GH Update Wednesday 3/13/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/13/02

By Rachel

Luke goes to his bar, and finds Felicia and Roy there.  Roy gives him all his mail that he missed while with Jennifer.  A boy comes in, and asks for a beer.  Luke doesn't allow him one, and then Maxie comes in looking for the boy.  Felicia tells Maxie and her friend that they are leaving the bar, and they do.  Alone, Roy and Luke read the mail.  Luke gets a Valentine from someone, and reads it.  The card happens to be from Helena.  At their house, Maxie tells Felicia and Mac that no one was driving drunk, and they believe her.  Luke goes to the jail, and talks to Helena.  Helena tells him that she's through with being evil because she is sick.  She begs Luke to get her help quickly, and Luke doesn't know if he should believe her or not.

Lulu comes downstairs, and she tells Laura that she can't sleep.  Laura asks her why, and she tells her that she's not sure if she and Luke are really going to remarry.  Laura reassures her that they are going to marry soon, and she's going to be the flower girl.  Lulu goes to bed as Elton comes in.  He tells Laura that he was so worried about her being with Jennifer.  Laura tells him that she's fine because she and Luke are marrying again.  Elton begins to plan the wedding as Laura and Lesley laugh at the elaborate ideas he has.  They tell Elton that Luke wouldn't want the things he's suggesting.  Elton leaves, and Laura tells her mother that maybe she wants a big wedding again.

At the party, everyone is talking about how Courtney arrived with AJ.  Alexis tries to calm Sonny down, but he ignores her.  He approaches Courtney and AJ, but Courtney dismisses him, telling him that he lied about not hurting AJ.  AJ and Courtney dance, but Jax stops them by asking Courtney to dance with him.  While they are dancing, Skye tells AJ that she's not going to help him anymore.  Jax tells Courtney that she's letting AJ get to her.  They stop dancing, and Gia compliments Courtney on her dress.  Courtney asks her why she's being so nice considering that she framed her for the accident.  Taggert asks Gia why Courtney said that, but before Gia answers, Taggert's date asks him to dance.  Gia begins to worry that Taggert will find out the truth, and tells Nikolas this.  Courtney goes to the bathroom when Carly, along with Bobbie and Alexis, tell her not to let AJ use her like this.  Courtney leaves, and again AJ and she dance.   A.J. and Courtney start kissing; Sonny glares at them.


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