GH Update Monday 4/1/02


General Hospital Update Monday 4/1/02

By Suzanne

Nikolas looks at the newspaper; there's an article about Helena's escape.  Gia asks him about it.  He assures her that Helena is long gone.  Lucky comes in looking for Elizabeth.  He worries that Helena got her through the tunnels, but Nikolas assures that it's not possible. Lucky gets suspicious at his certainty, so Nikolas reminds him that both he and Luke searched the tunnels.  Lucky says he's going to town to search, starting with Kelly's.  Sarah goes with him.  Nikolas worries about Elizabeth, even though he is pretty sure Helena is gone.  Gia tells him not to blame himself just as Laura walks in.  She wonders why Nikolas would blame himself for Helena taking Elizabeth.  Gia tries to cover, saying that he just worries about everyone and feels responsible.  Laura doesn't buy it.  She sends Gia out of the room to do something so that she can talk to her son alone.  Nikolas is defensive and says that Luke must have told her that he was in on helping Helena escape.  She asks him point-blank if he was.  Nikolas hedges and asks more defensive.   Laura says she knows how Helena can manipulate people.  Nikolas gets a call telling him that Liz went to down with one of his security people.  He complains that Luke hates him.  Laura assures him that's not true.  As Gia re-enters, Laura asks him to look her in the eye and tell her that he isn't being blackmailed by Helena.  He assures her that he didn't help her escape.  They hug.  Nikolas looks very demoralized.  After Helena leaves, he tells Gia that he's really upset for lying to his mother's face.  They both think it's over now, though.

Elizabeth visits Bobbie for a chat.  Liz complains about Lucky's lack of love for her and the things he's doing, like lying to her.  Bobbie asks her what she's going to do.  Liz whines that it's so hard to make it work, so Bobbie says maybe it's not worth it, then.  Liz wants it to work so Bobbie says she has to do something, not just sit around and wait for Lucky to fall back in love with her.  At first Liz seems insulted but then realizes that Bobbie is right.  Bobbie gives her a real pep talk about taking charge of her own life.  Liz thanks her and leaves.

Felicia is on the docks, on her cell to a tow truck company, yelling at them to come get her.  Roy walks up and sees that she is in distress.  She is very glad to see him.  She tells him that her SUV broke down.  She babbles on about all of the errands she has to run, including going to see a loan shark for a case she's working on.  He worries that perhaps it's a trap set by Helena.  She doesn't think so but is touched by his concern for her.  He says that if she ever needs any help with anything, to call him.  They both agree that Texas was a lot of fun.  She asks if he'll look at her car, and he does, while she meets with the loan shark.  He fixes her car, which just had a short and suggests she get it checked out by the dealer.  She is happy and they chat about the car for a minute.  Her busted-down car reminds him of a junky car that Melissa owned.  This makes him a little depressed.  He is wondering what he should do; he feels like there's something he should do for that closure about Melissa.  He's having a hard time reconciling who she was with who she became.  Felicia is sympathetic.

Sonny is on the phone to someone he knows; they tracked down A.J. to St. Ana and he is giving some instructions.  He is about to head down there.  Alexis asks him to consider what he's doing and insists on going with him.  They argue about it for a while until finally she says that she won't be his lawyer any more if anything happens to him down there.  He gives in and they are about to leave when Taggert, Jax, and some uniformed cops arrive.  Sonny tells them that they can wait, but Taggert disagrees.  Jax says that Sonny's guys locked Skye in a boat shed.  He yells at Sonny for trying to intimidate her.  Taggert tells Alexis that Sonny is being charged with conspiracy and kidnapping.  He reads Sonny his rights while he cuffs him.  They go to the station.  Taggert and Alexis argue.  Alexis and Sonny go to the interrogation room.  Sonny is desperate to go after A.J. and Courtney so he asks Alexis to get him out of there.  He assures her that he didn't do this to Skye.  She knows who did.  She gets him some water while she tells him about Carly.  He's not surprised, just a little annoyed.  He tells Alexis not to mention Carly's name.

Jax asks Skye if she's ready to give her statement about what Sonny did.  She is feeling stronger than ever, she tells him.  While she tells her story, Alexis comes in and asks if Skye actually saw anyone.  She starts interrogating her to find out if there is any link to Sonny.  Skye says she was given a note, but Alexis is doubtful that it exists or if it can be linked to Sonny.  Jax says that Skye almost died, so Alexis asks about the medical records.  Jax looks guilty so she asks why he didn't take her to a doctor if he thought she was near-death.  Alexis is very convincing and Taggert says they should get a lawyer. 

Carly wants Zander to go with her to her driving test.  He forgot it was today.  First he rearranges some chairs in her living room so that they are side-by-side, like in a car.  He insists that he help her prepare for the test.  It is a cute scene as he puts on this fake New York accent as the driving test guy and she flirts with him, tries to bribe him, etc.  Then he yells at her when she doesn't put on the non-existent seat belt, check the rearview mirror, etc.  She gets annoyed but it does help her remember everything (except her hands are not at 2 and 10!).  Next we see them returning from the test.  Carly is triumphantly waving her new driver's license around in the air while Zander cracks jokes.  She insists that they celebrate and goes to turn on the radio.  They hear a news bulletin that says that Sonny has been arrested, so she says they have to go down to the PCPD station.

Jax sneers at Alexis that she'll say anything to defend Sonny.  Alexis says that he didn't do it, so Skye asks how she can be sure.  Carly walks in with Zander and says "because I did it".

Lucky and Sarah go to Elizabeth's loft and find that she has been there, so they aren't so worried about her any more.  They figure she just needed to paint. Lucky is upset that she needed to get away from him.  They look at her paintings and chat.  Sarah gets paint on her hands and then goes to get some paper towels from a high shelf, then falls off the ladder into Lucky's arms, naturally.  Then she gets paint on his shirt.  Things are very sexually charged between them.  She suggests that he take off his shirt so that she can rinse it out, so he does.  He helps her with the rinsing, bringing them closer.  She finally moves away and tells him that Elizabeth would be very hurt if he moved on to someone else.  Just then, Elizabeth walks in and looks perturbed at finding her boyfriend with no shirt on, standing close to her sister.

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