GH Update Thursday 3/14/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 3/14/02

by Suzanne

Luke just watches while Helena writhes in pain in her cell.  He doesn't believe she's really sick.  She pleads with him to get the guard, but he laughs and reminds her of everything she did to him and his family.  Mac comes in and orders the guard to get Helena medical help.  He informs Luke that Helena is scheduled for abdominal surgery.  Luke still doesn't buy it.  Mac says Helena has plead guilty but will spend the rest of her life in maximum security.  He says the Cassadines are over.  Luke says it won't be over under Helena is "six feet under".

At the hospital, Sarah and a doctor are tending to Helena.  The doctor is really Luke.  He asks Sarah if she knows all of the terrible things Helena did to Lucky and Liz, including trying to kill Liz.  Sarah is shocked.  Helena denies it while she gasps in pain.  Luke demands that Helena tell him what she's up to now, and then he'll give her the medication she needs.  A cop comes in and arrests Luke for impersonating a doctor.

Lucky and Sarah share an awkward moment as she heads off to the graveyard shift.  He thinks about when he saw her naked.  Lucky goes into Elizabeth's room and watches her sleep.  He asks her why he can't love her.

Gia and Elizabeth are at home.  He's all riled up because of Sonny cornering Gia at the party.  Gia doesn't blame Sonny since they hurt his sister.  She doesn't like to see Nikolas acting like this.  She's worried that Sonny will come after Nikolas.  Nikolas ignores her and phones someone to get a list of all of Sonny's bank records.  She says that they shouldn't start a war with Sonny over a traffic light.  Nikolas reminds her that there's more to it now because they've both lied and he bribed a witness.  She tries to get him to forget about it for just one night, but he won't.  He talks about how he has to protect his family, etc.  Lucky comes in just as Nikolas is saying that no one crosses him.  Gia says she's going to bed.  Lucky wants to know what Nikolas meant and says he sounded like Stavros.  Nikolas explains that Sonny cornered Gia at the party.  Lucky begins to think maybe Nikolas is covering something up.  He asks Nikolas if he fixed things for Gia after the accident.  Nikolas evades his question.  Nikolas says that both he and Lucky are doing what they can to protect the women they love.  They are both trying to buy a little time.  He assures Lucky that he's not turning into Stavros. 

Gia deliberately wakes up Elizabeth, who is peacefully sleeping, so she can tell her about the party.  First she talks about how she's the new Face of Deception, and then she talks about how Sonny is trying to make it look like Gia is the one who caused the accident.  As Gia starts to ask Liz if she could talk to Sonny to make him back off, Elizabeth remembers seeing the red light.  She offers to talk to Sonny, but Gia quickly tells her not to, that Sonny has enough to do.  She babbles on about the party as Liz falls back asleep.

Lucky goes back to Elizabeth's room and looks at her, and then out the window.

At the party, Sonny heads toward A.J. , which we see in slow motion.  Sonny is focused just on watching A.J. make out with his sister and can't seem to hear or see anyone else who gets in his way.  Taggert, Skye, Jax, and others can tell something bad is about to happen but they're too far away to do anything.  Alexis can't stop him, Carly tries....Courtney tries to block him so Sonny tells her to get out of his way.  Meanwhile, Zander comes around and punches A.J. so that Sonny won't have to get in trouble.  A.J. gets pounded and is bleeding from his nose.

Everyone reacts, exchanging their views on the situation.  Alexis tries to help out Zander, who is still angry.  Taggert says he won't arrest Zander.  Carly gets in his face so he tells her that they're playing right into A.J.'s hands.   In fact, he's enjoying watching him try to provoke Sonny.  A.J. puts on his sincere act and apologizes to Carly for brawling during her big opening.  He tells Zander that he's not pressing charges.  Taggert blasts Courtney for being a trouble magnet.  She points out that this was Sonny's fault.  A.J. gets up and heads toward Sonny.  He yells at him that Sonny already has taken everything from him, so what does he want and how can he fix this.  He yells at Sonny in his face, asking if he wants to kill him.  Sonny, who is under control now, asks Courtney if they can talk.  She won't go outside to talk but they go away from the others.  He tells her that A.J. is playing her for a fool.  He points out that everyone distrusts A.J. and has warned her about him.  Even Sonny's own enemy, Jax, is concerned for her.  She is upset and confused.  A.J. takes advantage of the situation once again by announcing that the party was great, Carly did a great job, and he hopes the media there make a deal about it. He apologizes again for causing a scene, takes full responsibility, and offers to pay damages.  Then he faints.  So of course Courtney goes rushing over to him.  No one else believes it.  Skye goes over and helps him and calls 911.  He winks at her when no one else is looking, so that she knows he's all right.  Courtney tells Sonny that she's going with A.J.

Nikolas has a nightmare where he's in court as Gia's lawyer.  Many of the people in the courtroom have white scary masks over their faces.  The others have their hair pulled back so that their face is prominent and moon-like.  Nikolas seems to actually be defending himself.  He tells the judge that he's not capable of being evil like his father.  The judge turns around and it's Stavros.  He tells Nikolas that he's not the one on trial here.  He says Gia has been charged with driving while intoxicated, vehicular assault, and obstruction of justice".  The jury has decided her fate.  The jury is Courtney, Elizabeth, Sonny and Taggert.  They each say "guilty".  Gia begs Nikolas to help her, as she was only doing what he said.  The judge says: "The defendant is hereby sentenced to be ruined. She won't be allowed to be with Nikolas. She won't be allowed to marry him. She is to be cast out into the street, branded with a scarlet letter so everyone will know who and what she is."  Nikolas yells "No!" and begs for them to take him, it was his fault.  Stavros tells him to approach the bench and then says, "You can have Gia if you do things my way, if you forget limits. "  He asks Nikolas if he wants her or not.  Nikolas says yes and Stavros advises him to do unto others before they do unto you.  Nikolas wakes up suddenly, looking terrified.  Gia consoles him and he tells her that he loves her.

Alan examines A.J. at GH and asks him some questions.  He asks Courtney to leave them alone.  Alan tells his son that he can't find anything wrong with him except for a couple of minor contusions.  A.J. asks him to keep him a couple of days for observation.  Alan says that's not necessary.  A.J. asks him to do him the favor because he's trying to get Michael back.  Alan doesn't want to get involved in A.J.'s latest scheme.  A.J. asks him to be on his side for once, so Alan gives in.

Back at the club, everyone is still sort of in shock from what happened and milling around.  Sonny avoids Alexis and Carly's help and wanders outside alone.  Kristina and Ned take Alexis home.  Jax congratulates Carly on a great opening; he says the publicity will be great for her club.  She's doubtful.  Jax tells Zander that their deal is off.  He can't believe that Zander would ever betray Sonny.  Zander tells him to believe what he wants.  Jax wonders why Skye isn't at the hospital with A.J.  Skye is still mad about ELQ and won't talk about anything else.  She blasts Jax for being so perfect and never knowing what it's like to be a desperate loser (yeah, right, losers often look like her and have rich daddies).  Carly thanks Zander for saving Sonny.

In A.J.'s hospital room, Courtney says she's so, so sorry and curls up on the bed next to him.  He grins, triumphant despite his injuries.

Sonny visits Mike and asks him if he really wants to be a father to Courtney.  Mike insists that he does.  Sonny says Mike has to do whatever it takes, or else he will have to handle A.J. himself.


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