is unfazed but lets her in to see Sonny anyway.   The bars are still between them, though.  Sonny asks what she's doing there.  She says she's there to keep him company.

Luke and Roy go to some crummy little joint, looking for Helena.  Felicia happens to be working there undercover as a waitress. Her hair is done up in a floozy-kind of way.  Roy is obviously deeply affected by seeing her there in a skimpy outfit. Luke laughs and makes fun of him.  They sit down to a table and don't see that Helena is lurking near the jukebox in a big overcoat and hat.

Elizabeth and Lucky go to Club 101.  They are really dressed up and she looks very different.  She has on flashy clothes and heavy eye makeup.  They are having a great time dancing.  The song changes to a slower one so Liz wants to make the DJ put more dance music on.  She can't get him to hear her so she stands on the bar and yells up to him.  Lucky watches her admiringly.  When the better music comes on, she starts dancing, still on the bar.  He stands in front of it and dances with her (I kept waiting for her to fall!).  Gia, Nikolas, and Sarah come in and stand there, watching them.  Sarah looks glum.  Lucky helps Liz down and they go over to say hi to their friends.  Gia jokes that Liz doesn't look like the usual girl scout that Lucky is dating.  Liz introduces herself as her "evil twin".  Nikolas gets them a table and they go in.  Lucky has Liz on one arm and Sarah on the other.  Later we see that Liz and Lucky are dancing again.  Gia wants Nikolas to dance with her, but he won't let Sarah sit alone, even though she says it's okay.  Lucky gets a phone call and has to leave for some work thing.  Liz goes back to sit with the others.  Nikolas orders champagne.  Gia won't drink and Sarah says she has an early call.  Elizabeth says they are no fun; Nikolas says he's got a limo outside so no one has to be designated driver.  Elizabeth tells them all to drink up.  She lifts a glass to toast and immediately has a flashback to the night they were all drinking before the accident (especially Gia).  Then she remembers Gia running through the red light.  They ask her what's wrong and she just looks at Gia in a shocked way.


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